War vets demand more money

WAR veterans, who in 1997 demanded and got a $50 000 gratuity each, triggering a decade-long recession, are now demanding more payment for taking part in the war of liberation.

Report by Veneranda Langa

This time they want between 21% to 30% of seats in Parliament, among several fresh demands.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs, chaired by Glen View South MP Paul Madzore, yesterday, various war veterans’ associations demanded further gratuities of $18 000 each and a government ministry to cater specifically for their needs.

They also demanded that the new constitution should accommodate their demands.

Said Basten Beta, chairman of the Zimbabwe War Veterans’ Trust: “We want 30% representation in national economic, political and social spheres. In 1980 if there was 21% representation of whites in Parliament, why not transfer that 21% to 30% representation to war veterans now?

“There should also be a Ministry of War Veterans and a necessary department to support the cause of war veterans and those should be led by war veterans.”

The war vets’ leader said it was time title deeds for land were given to war veterans because the 99-year leases could easily be revoked by a minister while “colonial farmers had leases”.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Shadreck Makombe said regional countries like Namibia and Mozambique had copied the Zimbabwean model of compensating war veterans, but were now better off in terms of taking care of their ex-fighters.

An emotional Makombe said their reason for going to war was to reclaim the country’s political and economic power but to date, the latter was yet to cascade down to them.

“Every war veteran who went to war was traumatised, but when it comes to money one finds there is nothing. War veterans are given pauper’s burials. We have been denied gratuity and even rehabilitation, but these benefits are our rights,” Makombe said.
He said the War Veterans Act should be amended soon so that heroes like the late Zanla commander Josiah Tongogara’s families could also benefit.

Director at the War Veterans Affairs Department in the Ministry of Defence, Retired Major General Richard Ruwodo, said they had pursued diamond mining claims in Marange.

“Our papers went through the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, but we had challenges with the Ministry of Mines. We were told we would have to see President Robert Mugabe and we have asked to meet him, but we have not yet secured an appointment. The problem is more politically inclined than administrative,” Ruwodo said.

Zipra combatants’ representative Lazarus Ncube demanded that the properties of members of his association which were confiscated by government during the 1980s Gukurahundi era be returned and compensation given.

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  1. Haaaaa makutijairira manje,,,,u helped mess up the economy bak then and nw u wanna do it again,,,,,makaitei nemari yamakapihwa

    1. These people make you sick I tell you

    2. Vazhinji vakatengera mabhiza macabbages,vamwe vakatopenga nefifty thousand ichiri mari zvechokwadi,vamwe vakatenga mota nedzimba but this contributed significantly to the mess that we find ourselves in today because the expense was unbudgeted.Vave kuda kutoita kamurawo kavo kuti pavanzwira kuda mari votanga kufoma kaorganisation kema’O’ veterans asi aya manje ndivo veThird Chimurenga neemuna 2008 jAMBANJA SAKA inobva kupi mari yacho nhai imi?Magenuine war veterans chaiwo asara mashoma asi asara acho matsotsi ega arikuda kuhwandira mari yengoda chete.Asi vese vakarwa hondo vanofanira kuramba vachipihwa mari nhai????Zvimwe muchitendawo imi.Endai muminda yamakapihwa munorima uko nxaa.Magratuities ei imi makapihwa minda??Mazviona kuti hamugone kuirimaka?Zivai kuti iro US$ ramurikuda ndimo marinobva muvhu imomo asi imi murikuteya mbeva,mhuka nekurima nyoka imomo.SHAME ON YOU GUYS!

      1. vaudze zvako dennis…mboko dzinorota mari ichinaya kunge mvura…mbudzi dzevanhu. moda kuti bato rivhoterwe kuti makasunungura nyika yet makabhadharana mari dzakawisa economy yenyika yacho…this time munototiuraya tese, hatiuye kuzvimarally zvenyu…and mukabirira maelections, hokoyo…

  2. Inja ingaqoba ithambo iyajayela. You give the brother an arm he demands the whole body. Have these people not done enough damage to the country. What liberation are these fools talking about when 1000 times more people have fled the country after the so called “independence” than during the 60s and 70s. There is nothing for free get a job or follow other citizens scavenging in other countries. These people drive me mad so this black mail is directed at their Gukurahundi leaders to buy their support in the next election.

  3. they are 100 percent right.Even 66% representation is fair.Go on comrades.

    1. are you serious Pumpking… if so thank the Lord that you are restricted to the position of commenting on this platform and not actually in a position to make a difference. You Sir are an idiot it seems…

  4. How can some idiots say “vajaira” and on the other hand you think the Copac draft which lionies these so-called war veterans should be accepted by all you stupid morons.

