Shoniwa heads for the Baftas

BARELY two weeks after announcing her excitement at having time off the stage to visit Zimbabwe, United Kingdom-based songstress Shingai Shoniwa has been forced to cut short her holiday.

Entertainment Reporter

The Noisettes star has to go back to London to perform at the Baftas after show party.

The Don’t Upset the Rhythm singer has been touring internationally with the band non-stop for six years and finally took some time off to visit Zimbabwe, her home country, late last year.

A fortnight ago she told our sister paper, The Standard, that she was in the country to network and get to know more people in addition to enhancing her understanding of the Shona culture.
But she is going back to the stage earlier and her performance at the glamorous film awards will be another milestone achievement in her colourful career.

Shoniwa told Press Association how excited she was to be part of the Baftas ceremony.

“I’m really, really excited. I was a little bit gutted by having to put my trip back. I’ve cut my trip to Zimbabwe by a couple of days, but it means so much to me that I’ve decided to just pack as much sunshine as I can in my suitcase and bring some back to the UK,” she said.

“The Noisettes have pretty much been on tour for six years since our first album came out in 2007. We’ve had three albums and touring all the time, so I’ve just taken all my unclaimed holiday and shoved it into the last five weeks. And I feel rejuvenated and I can’t wait to go back to work.”

The 31-year-old singer has been working with a designer on a special frock for the performance.

She said: “I’m taking inspiration from the cinema. I am getting something made which is going to be quite cinematic. There’s going to be lots of gold and red, like the massive red velvet curtain that used to open before they showed films.”


  1. Never listened to such crap all my life.She sings crap.She couldn’t sell one CD in Zimbabwe .

    1. Big manje crap iyoyo gy her invited kubafta where each performer gets not less than £35000. She doesnt nid 2 sell a cd in zim. Zimbembe remunhu. Upedzere shungu dzekuti akandirambira gumbo gore ragochanhembe

    2. I have listened to the music… it is actually not crap at all… and many millions who buy her music know that it is not crap… for your own information .. some of her music was considered so good that on my last count she had two songs used for massive commercials in UK…

      Oh by the way she is true to her roots and she is beautiful too…

    3. How do you know she sings crap when you don’t listen to her music as you say? You are not her targeted audience anyway. Kasna uchufarira mbira enda unoteerera izvozvo. You sound like a failure who thinks the world revolves around you. Imba zvako zvaunofarira. Idiot.

  2. I just don’t get it! Why can’t we all be happy for our sister? She’s doing well for herself.

  3. majaira museve

  4. Majaira noise ya Macheso..hahaha. Shingai is BRILLIANT

  5. She is the best the very very very best. A role model and would like my girls to to emulate her.She is educated,smart and talented.She is famous worldwide.Just because Zimbabweans buy ragga music does not mean its everyone’s taste.Forget Makosi Musambasi, brother BIG, she is a disgrace to Zimbabwean women.

  6. Big, you uneducated moron. Possibly you are a thin broke loser struggling in life whilst she is making cash. I bet your wife or girlfriend (Thats if you have one) is not an inch close to her beauty. Fool, applaude this sister for her unique talent.

  7. george bachinche

    Shonhiwa is a star in the UK. Her music appeals to her fans and thats what important in the business. I don’t think sheever thought of selling her music in Zimbabwe. The truth is Zimabwe is not a market at ll for international sperstars of which Shonhiwa is.

  8. she plays bass guitar….she is good singer…listen to Atticus…She is amazing. it takes a musical ear to understand good music. No disrespect to macheso…the boy is noisy and its funny how people say he is good. noise aint good. now listen to tuku…brilliant. ..mukanya, system, chimombe, willom tight, ..”thats wat i call music

  9. Shingai is beauiful and talented. Zimbabweans should be proud that they have one of their own who has made it worldwide. Big, you are entitled to your own opinion, but are you telling me that the thousands who have bought her music are idiots?. Search your own soul, mate and accept that while you have the platform to air your views, there is no need to abuse it against a sister you have never met. I think you are just jealous!

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