Sulumani shines at NAMA

DENDERA musician Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu stole the show at this year’s National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) that were held at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi

Sulu scooped three awards, taking home Outstanding Male Musician, Outstanding Album and The People’s Choice awards.

After the awards Sulu told NewsDay he owes his success to God.
“I want to thank God for his blessings because the awards indicate that I have been improving on a daily basis,” said Sulu.

In his opening speech, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Elvis Mari implored artistes to be focused and take
Nama as a mark to improve their work.

“This must be an eye opener for the development of the arts community and we want to thank all stakeholders for their support,” he said.

Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, who was the guest of honour, urged fellow artistes to plough back into the community.

“As artistes we are viewed as a mirror of society and giving back into the community is one of the things that we have to do in order to have a better environment,” said Mtukudzi.

“I understand that these awards are not for competition, but they are of cultural significance. I want to thank those who brought us here for the work they have done.”

Zane Lucas from Reps Theatre scooped the outstanding director’s award.

Soccer legend Peter Ndlovu received standing ovation when he appeared at the venue.

Jeys Marabini did a piece mourning late and great musicians such as Cephas “Motomuzhinji” Mashakada, Sam Mtukudzi and soccer legend Adam Ndlovu.

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube left the audience in stitches when he took a swipe at Desmond Chideme aka Stunner who appeared in a controversial sex video last year with Pokelo.

He also took a dig on Big Brother Africa housemate Maneta.

The other winners are:
Outstanding Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube;
Outstanding Poet Tatatenda Chinoda;
Outstanding Fiction Book The Incubus by Samachai Kawnge;
Outstanding Children’s book My Daughter by Albert Nyathi;
Outstanding first creative published work Once a lover always a fool by Philani Nyoni;
Outstanding 3 dimensional work Unto us a child was given by Israel Israel;
Outstanding exhibition The psycho by Dagina Jogi;
Outstanding Journalist Print Mtandazo Dube;
Outstanding Journalist Television Siphiso Mpofu;
Outstanding online media Zimbojam;
Outstanding Dance group Magesh;
Outstanding female dancer Siphephiso Magonya Iyasa;
Outstanding male dancer Arthur Ndlovu Magesh;
Outstanding choreographer Brian Geza National Ballet;
Outstanding Actress Qeqeshiwe Mntando in Suku;
Outstanding music video Amai bhoyi by Juntao;
Outstandin screen production Delete Shupai Kamunyaro;
Outstanding female musician Hope Masike;
Outstanding male musician
Sulumani Chimbetu;
Outstanding song Love yemusoja by Sniper Storm;
Outstanding album Syllabus Sulumani Chimbetu;
Special Awards promoter of the year Chipaz;
National Arts Service Awards Mokoomba
People’s choice awards Sulumani Chimbetu and
Arts personality of the year
Oliver Mtukudzi.

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  1. Where is Macheso in all this? What about Charamba and Mhere?? I don’t thing we can take these awards seriously.

    1. On Mhere I tend to agree with you but on the other 2 I think they didnt deserve anything. These awards are awarded for good work over a specified period of time, not on how one once did well. Charamba didn’t release anything in 2012 and Macheso’s offering was lukewarm. To Sulu I say congrats young man – Syllabus is a great project and his live shows are magnificent.

  2. Heya Heya….Hail the Zim Music King….thanks Sulu for taking Dendera kings to the top of Zim Music circles….winning the peoples choice shows that the nation has indorsed your other two awards (musician of the year & Album of the year) & u also became the 1st artist to win the musician of the year award three times in a row in three concercative yrs …..Blessed is Dendera fans!!!!! God bless u !

    1. Well said…winning The People’s Choice award affirmed that Sulu really deserved the other two. But even if he had not won the People’s Choice award his musical works and journey point to an upward trajectory.

