Stalemate over Zec

ZANU PF and the two MDC parties yesterday clashed over the composition of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s secretariat which the latter insist was “partisan”, pushing for its replacement before the harmonised elections later this year.


This came at a time Zanu PF negotiator Patrick Chinamasa said that parties to the Global Political Agreement had frozen all electoral reforms until after the harmonised elections, which the MDC said was meant to cause voter apathy and instil fear among the electorate.

The MDC-T and MDC have accused Zec secretariat of partisanship, saying it was full of Zanu PF card-carrying members and State security officials.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said: “The Zec secretariat is an outstanding issue. The MDC wants free and fair elections under the new constitution, but these elections must be in accordance with the roadmap and this roadmap has key conditions, among them the Zec (reconstitution) issue.

“Zec officials must be people chosen by the independent commission itself. This secretariat was appointed by Zanu PF and some of them are card-carrying members of Zanu PF and members of the security services. It comprises again some men and women who took six weeks to announce the (2008) election results, so we demand that they be removed.”

Mwonzora said that MDC-T would ensure that all conditions favourable to a free and fair election were met before committing itself to the polls.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo dismissed the MDC’s demands as “nonsensical”, adding they were calculated to delay the elections.

Gumbo said the demands by the MDC-T were coming “a bit too late” and Zanu PF had no time to look backwards.
“It’s too late to talk about those things because now we are talking of a referendum and elections. Maybe, if they are talking of after elections, but certainly not now.”

Mwonzora, however, said his party would take up the issue with guarantors of the Global Political Agreement, Sadc facilitator South African President Jacob Zuma, if Zanu PF refused to implement the MDC-T party’s demands.

“Further, we want the government to facilitate fair voter registration as right now known MDC supporters who wish to register are being turned away while Zanu PF activists and soldiers are being registered freely,” Mwonzora said.

The latest development comes hardly 48 hours after MPs from the three main parties unanimously endorsed the draft constitution, paving the way for the referendum and general elections later this year.

MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga recently said: “An array of reforms will be made. Zanu PF wants to give an impression that there are many hurdles so as to instil fear in the electorate that will result in voter apathy, yet in actual fact, there is no contestation around.

We have finished the constitution-making process and there will be a lot of work to try to reform some sections in line with the draft constitution.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said Parliament would then be tasked to complete all the necessary reforms before the expiry of its term on June 29.

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  1. what we want is to vote , hatichadi tunyaya tusina basa , we are sufferring because of these so called sanctions which were invited by chematama. to hell with chematama and his mdc-t thuggss

    1. chamatama was voted by the majority during the last election.this confirms that he is no longer an ordinary person.furthermore zanupf irikurumwa nechokuchera panyaya yemasanction.payauraya vanhu vasinamhosva in the name of hondo yeminda. if it was a noble idea why kill your fellow countrymen?,hezvo marestrictive measures akauya.takurai ngozi dzenyu muende vakomana,and leave chamatama atungamirire Zimbabwe itsva.

      1. Rubish! Inherent and involuntary incompetence is the cause!

  2. no elections without reforms like media, security,non partisan police nd army, composition of zec. we dnt want disputed elections pple. if zanu z so sure of winnin, wat r they scared off?

  3. Bathathe Masuku

    uChematama loyo ngu nyoko wena Peter ndini.
    How can we have elections when outstanding issues have not been resolved? Even if we have the best constitution (on heaven and on earth), the detail is in its implementation. How we implement it will determine how good/bad the supreme law of the country is. So for you to say ZEC is a no issue, is typical of ZPF thugs and daylight mimicing of one Rugare Gumbo.

  4. Rejoice Ngwenya

    As for and my family [political, civil society], no reforms, no elections. I mean, it’s so simple, really.

  5. Ah hhhh zvimwe zvava zvekutya ma elections izvi. Kana ZEC yakashata ko MDC yakawana mavotes akawanda sei uye yaita ma MP akawanda sei. Even ZANU is questioning how the opposition got more votes if its people were managing the election

    1. MDC T Yaiwa yaka winner ne big margin wakatora mamwe votes ku MDC T

  6. The ZEC issue has been said over and over again. If the two parties interviewed commissioners as a parliamentary committee represented by the two political parties, why should ZEC be an issue. It is true that the commissioners are balanced someone. However, it is the commissioners who should complain about the ZEC secretariat and not the politicians and every tom dick and harry. The commissioners should pass a vote of no confidence in the secretariat and cause its transformation.

    as Zimbabweans, we must learn to be objective. the Act clearly says the commissioners are the employer. If your employee is not performing you fire the person. Then after 3 years a the helm of the commission, the commissioners from both sides of the house now know what is happening in ZEC, as a result, they should also act professionally and advise the secretariat accordingly.