  5. How can some idiots say “vajaira” and on the other hand you think the Copac draft which lionises these so-called war veterans should be accepted by all you stupid morons. – Error in earlier post.

  6. I guess these guys are now being selfish,so they are not heroes bcz heroes do not demand payment for doing good.again they are the ones who got farms and an appreciable percentage of their children and relatives are th ones who get scholarships to go n study in SA where they live lavishly while we are left behind to pay $700 per semester from a parent’s $400 salary.Zvakangooma hazvo.m so bitter when I think of this.afta xool I won’t work here I hv endured a lot of pain,being chased away from xool,studying without electricity,no water,attachment difficult to find bcz I hv no a war vet relative.

  7. They were given 50k they bought cabbbages for cattle. They were given land they grow sora beans. Now they want more money. Stop bringing this institution into disrepute. Are you genuine liberators or mecenaries?
    Give us a break!!! You can go ahead join the fray of diamond looting. Leave our parliamnet to competent people. Even the looted diamonds one day someone will have to account for them.

  8. Pliz these guys needs assistants they foght for indipendent of this country if their needs cann’t be meet just do something to recognise them for the job done remember some had suffered disabilities and some are old enough by now so how do you expect them to survive something positive to be done if not all their needs/demands

    1. thats wy vakapihwa minda kuti varime handiti ndiro ravairwira kana vasisagoni kurima ngavape vazukuru kana kuridzosera

  9. Stupid, war vets,have expired in this country,so shut yo big mouths

    1. Mambo
      You can now take this country to your beloved Americans to loot and kill people like what they did in Lybia and Syria. They are being defeated everywhere and their economies are crumbling. Why? They do not respect their elders and their cultures. Sodom and Gomorrah. That is where you are going my friend. Mark my words. Never in my life have I seen a person in love with people who promote homosexuality, something which the Bible does not want. For you to say War Vets have expired is because you have been fed some propaganda that our respected liberators are the ones killing our economy. shame on you.
      You can take a donkey to the river to drink but you can not force it if it does not want. You are not forced to love anyone but War Vets will haunt you untill they die because they are a special part of this country. I hope you expire soon as well because you are boring.

      1. takarohwa nemawar vets ako iwawo now they are demanding money for beating us in 2008, surely they have expired

  10. these folks does nt own this country they were given their share of compansation minda makagoverana mega nehama dzenyu chamakuda chii futi? To hell

  11. I thought they already have representation in parliament since most of the MPs from ZPF have war credentials. Even from other political parties we have people who claim to have gone to the liberation struggle who are MPs so the representation is there. e.g 100% representation in the presidium the highest office in Zim.

  12. these idiots do not have 1 brain cell amongest them all,they are the most brainless of scum, they are to lazy to work and to make an honest living as they are incapable and stupid to making anything work,they got 50k and their monthly allowance, now they want $18000 plus whatever, this they will also be wasted and when that is finished they will demand more, what a bunch of brainless scum.TRUE WAR VETERANS DONOT DEMAND, THEY GRACEFULLY ACCEPT WHAT IS GIVEN AND CARRY ON WITH THEIR LIVES. these brainless idiots bring shame to the meaning WAR VETERAN.
    get off your backsides and do some honest work,and STOP wanting to steal other peoples hard work you can not reap where you did not sow as this will always be your downfall, idiots.

  13. War Vets?? Heroes??? This bunch of cowardly criminals have sullied the name of the true heroes of this country and are an absolute disgrace to any military group let alone nation. One can only align and fit them with those other terror organisations in this world who like picking on the weak and helpless and run when faced by men or anyone who stands up to their cowardly tactics! There are hundreds of thousands who served in wars around the world who’s only reward were the grateful thanks of their nations and who got on with their lives and became useful citizens again not parasites of society as Zimbabwe’s Wovets are! Begone and don’t sully the rest of decent society with your trash!

  14. Who can knock sense into these war vets’ heads. They have always supported zanu pf through & thruogh, being used to supppress the will of the people. They should realise that their demands are due to the effects of their decisions of “sticking out with bad leaders” who have proofed they can not steer this country to economic freedom. As a result they have gone from poor to abject poverty and they still can’t fathom the cause of their suffering. War vets must allow leadership renewal within their revolutionary party so that the country can prosper once again for their children to get decent jobs and participate in wealth creation. They can demand to field 21 – 30% of their candidates from Zanu pf so that their party can have rubberstamping MPs.

