Renco Mine shuts down as haggling takes toll

MINING operations at RioZim’s Renco Mine have ground to a halt as parties fighting for control of the gold mine continue haggling, a senior official has confirmed.


Renco Mine manager Cyprian Kachisa told NewsDay yesterday they had ceased all operations and ordered the 2 000 workers to go back home until the ownership wrangle has been resolved.

“We have been forced to shut down. We have run out of almost everything — from consumables, fuel, chemicals, coal, oxygen, cyanide and many others. It is a long list of resources that we ran out of and we are literally grounded,” he said.

“Only care maintenance is going on. The crashing plant has stopped and workers will on Friday (today) stop coming to work because we will not need productive labour when we are not operating.”

He also said that the mine owed power utility, Zesa, over $1 million in unpaid bills, adding they required about $2 million working capital per month.

“If we are cut off, then the mine will be finished because the tunnels will flood and it will be very expensive to drain the water. It will also mean that there will not be any drinking water for the 5 000 people resident in the mine as there will be no pumping taking place,” he said.

The mine has been at the centre of a storm since last month after management accused two Zanu PF MPs, Walter Mzembi (Masvingo South) and Irvine Dzingirai (Chivi South), of disrupting operations and attempting to grab the mine.

But the pair has since denied the charge, arguing they only intervened to restore order following demonstrations by miners’ spouses. The matter has already been taken to court with Mzembi threatening to sue the company for defaming him.

Kachisa said the disturbances started on January 14 when workers’ spouses blocked the entrance demanding payment of their husbands’ bonuses and other benefits. Villagers from the surrounding community later joined in accusing the management of refusing to implement some community projects they had allegedly pledged to carry out.

In an urgent chamber application filed at the High Court last week, RioZim accused Dzingirai and Mzembi’s executive assistant Obadiah Madzombwe of attempting to grab the mine.

High Court judge Justice Hlekani Mwayera on Wednesday reserved judgment in the matter.

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  1. This smash and grab must be stopped were is Zanu Pf and Mdc-T core Home Affairs ministers stop this rot MDC T and Zanu PF we are watching you

  2. That is what happens when a country does not have rule of law . Also highlights sheer greed on the part of the savage party with degrees in violence . Looting at every twist and turn . They want to sendekera everything . Greedy like swine . Just like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM .

  3. Zimbabwe has been carved up into little entities for ZANU PF thieves masquerading as leaders as they continue to reward themselves for liberating the country. The impunity will continue until there ia a change of government. This is the reason why in the forthcoming elections Zimbabweans must deal a decisive blow to these thieves once and for all. They can’t run a farm,let alone a mine. Why have they abandoned their favourite bottlestores?

    1. Pple of zim its apparent e ruling party is nt in support of equal development. Its looting and corruption all e time, this is a call to e electorate, let’s vote properly and flash out e swine frm the gvt system.

  4. josefa chinotimba

    hahahaha,thugs at work.Zanupf people sometimes behave like bulldogs or warthogs.People should refuse to be associated with this party called Zanu pf.

  5. Mzembi and company kanazvanetsa torayi mine yacho,becoz zvakuita sekunge kunge ndimi makaenda pamine muchidemostrator,asi kutoti vakadzi vevashandi ndivo vaiyiratidzira. Cde Mzembi munekodzero yekumira vanhu kanapaita mtambudzo akafanana neiwayo, sa MP u have that right.zvenyu zvukufunga kuti Mzembi wants to loot thats rubbish!!! Sei musirikuda kutaura nenyaya yevashandi vasiri kupiwa zvinonendera nemashandiro avo? Ngatitaurei nezvevashandi vapiwe zvakakodzera.Pamberi nekubatana! pamberi nekushimga! pamberi nevashandi! Chabvondoka!!!

    1. obviously you are a fool who does not seem to know whats going on at the mine. to start with people should stop telling lies to the nation, its not the workers’ wives who started this issue but some overzealous villagers masquarading as renco community association led by someone’s girlfriend. who doesn’t know that the workers’ wives were coerced to join the madness and fearing for their dear lives, they had to comply.
      surely it defies logic for one to come from nowhere and declare to be the GM of a company that does not have any lionk with him. on the other hand, this whole fiasco was also caused by the company CEO who is so obssessed with tribalism to the extent of thinking that who ever is working at this mine is useless unless he or she is ndebele. just look at the appointments being made in the company, surely if you are not ndebele then haulume! ndiye angaite seiwo, its starting from the top. by the way who was the GM of ZMDC and who is now occupying that seat. eish!!!! i really wonder why the powers that be are not seeing it. ‘its our turn, the shonas had their time’ goes the slogan. icho!

      1. really ,u dont make sense by allegedly employing ndebeles ,then the company has problems ,what exatly are they eating ?.

  6. Hapana arikuda kutorerwa mine apa. These guys want to divert from the issue at hand and want to politicise it. Vashandi ngava bhadharwe period.