    Why should ZEC be an outstanding issue. Allow the commissioners to do their work. Lets appreciate that Zimbabwe is a country. Even those calling for the removal of the secretariat, have also faultered in their constituencies and come elections they will go.

    Lets have progress.

  7. Phunyukabemphethe

    The Gukurahundis should know that its not over until the fat lady sings. There will be no railroading towards elections without the necessary reforms!

  8. peter haikona kutaura kunge munhu akagara pamusoro pedemo dont insult my president who is also the priminister of zimbabwe zec is party of reforms need to be met period

  9. do not waste time let the reforms be fully implemented including media reforms zanu pf want to play hide and seek no we are tired of this please

  10. Phunyukabemphethe

    ZEC is central to the fairness or otherwise of the administration of elections. If you are confident of winning, why can’t you allow independent people to be appointed to run this commission?

    Gukurahundis are not confident of winning that is why they always seek to control the electroral process one way or the other. They know very well that their indeginisation nonsense will not wash with the electorate.

  11. Phunyukabemphethe

    Cheating is in the blood. I doubt the degree they have are genuine. They have been copying in exams throughout their whole education careers.

  12. Phunyukabemphethe

    Cheating is in their blood. I doubt the degrees they have are genuine. They have been copying in exams throughout their whole education careers.

  13. Without reforms then no elections as simple as that, what are they afraid off, these zanu thugs, they know people want to vote them out because of bloody pasts, chickens coming to roost.

  14. Why wuld we fear Zec when we are the most popular party in Zim we Zanu-pf wil win after we have implemented all the reforms being pushed by the Mdcs we are a people based party.

  15. I agree.Zec should be restructured.Morgan there is no need to rush for any election which can be rigged by the ZEC PF.Zanu Pf should play the ball…remember during the constitution making process they demanded sudden and drastic amendments to the draft and no one said its too late.The same should apply to the current scenario..Gumbo dont play double standards!!!!!!

  16. Incompetent ZEC!

  17. @zishnumber i agree, yes mdc must insist on reforms. its neva 2 late bcz zanu also came up wth alterations afta the initial draft. really thr z no hurry, evn if elections r held in 2015, its 5ne after all e’ necessary reforms.

  18. Tatenda Muchafa

    You as mdc-t a party of future leadership what are yu doing behind the scenes to monitor zec now?

  19. If these GNU guys are enerst that they want free and fair elections why making these basesless concessions eg constitution and now Zanu(Note its nolonger Zanu Pf cause Zapu pulled out leave Zanu as a lone ranger and it will be voted by 3people only) dont want reforms.NO reforms No Elections!

  20. No reforms No elections. Never let zanu pf go stand your ground guys hatidi vanobirira kwete.
    I Gumbo is sure that his party is peoples party why does he look scared. zanu pf agreed on these reforms why change now.?

  21. kutngazve here vana? saka mari iri kunakirai iyi

  22. I don’t know why ppl still listen to Chinamasa. This spineless bastard who attended Tsholotsho & then turned against his comrades! Apologised & has been working hard to prove his loyalty ever since.

    Zanu doesn’t want reforms. That is why Zimbabwe doesn’t have a proper constitution 33 years after independence. That is why they amended the Lancaster document more than 18 times, either taking people’s rights away or entrenching their dictatorship. They don’t even want this constitution, it was forced on them by Sadc.

    In short, MDC should continue pushing for reforms, because the shameful Gukurahundist, Murambatvinist Zanu has nothing good for our country. All they do is loot, plunder, & destroy under the command of the 90 year old Godzilla!

  23. A pig is a pig, no matter how much lipstick u smear it with. Zanu are pigs that eat their children. More black people have died in the hands of Mugabe than under Smith. This Zanu thug, Gukurahundist, Murambatvinist leader says he is educated. but his education he uses for obstructionist, destructive, murderous & delaying tactics!

    Zanu is bad ppl should not forget. Only ppl with short memories can praise this party. Ppl with selective amnesia! Diseased brain dead bastards! Give us a break!

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  25. chidhara chenharo

    I smell a very big rat here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is Zanu P F refusing to have ZEC scrutinised before the elections.This kind of behaviour is synonymous with the double standards they always play rigging elections.No more rigging.A Zanu Pf partisan ZEC will rigg elections which is what we don’t want.We are not in a rush to conduct a referendum or elections at all.Those people in Zanu PF who think the levelling of the playing field is ZEC is too late are day-dreaming.No referendum orelections will be done unless we are sure ZEC has the right people.Dzingai matsotsi ari muZEC .The MDc-T is right to contest the composition of ZEC.Rambai makashinga vakomana, nharo dzakanakisa apa. Tatibirwi ruviri.No repeat of the previous years of electoral fraud,NO!!!!!

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