  3. lwe Bazim …Charamba anogona but haana kuburitsa Newone in 2012. macheso akaburitsa but its a fact that Sulu had more sold out shows than macheso in 2012. fact that the album Syllabus sold more copies than macheso’s Kwatakabva mitunhu.fact that Sulu’s songs Sean Timba & Nhambarakishoni are doing well on local music charts than Macheso’s macharangwanda & Cynthia…..Macheso WAS! & Music awards are not won on history but on current achivements , consistance &creativity saka usarwadziwe naSulu…if u love mMacheso go advise him to pull his socks up & b more profectional ,stop releasing substandard music hoping people will like it because irs Macheso… is Art ,bussiness & carrier all in one. Dendera kings so much thank u!

    1. Still two you are really shameful, where did you get your statistics of album sales? From you head clearly. Like Sulu, no problem with that but lying to us is a problem. Cheso is the most consistent musician in Zim together with Tuku, and you are basing your argument on the fact that you like Sulu but objectively Checo and Tuku are never quiet on the music scene.

  4. i don’t see anything special about sulu , jar praizer and freeman won

  5. dont take these awards serious,sulu is good but not better than CHESO,TERERA FUTI,

  6. Do these awards have rules? eg they were luking for work released within which period? Am saying so cause i honestly believe that Sulu’s work really qualified for the 2013 nominations.

    1. well said

  7. heya……..heyaaaaaa thank u so much, so much thank u…….soft tuochhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  8. Jealous down,SULU did it and he really deserves the awards!!!

    1. What makes him deserved of this award? Praising violence as a resolution of conflict? you are shameful my dear ,Sulu should be told the truth, he just average at best after all, i do not see any fuss about this young man’s music, i have heard better Sungura music than this sub-standard low quality crap and as far as Dendera goes Simon died with it all not this pretentious Dendera of Sulu, he is doing a legendary beat a serious injustice and myopic people just praise it. What a shame.

  9. in music varume haungoburitsi yako nhasi mangwana yofuma yonzi ndo number hwani macheso nyowani yake masocx chaivo pamberi naSULU

    1. Sean Timba enda unofa handiti unonzi ubatwe upondwe musoro.


    Macheso ngaasiyane nezvekuimba vanhu zvaari kuita, ngaimbe masocial issues not kutuka nekushoora ndizvo zvinhu zvachepesa music yake. Hafaniri kuwanza hasha, he must sit down and listen to his old music and compare it nezvakuita izvozvi, arikutaurisa than being creative and he must lead by example

  11. Macheso,mhere nd charamba do nt even have any songs tht cn be compred any one of sulus songs.batai munhu!

    1. Haaaaaaaa wavakurwara manje

  12. Mupei sando dzake mwana waSimon,chakanaka chakanaka veduwee,mukomana akazvambura magitare.

  13. makasara machinda angu. Sulu akakwapaidza kwete zvekutamba. Am very delighted by this young man. Macheso akagonawo. izvi ndaitirirawo vari kurwadziwa.

    1. Sulu akakwapaidza chiiko iwe.Your music taste buds are defective.

  14. Congrats to Sulu for banging the accolades . I am not a dendera die hard fan i am a mberikwazvo fan How ever to Sulu i say well done The reason why will not dispute his achievement is that i donot know the selection criteria being used by NAMA to select musicians But this guy anonzi Mhere i think aifanira kukwana kwana that is my personal opinion Cheso for lise Kochekera

  15. lovemore chevure

    mupfana uyu mupei sando dzake varume .macheso ngaatange agona kunyora music asinganyombi vanhu.ndiko kuti zvimufambire.heya heya batai munhu

    1. Iwe uri either ignorant or confused if you are giving that advise to Cheso and praising Sulu’s Sean Timba.

  16. Batai munhu

  17. ngoma yangu handichaivoni”…….heya heya well done sulu sean timba deserved it ,for cheso or charamba fans am sorry u might die negodo coz this award goes to currently riding high artist or song not by history like what u think…………tibatsireiwo kubata munhu zvedu apa.