  15. What’s so special about these guys? Now they have turned to be mercenaries rather than liberators. What do they want the ordinary villager who lost limbs, livestock and villages during the war to get? These villagers were the real heroes because they had no means to defend themselves but they suffered immensely at the same time defending the armed guerrillas! In any case parliament is full of war veterans, all the way up to the Presidium, the army leadership, the police leadership, the prisons, GMB, Railways, National Parks etc. What more do they want? We are slowly losing the respect we had for them because we did not know that they were after money when they went to war. They got the $50 000 in 1997 and what did they do with it? Kutengera ma donkey ma cabbages pa Mpandawana! The poor villager did not get anything in form of compensation. In terms of distribution of farms, grain loan schemes etc, these war vets get the first pick yet they still want some more! Tikwanirei apa .. Majaira kudya zvemahara!

  16. I think these people you call idiots today have a very critical mark to this country, to an extent they own the name Zimbabwe. It is sad that the current youth generation cannot have the same guts or passion for the country as these comrades did. What had they in mind, what was the individual drive…nobody knows. Young men and women fought and some died…..it boogles the mind. It is only the idle mind that can foster an individual to call them idiots, these are relevant cadres they shape our history. We definately cannot apply the condom principle of “use and waste” on these people, its not right. It is not the majority of the existing “golden generation” which returned and went to school some didnt advance. My comment on their demands is that these people need just representation. Leadership which can weigh realistic decisions, relating them to the countries economics. Some issues are irrelavent for the highest office in the land.

    1. Thanks Mugo for knocking some sense into brainless stooges. I hope they read and understand this so that they shaut their mouths

    2. iwe, zvinofana kutoitika izvozvo kana iri nguva yehondo. that’s backward thinking vana ‘mugo’…we need to move forward, kwete kuti chese chada kuitwa, ah, ngatifungei nezvehondo…saka vanhu votadza kuenderera mberi nekuti kune vakafa. iwe neni tichatofawo futi nezvikonzero zvakasiyana siyana so usambofa wakasupporta munhu anotaura nhoroondo yehondo. munhu ngaataure current affairs kuti apo neapo pamira kuipa panoda kugadziriswa.kwete kuita varanda vehondo yekare kare…and muhondo macho kwakauraiwa vamwe vaitorwisawo mavet kuchinzi vangatore zvigaro zvepamusoro, saka get away.vanhu vepi vasingatende.mari vakapiwa, ivhu vakapiwa, basa kutiuraya nenzara vachitora dhiziri nefertiliser zvekurimisa kunotengesa, vamwe kutotema miti yese, yezvino bepa chairo rekunyorera takutenga kunze, makambani vari kungovhunditsira nekutora vachigadzika pasi, vanhu vanzwa nemahalf pay nemaretrenchments uye liquidation asi ndopanosimuka mamwe maponga achitaura kuti toda kuva mudare reparamente…hazvitombodi magirazi kuti uone kuti vanhu ivavo vakambotigonera vakatozokanganisa kupfuura pavakagona, so to me, that’s nonsense and only an idiot can accept that as a credible statement…

      1. @Respect M waseva, vanyaradze vanhu ava, zvechikomuredhi zvakapera plus masoja 95% vari ku side kwedu saka zvetuharahwa utwu hatichatyisidzirwi. vajaira kuba vosiya vapisa dura!
        Zvasiyanei nekubhinya mai nehanzvadzi!

  17. Demobilisation fees 1981-1983, Gratuities 1997, Looting of War Vets Compensation Fund. All this was tax payer’s money. You jerks are owed nothing more. Afterall independence yacho yamunoti makarwira expired 1990, Bob paakadyiwa neZum yaTekere akarigger maresults. Since then Zimbabwe has been under a government & leadership which hasn’t been reflective of majority vote. In other words a government 100% like Ian Smith’s Rhodesian government.

  18. Dzoserai payakange yakasungirirwa tiisunungurewo tongoita ma war vets tese.selfish idiots.makapiwa mukaitei hamuna musoro u cnt take this country for a ransom.you nad the members of paliament muchatijairira.ma cevil servants tozoapeyi vari kushanda siku nesikati. Traitors u are, for sure.think of the future generations. U want to leave this country in a mess coz u all know makufa manje manje.

  19. Phunyukabemphethe

    Really truth be told please, do we still have real war vets in that country or these are just plain Gukurahundis?

    A rough calculation tells me that one who fought in the liberation struggle would have been about 18 or older at independence in 1980. Fastforward to 2013, that is 33 years later, this guy would be 51 or older to day.

    Now, of all these people who claim to be war vets – how many of them are over 50? Because to me, it looks like most of these people are well below 50, and therefore would certainly not have been part of the liberation struggle.


