President accuses chiefs of fronting whites

MASVINGO — President Robert Mugabe yesterday accused chiefs of being fronts for white farmers after some of them leased out their farms seized during land invasions.


Speaking at the belated annual chiefs’ conference as well as the launch of seven Masvingo community share ownership schemes at Masvingo Polytechnic College yesterday, Mugabe threatened unspecified action against the traditional leaders.

“There are chiefs who have their own white friends who they lease out their farms to,” he said.

“ Beware! We will ask you the totem of that white man. That should not continue to happen.”

Mugabe said other senior government officials had also given up their pieces of land.

“You (chiefs) are not alone in that practice,” he said. ads Ads

“Even bigwigs in government do the same. Do not think we are unaware of that, we know it and you cannot hide that. We even know lots of things that you even do not know. We do not want to start taking back the farms just because you are ceremonial owners,” he said.

Mugabe accused the chiefs and government bigwigs of being retrogressive.

“The whites rake in money while you are just figureheads. They are up to no good.

“They are trooping back from South Africa . . . So beware because they have an ulterior motive of repossessing those farms before Mugabe does that.

“I am not saying we will come and seize the farms. We want to get away from the whites as much as possible. So chiefs, help us on that issue.”

Commenting on the constitution, Mugabe took a dig at gays and lesbians.

He also warned responsible officials against stealing money from the community share ownership schemes.

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  1. Two words ,ACUTE DEMENTIA.

  2. What’s his totem zviya? Iyeye kwete yamai vake? Siya vanhu vaite ma business decisions

  3. A tumbuki by origin

  4. Amai vake
    Mushawasha. Iyeye iNgushungo. Please note RGM’s mother was sister to James Chikerema’s father who orginally came from Chishawasha just outside Harare. Sekuru Kaguvi also came from the same area. After the first chimurenga in 1896 most of the Washawasha pple were forced to leave the land of their ancestors by the Catholic Jesuit priests who had settled in that area. James’ father name is Dambaza and the priests who call him a skleem because he was deemed troublesome hence chikerema because the illetaurate locals could not pronounce the boer word skleem. The Dambaza family then settled in Zvimba where VaBona met Gabriel Mugabe and the rest is history. Mugabe had brothers such as Madzima,Samkange and Matibiri.

    1. george bachinche

      The Gushungo people are the Ngwenya totem

  5. nice history vakeni asika the old tyrant even dares to threaten friendships between the races.. demented for sure…Mugabe ceased to relate to the common people decades ago…stopped protecting our interests for the love of unbriddled capitalism..His reign has been castrated by corrupt,murderous, mbavha nemakororo in zanu-pf. the stench is vile and beyond putrid yet he lives, breathes and thrives in it daily…now he sees colonialism in black to white relation ships…. ko asingadi kurarama ndiyani? anemunda anotsvaga anogona kurima towana dhora…hatizvirege nekuti zviri nani pane kuba least the chiefs will have a good night you?

  6. Iye Mugabe wacho mutupo wake chii? Chikerema was brother to Mugabe’s mother okay what of his(father’) side? ngaamire kutuka vamwe nezvemutupo coz iye haana

  7. I am looking for a farm back home may one of these guys sell me please. I want to try that business and see if its a good one.

  8. What this guy is failing to understand is that not all benefitors of land grab are farmers, hence if they realise their deficiencies and grasp plan B, which is using another person who has the ability then the country is benefiting than to leave productive land farrow.

  9. Lets say a chief who is 89 years old has 3 cows,no farm workers,and one gejo, got 2 000 acres surely how is he going to put this land to maximum productivity?In any case how many of Mugabe’s properties is being leased to blacks?

    But then these chiefs must coerce their subjects to vote Zanu Pf or else the privilleges and luxuries will be taken away including protection.This is the Godfather speaking and that’s what happens when you deal with the Mafia and you accept their “gifts.”

  10. bt wats wrng wth leasing it 2 a knowledgeble person? so mugabe z admittin tht e’ land reform ws a failure! kikiki toko!

  11. Nyongolozi Omnyama

    Why are we still caught in this ‘white that black this’ mentality? Isnt Zimbabwe for all who live in it. . . .who are we to descriminate? White are also people and never will there be colonisation unless its aliens from outer space! Now the scramble is economic, leaders ought to come up with policies for conjucive FDI. Negotiate for win win trade deals. . .empower locals to compete with those conglomarates which were once small firms, which Saviour want ‘us’ to reap where we did not sow with his 49/51. . .empowerment policy. Whats racist we should’nt accept, we should fight against just like we fight tribalism

  12. Gushungo ndimai vacho mapindwa nei? Hana mutupo uyo!

  13. Gushungo ndimai vacho mapindwa nei? Hana mutupo uyo!

    Gushungo ndevana Chikerema. Matibili frm Malawi is not Gushungo. Read , people read.

  14. Early life
    Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born near the
    Kutama Jesuit Mission in the Zvimba District
    northwest of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia
    to a Malawian father Gabriel Matibili and a
    Shona mother Bona, both Roman Catholic. He
    was the third of six children. He had two older
    brothers, and one of them, Michael, was very
    popular in the village. Both his older brothers
    died when he was young, leaving Robert and
    his younger brother, Donato. [12] His father, a
    carpenter ,[13] abandoned the Mugabe family
    in 1934 after Michael died, in search of work
    in Bulawayo. [14]
    Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic,
    studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit
    schools, including the exclusive Kutama
    College , headed by an Irish priest, Father
    Jerome O’Hea, who took him under his wing.
    Through his youth, Mugabe was never socially
    popular nor physically active and spent most
    of his time with the priests or his mother
    when he was not reading in the school’s
    libraries. He was described as never playing
    with other children but enjoying his own
    company. [13] According to his brother Donato
    his only friends were his books. [15]
    He qualified as a teacher, but left to st

  15. Are there even that many “whites” left in Zimbabwe to pose a realistic threat to the gains of the “third chimurenga”?

  16. @ Methembe is correct Bob dad was from Malawi they came during the Fedaration but anyway he is a muzukuru who became the boss it happens in life. But he should lieave people to do what htey want with their land. I think leasing it is better than leaving it idle

    1. Big liar! Typical MDC-T fabrication of facts. Mugabe was born in 1924, the Federation was in existence from 1953 to 1963. By 1953 Bob would have been 29 years old. Get your facts right before you make a fool of yourself.

  17. Saka mzukuru is now telling the true owners of the land what to do in their ancestors’ land. What chick! Naughty mzukuru this 1

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