  18. Outstanding song Love yemusoja by Sniper Storm?????????? can somebody explain this to me

  19. The legend said it all,NAMA is not about competition(Mtukudzi). One thing about baba vasharo is that he does his thing so well 4 his fans. Follow social networks and see how many fans follow him. NAMA what criteria do they use.Are they copies sold? Even if they are, who provides statistics? I think comparing cheso with sulu on the basis of a not so clear and open process is some what unjustifiable

  20. muchaonazve album rasulu richihwina futi next tym.kubira jah prayzah akanetsa last year.sulu deserves next years edition.after all there is nothing chinonakidza its jus batai munhu.mazimbo munofarira violence asi kurohwa hamudika.varikupembedza batai munhu musacheme kana mobatwa gore rino nekuti muchabatwa zvamunoda zvacho

    1. NAMA awards have lost credibility because of the controversies surrounding the whole process of selection. Winning that NAMA award is just a formality and does not have anything to do with merit, because some agenda’s seem to be behind the whole process. i open my eyes and see things as they are, but Sulu is not the best Zim can offer.

  21. Vanhu vari kuramba vachitaura zvaMacheso are just emotionally attached to him. He has since been on a downward spiral for some time. As your favoured musician ,the best u can do for him is to give him advice on where he got it wrong. Mukaramba muchimuti agona iye asina hazvibatsire music yake. Chitarisai mave kurwadziwa manje. Macheso must not sing to compete wth anyone like what he does, ndopakuzorwadziwa kana vamwe vakunda.

    1. Exactly what did Macheso do wrong on his latest album? Poor reception is not a question of the merit of the contents of an album but a number of factors like, people’s preference ,the timing of the album release ,the marketing of the album among other factors.Because if he is now as some of you claim below the standard of Sulu then the music industry has gone to the dogs.The truth is people are just not feeling the Cheso vibe as before but it does not make an overrated,averagely talented Sulu better than him no matter what anyone does. I am a Cheso fan and a Dendera music fan(under Simon Chimbetu) , i struggle to understand what people say Cheso did wrong on the new album. When i ask some of them to name it, they struggle to say anything tangible, so i guess its a slump period for Cheso on the fame front and the media is not doing him any favours, when you see reports on him 90% of the times they are negative but what i know is all this will pass and cream has a tendency of rising to the top. Watch this space.

  22. cheso anogonesa zvikuru but regaiwo vafana vatore. Ini sulu handidi kana kumunzwa. In facts these nama thing hazvishandi winky ,macheso,baba charamba namukoma mhere tinomira nemi. Zva sulu ndezvechizanu zanu. Hapana apo cheso power ndozvo heeeee. Mufaro kwamuri vanhu vamwari

  23. Has anyone ever asked the real criteria NAMA uses to select winners and nominees?The fact that Sulu’s album was released mid- November 2012 and the closing date for submissions 30 Nov 2012 brings all sorts of questions. i know for certain that there is a committee responsible for the NAMA selection process and should consist of experts in all the fields targeted for the awards. This said it really puzzles me to see them selecting Sulu as the best male musician and for the best album award. To me Sulu album is average at best, he himself is has average talent as a musician, listen to his Sean Timba song, when he sings you can hear and feel that his voice is laboured. But when Jah Prayzah on the same song takes over you hear the difference , Sulu to me is the most overrated musicians today. His fame comes from the media drive to push his stock up,but there is really nothing special he does musically. If you feel there anything special to Sulu say what it is i am really eager to find out. As for Cheso, i have the greatest respect for the man because the creativity he brings instrumentally to the Sungura genre is secind to none. Many may blast his subject materials as far as the message goes but hey to be honest who is singing anything out of this world. Sulu is singing about Sean Timba and encouraging the violence path as the solution to dealing with the misdemeanors of Sean Timba and everyone says ahhhh Sulu akapenga ,anogona, then Cheso sings Macharangwanda -about the prayer of a single mother following betrayal from a love partner then people say he is singing rubbish. What criteria do you use to ascertain if someone is singing more sense than the other?

  24. vincent munengwa

    What about freeman, he was suppose to scoop an award amana musadarooooooo

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