  20. Vanopenga ko vaida kuti hondo yacho irwiwe nani?handiti ndivo vaivapo panguva yacho iyoyo?

  21. Plus vairwa hondo chaivo vakafa….

  22. I personally appreciate the War vets liberated this country from the minority’s hands but that does not give them rights to destroy it again.You have done enough damage and harm guys,save at list our country or else civil war.You destroyed all productive farms and industries….hapana mari,majaira mapenzi avanhu

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Tongai – these are not war veterans – use your brains and stop appreciating rubbish!!

      1. Surely,these are Third Chimurenga looters.We are now left with ‘O’ veterans in Zimbabwe who are only here to aggravate the already worsening situation but failing to use the land they grabbed productively.To hell with these morons.

    2. taura zvako tongai…

  23. Don’t see guys it is Zanu PF trying to use these so called to disturbilise the road map to change. Unfortunatlely it has come too late for the date have been set. On the other had no one was force to go to who and 1997 they got some payment and they are getting monthly payments it shows that they do not want peace in the country. how can one demand money in a country they know that it is penniless and is no where near to readdressing the problem. Tell them to go and do farming in the farms they looted.

  24. Ahh these Mercenaries will not stop. I used to give due respect but when you start demanding money every decade for your acts which where heroic then you adopt the term mercenary not War vet. Their leaders should be advised to push government to up their welfare e.g education allowances for kids, housing and vehicle schemes. Land they all got. Better than shouting about money. Up to now you have been seeking audience with the President to no avail.Is the writting not on the wall. He is not interested and he will never be. Puma, ibvai ipapo.Suka lapa. Gentlemen this is a case of a bunch of loosers realising that the Number One Comrade will soon retire and they fear that they will enter into oblivion.So before the big comrade goes they are “demanding” or else. Or else what???? You go back into the bush!! Even yo felow zanoids will have a big laugh…I want to watch from the terraces what they will do if they dont get the money. Just humour us a bit by saying we will go back to the bush for in the bush you shall remain.


  26. Willard mubvumbi

    KIKIKIKI…we DIED for this country. Sine labore nihil.

  27. Guys im lost, whats a war vet? Zanupf majority mps participed n war ar they nt war vets? Wl t b right if i say war vets ar pple who were captured n xools and trained to fight minority regime where z most current zanu mps were assylum seekers who were studying time of war, mawar vet achirova hondo.After indpendence then sideline bcoz of lack of education. They have got a point, complain to your bosses Cdes, musangano unoda renewal macdes,wauraya nyika,vari kudya vega ndozvakatoita kuti tisapote Morgan

  28. from real heroz to zero zeroz. Stupid greedy monkeys, u did nothing get away

  29. Can you imagine they are getting 165 per month plus fees for their children hospital fees. What do they say? We are getting nothing from GVT. Typical mecenary attitude. Munotukisa vakarwa hondo chaivo netuma Born free utwu. Zvibatei vakuru!!

  30. these guys must know that they didn’t fought for their selfish needs but for the whole country and future generations ,so don’t be selfish guys you must work like other citizens either white or black we must all work for this great nation .you stop this spoon feeding buy government

  31. utter rubbish, ma face kana muchiti munoda kutionesa fires because makatisunungura, bva tidzorerei patakange tiri tizvisunungure tega. Then, $50 000.00 was a huge amount and you hired buses, bought watches for dogs, cabbages for cattle and drank until banks ran out of cash on ATMs. To be honest makaluma kudhara and you dont deserve a cent.

  32. The late Mdala Wethu. A real war veteran demanded nothing for fighting the war and was never implicated in any scam. Continued to fight for the betterment of Zimbabwe even after 1980 For the love of peace in this country agreed to a “marriage” with a dirty party called Zanu PF. When farm invasions began was about the only voice of reason in government for he knew how this would destroy the country. The rest of you calling yourselves war veterans are just a shameful lot.

  33. These guys (War Vets) vavakutijairira big time. Ma 50kg makatambidzwa mukarakasha. Apa mavakuda more. TO HELL

  34. munosaya nguva yacho hanty ndimi maivepo here,dai zvaiita taipfachuka mumiba dzanamai torwa hondo yacho tese asi hazviite,mari yamunoda ndeyekupenga,ngaipiwe macivil servants penyu pakakwana,,

  35. 1980 demob, 100% disability episode, materaketa hunzvi, 50 000kg ya 1997, skool fees, hondo yeminda, grocery ragono, mafotereza diesel ne mamonthly pensions makarwa hondo yacho mega here ko isu vana mujibha nana chimbwido nepovo. We fought to build the country not to destroy.

