Tsvangirai, Mugabe agree on generals

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said he had agreed with President Robert Mugabe on a code of conduct for security forces.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Addressing a Press conference in Harare after their traditional Monday meeting, the PM said the principals — who include Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara — would come up with the code that would ensure security forces’  role is properly defined.

“We have received reports of deployment of security forces in constituencies, but none of us wants to see the forces intimidating people,” he said.

“We want to establish the truth of the so-called deployment and the President, as the Commander-in-Chief of the defence forces has assured us that he will act.”

The MDC formations and Zanu PF have been tussling over the need for security reforms since the formation of the inclusive government in 2009.

Mugabe has resisted calls for reforms to rein in securocrats accused of dabbling in politics.

Some generals have in the past threatened not to recognise
anyone who wins future elections other than Mugabe.

Turning to the media, the Premier said they would soon call for a meeting with editors to discuss issues of professionalism and responsible reportage.

“As provided for in the Global Political Agreement, we want the media to desist from hate speech,” Tsvangirai said. “We want you to have editorial thrusts that promote unity. Media must understand that you can cause a war, like the genocide in Rwanda.”

Tsvangirai said they also urged Mugabe to take decisive action against war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda who has been accused of terrorising villagers around the country, ordering them to vote for Mugabe in the forthcoming elections.

“We implored him to take very decisive action against one Jabulani Sibanda,” he said. “I think he is a lone ranger. I think the war veterans themselves would like to have respect and dignity.”

On chiefs who have also been accused of instructing their subjects to vote for Zanu PF in previous elections, the PM said a meeting will be held to discuss their proper functions, which he said “need to be properly defined”.

Tsvangirai also indicated that the principals agreed that Jacob Mudenda should chair the Human Rights Commission because he was already within the system and conversant with its operations.
The PM said they had put in place mechanism to raise internally the $100 million required for both the referendum and the elections.
Speaking at the same conference, Mutambara said it was important for such processes to be funded locally.

Tsvangirai added they had agreed on a new Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) boss, but the name would be revealed at a later stage.

Retired judge Justice Simpson Mutambanengwe resigned as Zec chairperson last week after reportedly citing health reasons.

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  1. John weku Mabvuku

    Something is amiss, while we applaud nation building efforts and commonality of purpose, Mkanya havapo ka apa macomrades, Eiiish madhodha this is a slap in the face of Mtwakazi! Cde Mbo, whats your take?

    1. If you are referring to Ncube then he did not have any business to be there. This was not a press conference for Principals, but for the govt only. Are you aware that there is a subtle difference there in their roles John?

  2. So Chiwenga has been going around mobilising and Mugabe will just tell him to stop? Mr. Tswangirai you can really imaqgine hey? Cut your ties your ties with the Rhodesian across LImpopo and in England then the Generals will feel safe. Now they will be foolish to just think that the removal of the liberation movement from political power does not threaten them. I wont be surprised to see a Rhodesian flag in some parts of Zimbabwe as it is the case in South Africa.

  3. Gororo are we talking security of a bunch of generals or or of the whole nation? Which Rhodesians are u talking about ? Mr Tsvangirai do you think its going to be that easy please consider President Khama’s advise

  4. @ Qhawe Gororo

    Give me Rhodesia any day with proper, well tarred & safe roads, electricity, fully equipped hospitals with medicines, equipment staff, piped water that doesn’t make you sick, loaf of bread 5 Rhodesian Cents = USDO.12, street lighting, jobs galore for everyone regardless you have a degree or not…if what has happened to Zimbabwe now is the price you have to pay – then you can your Mugabe, War Vets and all and shove them up the rectum..

    1. during the rhodesian time, blacks were few in harare. There were a few who worked for whites as gardeners lyk ur parents. If u want rhodesia kill the majority n enjoy zimbabwe with ur white pple. U suffer from inferiority complex. If a black person owns land n industries ur not happy but ur bwana yes. I say to the like minded ur are as pagan as a dogma. U load of vipers go to hell

      1. Warthog you and your party are the real vipers who are hell bound. Killers your venom has destroyed the good Zim we dreamt of .hell is nw open for blood suckers, thieves, murderers like you

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Agreed. These Gukurahundis are a total disaster – nothing will ever come right in that country.

