Portland ready for capital city construction demand

CEMENT producer Portland Holdings Limited (PHL), the first cement manufacturer to obtain an indigenisation certificate, has said that it is ready to meet the demand to be generated by the planned new capital city in Mt Hampden, Zvimba district, if concrete details were availed.


Late last year NewsDay disclosed that the government was planning to build a new capital city in Mt Hampden, which falls under Zvimba Rural District Council, President Robert Mugabe’s home area.

In November last year, PPC announced plans to establish a $200 million new plant in Rushinga, Mashonaland Central.

In an interview with NewsDay at the company’s centenary celebrations in Bulawayo on Wednesday, company director for business development and corporate strategy Gavin Stephens said the firm was ready for the demand.

“If the government of Zimbabwe is to go and build the project (capital city) as it has been outlined, we as a cement company are ready for it, but we are not sure of the exact, details as the plans have not been fully announced,” Stephens said.

He, however, dismissed speculation that the Rushinga project was motivated by the mooted new city.

“The target was not influenced by that (new capital), but by the confidence the company has in the country, we see growth in future years. It depends on the limestone deposits.

The market analysis shows that about 52% of our product is sold within Harare and its outlining areas, so we need to focus on that area as our next growth point,” Stephens said.

Officials said the feasibility study for the plant was at an advanced stage and significant investment had already been made in exploration drilling at two locations.

At present, PPC operates a cement manufacturing plant located 10km outside Bulawayo with a capacity to produce one million tonnes of cement a year.

The new city is designed in the mould of the wealthy Sandton area of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The capital would be home to critical government buildings such as Parliament, State House, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Supreme and High Courts and several government departments.

The government has remained mum on the source of funds.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    I still hope, maybe against hope that this is a dream – if not, then we are certainly a country of idiots!!

  2. why do u create news out of nothing. Mount Hampden is not Zvimba but falls under Zvimba district. Why do u try to make it appear that the new capital will be built at Mugabe’ s doorstep. Why do u hate the oldman to the bone like that. While I don’t support any human leaders that they can remove all our problems I think Mugabe is one of the most principled leaders to ever come out of Africa. Hate him or his home area but I don’t see anything wrong if the capital city is built wherever the power that be deems fit for such development. WE as nation have got PHDs that is Pull Him Down Syndrome and are always negative about our fellow country man. It bergins with u man of pen and paper, as long as u dont believe in forgiving and forgetting u will go nowhere other than kutsvaga makuhwa asinachekuita nemi.as for u NQOBILE BHEBHE I say until forgive your president for want u think is bad that he did for u then u will never find peace in your heart but frustration which u will release with the power vested in your pen and paper as ell as your typing skills. Don’t forget to put our skills to good use unless its a just a way to impress the donor community who will realease funds upon discovering how disunited we are as a people. u will never find this with routers and other western news agency. ndataura musazoti ndinotaurisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until the day u write negative for the sack of hate.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Mawungayiboni inkinga kusho ukuthi you are an idiot. How do you build an extension of Harare, when Harare itself is already overcongested and there is an urgent need to decentralise far away from Harare so that the population movement towards Harare is reduced or better still eliminated?

      Towns and cities right across the country have been reduced to growth points but you see nothing wrong with that.

      Instead of evaluating the country’s development needs from a balanced economic development perspective you are a driven by the fact that the place is your homw area – do you think if American or Europeans saw development in that myopic manner the US would have been a Superpower today?

      Washington DC is the US capital is far smaller than many of the other US cities – but here in Africa you believe the capital city should be he biggest because that is where the President and his tribesmen come from – what backwardness – how primitive!!

    2. capita—You see nothing wrong because you stand to benefit from this gukurahundi idiot.

  3. Mzilikazi Chitakochangonya

    The backwardness is in you Phunyukabemphete.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Kanjani, manje? How am I backward?

  4. It will not happen.

  5. How can the government think of building another reserve bank when the current is hardly twenty years, cant they put that money elsewhere where it can improve social infrastructure

  6. Phunyukabemphethe i THINK Mt Hampden is as u said should be away from Harare. If money was not a proble we would want even to build in Bulawayo as your wish not only in Zvimba u dont wish.