  7. for years renco haibhadhare im an employee there.vakati promisa bonus iripi?last year every month taiendesa 60kg gold where z the money.kachisa shd stop tellng lies issue haisi pana Mzembi asi pawelfare yemushandi.vanotishandisa sunday 2 sunday our only benefit i2 litres maheu.pliz newsday come 2 renco and expose this slave trade.plz save renco workers

  8. zvino todii?

  9. Kana Renco mapedza kugadzirisa nyaya ye zvemuhoro wevashandi, please tinoda kuti mugadzirise road yedu from Mashate kusvika pa Mine penyu.

  10. Renco must pay its workers, esp grade 1-10, gv thm their benefits, treat them lyk human beings. Management stop bng corrupt & stop employing ur wives and relatives using bec door….stop blaming the honorables plz. Period..

  11. this is indeginisation zanu pf style ,even if the company is strugling financially zanupf mandarins masquerading as members of the community want a share regardless ,its so sad that 2000 workers might find themselves jobless and join the millions who are already living in abject poverty,the company will probably falter with mzembi and co as new owners who will deliver it to the chinese at hefty price and they will smile all the way to the bank .wither zimbabwe.

    1. kana vachbhadhara nekuchengeta vashandi vavo noise ndeyeyi,chri kuvatadzisa kupeya magetsi chii?these are corrupt people.come and see road,nedzimba dzevashandi vekurenco.uuye uone kuora kwakaita plant.kushanda sunday 2 rotorwa every week bt they dont buy equipment event vehicles.vanzwa nekutisweta ropa zvkwana!

      1. let’s just steal the gold from these bustards… vachamama

  12. Yes workers need to be paid well. However I advise the workers to visit shabani and mashava mines and see how things can horribly go wrong. Half a loaf could be better than nothing. Kana zvanetsa Indai kundorima.

    1. pfutseki, chimuZimbo chajaira nhamo, munhu anofanira kuwana zvinoenderana nemashandiro ake, why settle for less. Renco ichadhirika tariba bhuriyoni

    2. running a company can be complicated. It’s funny to see how even the man at the gate knows what should be done, yet he has never even sold a guava inthe street. The mari kuvanhu slogan seye pa South iri tricky. You may realise that even Muzembi’s workers may be pa tight. There are no happy workers even on Mars. Their issue is about bonus while ve NRZ are getting their july 2012 salaries now- maybe half of july salary.

  13. They (ZANU PF) are looting in the name of indegenisation.what empowerment?who is being empowered when men on the streets are starving.there is nothing like empowerment in this country and this does not have anything to do with the MDC and Tsvangirai.


    Yowee, zvakaoma. Imi veduwe.

  15. The events at Renco shows a lot of confusion and greedness on most of Zimbos. They say you do not know what you have got until its gone. sure you tell me that you did not see what happened at Shabane and Mashava as well as our agriculture which is now dead for more than a decade now due to these barbaric actions. Vanhu hamudzidze

  16. Can anybody tell me what has succeeded after being zanunised. Our lives in rural areas are a mess because of zanupf, our lives in towns are a mess because of zanupf, our industry has shut down because of zanupf, our health institutions have died because of zanupf, our housing waiting lists have become useless because of zanupf, our elections are a sham because of zanupf, our education is down because of zanupf, So as long as zanupf exists nothing good can be expected from zanupf. As long as their egos are up there they will continue to destory. I hope the world is watching and just move this so-called tourism conference away from hooligans.

    1. Jesus died for good to lng as zimbos r fearful to comfront the beast and cut off its tail, we will live like this 4eva..usa nor china will help us…even God will nt cme dwn to unseat earthly leaders coz rememba sme of us put them there and our God is impartial..arise Mr black man..stop the selfishness that exists amng zimbos

  17. Haya, first its those in dresses who are not even the employees of the mine who went to disturb the operations for what BONUSES!!!!!! My foot, how many pipo got bonuses last year!!!!!! Well, now that the issue has reached these levels, what are u going to do to survive now that the salaries are not there??????? Shame

    Well Minister Mzembi, i respect u, but apa u made a mistake, if i were u I will issue a public apology and let the ine run. Look at those likley costs detailed in that report. All these at the expense of what, your “deformed character” mmmmmm wake up and smell the coffee, ar u saving the situation or u are making it worse??????? Any normal minded person will behave like the managers just did, if i were there, i would hev taken that decision way back when u came to disturb the operations. Its not your duty to intervene on corporate affairs, u were voted to run the affairs of the politics not businesses.

    I am actually appalled by the silence of the powers that instill discipline on these pipo, whilst we are approaching the elections, but do u think this will buys us votes, well, i dont think so, wait until u see families lacking bread and sadza on the table and u will tell me something else. This issue is out of hand, and Zanu PF must just back down.

    Its the life of pipo ae are talking about, God is watching!!!!!

  18. SMM gone now Renco yaenda isu ziiii zvedu mwari ndiye anoziva.

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