    3. Rhodesia wasnt good fo black Zimbbaweans, all those luxuries u are itemising were a preserve of the few, read whites, not blacks. For the record, there were more eductaed Zimbos after independence than before. Also rememebr First street was a no go area fo blacks. If u want such a scenario, we cant help but tell u to leave Zimbabwe alone. No amount of strife can force us to forsake our independence, NEVER!

      1. @ I agree Rhodesia was hell for black people but the embellishments about First street being exclusive white territory ceased around 1972 as my sister who was a young housewife in Glen Norah did all her shopping at OK first street. As a young student at Highfield secondary school, Kingstons on then Stanley Avenue and the Arcade on Union Avenue off first street was a fvourite of ours with my friends. The same applied to the Book Centre in then Gordon Avenue off First street..so hey just stick with the facts. Or perhaps you have no clue what was obtaining then. Saying that First street was exclusive to whites is lie that does not help the potent argument that you make that Rhodesia was hell for everyone black..hell it was indeed! There is another nonsensical story doing the rounds as well, that blacks only moved into the low density surbubs in 1980..this is a truckload of addled nonsense as well. My very black maternal grand mother started living near the 7 miles hotel in Waterfalls as far back as 1978. In the same year black families had started living in Mabelreign..so lets stick with the truth..As old English poet Chaucer was wont to say “..truth will make you free, there is no fear”. Of course if you were not born then or were staying in some village elsewhere it is quite understamble that this would have escaped you through no fault of your own.

      2. @mac mudanhi walking on 1st street with any empty stormach hospitals ill equiped roads /potholes to mention a few .come elections

    4. John weku Mabvuku

      @Mutotesi, its a pity our fighters missed yu during the war now yu must suffer…. exactly what we felt then, being uneducated pampered few while actual owners of land and mineral resources are yo workers! Rhodesia anyWHAT????, how many of us drove cars, had all the social amentities and claptrap rubbish! At ten this writer was arrested for getting inside an Indian run shop in Gweru, for refusing to be spat at and being called baboon by one white brat!!!! Check with med personnel if they have found a drug which cures nostalgia!!!

  5. I am afraid Tsvangirai is being set up again for humiliation by Mugabe because nothing of what he is announcing is ever going to happen. I would rather the brains behind troop deployment, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the guy with the real DNA of violence, made this announcement. Otherwise, Save vari kuradzikwa nezamo mumukanwa. Hezvino ndiri pano.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Until you stop assessing leadership on tribal lines in Zim, this is the disaster that you will always get.

      I have never heard Gukurahundi Mugabe praising Tswangirayi, but he is always saying imaginary nice things about the Gukurahundi – somebody who had no qualms to get him head-bashed and nearly got him killed.If this is what the mawanawekumusha syndrome does – then Zimbabwe is done for.

      1. Confrontation does not pay, history can tell us Bob is tough, Sawe is not a fool just like most of us, he is a good leader after all. Let us all register to vote for a change, all opposition parties must unite. Tswangirai is not a tribalist but a unifer.

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          We all know you are natural cowards!

  6. Phunyukabemphethe

    And the useless Tswangirayi believes the Gukuahundi? Better Welshman for sure bafowethu. Maybe the problem with Tswangirayi is this tribal kith and kin thing – who knows?

  7. Tsvangison z being fooled by Bob and Auther; i think its high time 4 e Zimbos to unite despite our tribal difference and fight the ernemy, last time t was Simba and Dumiso this time around ndiWelshman naPriscilla my point guys do these pple have e pple at heart? Money money hey. Open yo eyes guys Bob z nt e problem here e problem ar the leaders who use trialblism to sell out. Welshman wz cornerd frm e begning. Auther wz impozd to hm asingazive kuti abvepi.I remember achiti akauya naPriscilla,a proffesser being fooled. Mthwazi whats e point of supporting Operation Matibili on daylight?

    1. remember everyone is the image of god, if Premier Tsvangirayi is so stupid dump him and surely will remain with President Mugabe. So we have a choice between the two have a peaceful election.

  8. Thumps up Gororo!! Mr Tsvangirai should be more careful its now or never but what I hate most about Zimbos is that we are Cowards real cowards we only think Tsvangirai has to have solutions by himself where’s not. We as povo has the solution LET’S WorkUP and say enough our VOTE is more powerful, think of it Why do they campaign when they have the guns,soldiers, partisan police,chiefs etc while Tsvangirai is by his MDC alone?????????