  36. Wat was the reason for fighting then? if the liberation struggle was meant to benefit those who went to war, does it mean that we also have to take up arms fr us to benefit? Denm these morons, you never fought fr us bt u did t fr yourselves. buzz off!

  37. makapihwa kare ma 50k mukatambisa ikozvino makuda imwe yei majaira. Nxaa

  38. you ate our chickens during the war and told us to shut up or get killed and we kept quiete.
    you got 50k from bob and you started abusing us onbehalf of bob . many have been murdered some are crippled today because of you. you force your choices on every one even those of us with a differing view. you got farms and land after taking it from those who share different views than yours and still we kept silent. your children are getting free education up to university level and yet many of our rural children are struggling to get anyone paying school fees for them despite the efforts we put to look after you when you were fighting in the bush. today you are demanding everything from us for free. we never got anything free ever since the struggle. life has instead become like hell because of our so called liberators. we have no choices but are forced to do your will. this is exactly why some of us contemplate reversing the situation and fighting you for our own freedom. we have lost everything we had left after the smith regime was vanguished. today we are poorer because of you. To tell the truTH I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU GUYS ANY MORE.You are not principled you are selfish and you are opportunists who managed to survive the war by sheer cowardice not bravery.if it was for the people and the country we would be a country with real pride of having been liberated. Chitepo had a vission for such a country with a society so full of progressive ideas and knited together by respect for each other and the blood that wetted the whole land for all zimbabweans. those who died are the ones who were our heroes. you who are left have proved to be nothing but opportunists who do not want to work but skem the cream provided by our true heroes who died in defence of the mother land. they spoke freedom of the land and dreamt of the land flowing with milk and honey. But you speak mayhem and drive fear into the very people you claim to have liberated. Parents and children alike flee at your sight lest evil befalls them and yet you call your selves liberators. What difference is there between you and pfumo revanhu and the selous scouts. they also butchered people like you have been and still are doing. you are a lost cause and we wish for your demise and extinshine sooner than later. you are a scurge to the people of zimbabwe. this can not be let to go on for ever as people got to be free at some point in time. and that time is fast approaching. Aluta Continua.

    1. I salute you, not only did they eat our chickens and threaten to kill us they also abducted our children and used them as canon fodder while they hide to scared to face the enemy, they are big brave men when no harm can come to them but the biggest cowards when you stand up to them they run and hide by the womans dress. I applaud and respect REAL WAR VETERANS but not these idiots

  39. Vapei zvavanoda, vakatambura vanamukoma ava vachikusunungurai. Ikpzvino moda kudzorera nyika kumabunu through tsvangson nevamwe vatengesi vake

  40. with what disability levels now since some were 90% “disabled” but no scratch.

  41. Madzakutsaku evanhu ,war vet kudii kwacho hapana hondo yamakarwa asi kuti smith akangoti rega tichivapa independence.basa rekungomitisana kumabase kwamaiva muri, hondo moiziva imi rigai maelection muone kuti tokurovai sei isu mayouth tonyatso kuratidzai hondo chaiyo bvunzai bhururu wenyu gaddafi akazourawa nekamu18 year old asi aizviti muwar vet.kana maona mafirimu ehondo don’t thnk kuti makaenda kuhondo.KUTU dzevanhu nxaaaaah

  42. I’ll not speak about your competence, the post just disgusting

  43. Absolute rubbish, lazy old men. This time hamulumi madhara, Zimbabwe cannot be held at ransom by a group of lazy old men who just want to live on handouts. Biti shamwari hapana mari inobuda kupa simbe idzi, vanoda ku loota before they lose the election. Yamakaba yakakwana!
    Mbavha dzevanhu!

  44. We are a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with helpful info to work on. You have performed an impressive job and our whole neighborhood will be thankful to you.|

  45. These lotters have toyed around with us for so long.This is openly a gimmick to threaten thier foes ahead of the forthcoming elections.Our fathers had no power and were old when these cants used to butcher and loot their belongs in the name of liberation.Now they are old,spineless,useless,destructive,stupid,incompitent,insatiate,shameless,powerless,talkative,wild.They deserve to be driven into sewer drainpipes like Mummarh Kaddaffi ,Saddam Hussein to name a few.Those days of the liberation struggle,we were young and you were the bigboys,this time around we are the bigboys and you are old.Tinokutambai inonzi nhodo.Please respect us as your sons and daughters.Do not think when we are silent we can not talk or act.We respect you.Give the respect back vanamukoma.You took our property in the name of Jambanja.Then followed by murambatsvina.Muchitihwandira,zvinotoziva tokuhwandiraiwo.Musazoti mavara azara ivhu.What goes around comes around.Bear in mind …

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