  9. I sincerely hope Save is not being led down the garden path here.Having agreed that they had to fill the position of HRC chairman from existing commissioners and agreeing to Willowgate Mudenda(talk of integrity) Save should have insisted on naming ZEC chairman from existing commissioners. I nstead he agreed to name a serving judge. All serving judges are either zanu pf or neutral. Zanu pf wins bcoz they have their man at HRC and at worst a neutral person(Omerjee) at ZEC(or another zanu pf considering the current high court and supreme court benches).They should have simply shared the chairpersonships of these important organisations.Please Save dont be too desparate and dont rely on Ago who is preparing for his future after the GNU. These apparently small decisions will give zanu pf an advantage.

    As for those tribalists please reserve this forum for serious Zimbabweans.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Its you who is a tribalist – deciding to put all your trust in this individual called Tswangirayi because he happens to be a mwanawekumusha.

      Support for leadership positions should be based on merit, integrity, principles, values and policies – not that the guy happens to be your tribesman or that he suffered more than the next person.

      You will soon pay a very, very heavy price for this – watch this space!!

      1. Phunyukabempete.

        Haiwa, tibvirepo iwe, uda kutyisa ani? This is a great country with great democracy. Pipo are free to support whoever , whatever they want. Even a baboon or a monkey (Ncube is one). So don’t try to scare anyone. You are a silly sadist musterbating with your grief.

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          Ukusola mina ngeke vele kukusize. Iqiniso, liyohlala liliqiniso.

          Tswangirayi has proved beyond doubt that he is a total disaster – you wait and see!!

          1. ncube w mu c 10. ZIMBOS lets unite and fight 1 enmy ZANU pf mhondi

  10. I presumes that the PM is familiar with the terms of the Police Act and the Traditional Leaders Act. Both require non-partisan behaviour. He does not need Mugabe’s approval, merely needs to insist that both police and traditional leaders obey the law. It would also be helpful if the MDC would look at the legislation and inform the citizens of Zimbabwe about what the law says about police, chiefs, headmen, and village heads.

    1. @Incredulous.

      I applaud your imput. Indeed, it is not about the words of an individual that will eventuate into compliance, but the juridical normativity that is derived from available legal order will assist. Yes, the word of the President may add value, but it is not the source of obligations. It must be a word within the precincts of law, otherwise we will blame him, again, of acting utra vires. Your very important submission also raises a fundamental point of how legally conscious our people are to comprehend the legal parameters within which our forces must act. Thus, instead of wriggling and shouting, as I have observed in most contributions, your point touches on the core issue that needs to be comprehensively addressed. I submit.

  11. I can see. People are so careful and protective of Chemabhebhi. The truth is the guy is a fool. He is always hoodwinked by Bob. Only we dont have a choice for a better more popular candidate. So we will stick by him for NOW only!!

  12. If Mogiza was not a fool, he would know by now that the old man indicates right and turns to the left. Togosapota anizve? Village politician kwete!!!

  13. Mupfana weBikini

    Morgiza is not a fool at all!At least he has treaded where most people feared to walk.Zanu pf and Bob vanonetsa but MDC-T yatombova softena.Tsvangirai ane maadvisors saka tisatore zvinhu zvese sekuti zvaitwa naiye oga.H e also reads comments on this column saka tisatya varume. Viva MDC-T.

  14. Phunyukabemphethe

    Tswangirayi is plain stupid PERIOD!!

    No amount of sugar-coating will change that!

  15. Generals must work with government of the day, Rhodesians forces were very proffessional, after smith losing to zanypf all proffessional soldiers carried on with the new government untill some retired. Leaders are like underwear if they are dirty they are always removed.The chief commander is the problem hw can your juniours deploy solders around the country without his knowledge, he is to blame as chief commander.

    1. @Chauruka

      I will be exceptionally happy if your very serous allegations are backed by cogent evidence. We know the plot: you start rubbing an assured ZANU PF win through such malice. It will not work.

      1. Bob neZANU’PF’ ndizvo. Kuzvida kana kusada. Tsvangson imboko, muchachema naye. Chambokunetsai chiiko. ZANU’PF’ yakahwinha kare, musazvinetsa zvenyu. Idayi mari dzemabhunu enyu munyerere. Tosangana paelection ndokuti mugotenda saTomasi

  16. Mugabe has resisted calls for reforms to rein in securocrats accused of dabbling in politics – this is not true! President Mugabe no longer makes decisions. He is now a ‘slave President.’ He answers to the whims of some people, or, else!

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