    1. capita, your gukurahundi mentality dissilusions you. zwimba, harare , hamden is just one side of the same coin. don’t be backward, this project, if its real will only benefit the same people. shona people of the zezuru clan to be realistic.

      1. why not , tisu varidzi vayoka!!!!!!!!! the gud thing is that u will die with yo frustration, u have been talking, u will talk, and u will die talking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Money is not the problem otherwise where will the money to build Mt Hampden come from? The problem is narrow, myopic, tribalistic and regionalist thinking!!

  7. really thr is nothing wrng wth a new capital city in the mould of sandton. the reporter shdnt mislead us by sayn its in mugabe’s home area, norton also falls under zvimba. lets nt criticize jst for the sake. harare is congested, a new capital wl defnatly brng development, jobs, infrasture wise,economically

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      There is everything wrong about about the Mt Hampden capital city. In the first place, Sandton in Johannesburg is not even the Capital City.

      The Capital City is Tshwane (Pretoria) which the authorities have been trying to dicongest by NOT developing the Sandtons of this world next door!!

  8. thanks soulman for bringing the point lets not critisize for the sake of critisism but constructive critism that will bring food to the table. I dont think its gud to copy everything that happens in America but should think at our own on things that are gud for us. People wonder where the money will come from, dont u think that it should come from invstors who will own the properties there. its better to invest in properties rather than buying or impprting expensive cars. Ob Mpofu was said to be owning many props in Byo, is it bad for development. u think development is not development if not done by westerners. shallow mind!!!!

    1. bring food to the table? who?

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Its not about copying America – its about following development economic policies that make sense. All over the world, it has long been proven that concentrating economic activities in one area/region is not good for any country. This is common sense, pure and simple!

      1. just build yo capital town where ever u want, warambidzwa nani

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          That is what happens when one is uneducated.

  9. @capita thr r 2 points here: the fact is norton, mt hampden fall under mugabe home area WHICH FALLS UNDER ZVIMBA DISTRICT! secondly e’ funding for this city. pple we cnt run away frm e’ fact tht harare is our commercial nd economic hub & any grt city wl hve 2 b near it. i admit thr r mo pressing issues like water, electricity, roads etc, but thr r some gud things frm tis city like developing zim, i saw e’ plan, the roads are 3way freeways, impressive buildings, better water system, decongesting harare

  10. Phunyukabemphethe

    All you supporters of the Mt Hampden city idea.

    Now that you believe in allowing the rest of the towns and cities built by Ian Smith to be reduced to growth points, whilst you grow your Harare to Mt Hampden – in the event you have to bid to host the FIFA World Cup or the AFCON – are you going to propose that all the matches be held in your Harare Mt Hampden city, seeing that this is now the only city left worth calling CITY?

    Where in the world have you seen a country that prides itself in having just one city and then calling themselves progressive?

  11. Phunyukabemphethe

    You concentrate development in your own home areas. But when other regions feel deprived and want to seceed, you have a problem – what logic is this?

  12. u hve a point thr! we shdnt jst hve hre nd mt hamptden 2 tok abt in zim.lets develop otha cities like sa, al their cities are quite developed. personally i think byo/gweru/kwekwe shld be developed to the capital city and mt hampden bn our commercial capital like sandton or newyork.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      But the urgency of now is not Mt Hampden, this is my point. It is the revival of all the other towns and cities so that people don’t continue to treck from all over the country to Harare/Mt Hampden in search of greener pastures.

      Even if it is an issue of the new parliament, why should it necessarily be in Harare or Mt Hampden – why not move it to existing cities where there is infrastructure already, such as Gweru for instance?

      Costwise this makes sense than developing a whole new city under such financial constraints. Mt Hampden yes, but thiscan wait, its simply not urgent. This construction could be considered later when the economy has picked.

  13. @phunyu like i said lets make anotha capital city, bt far frm harare to serve otha provinces thereby developin them and limiting pple frm headin to hre evrytime. why not develop cities like byo or gweru?i dnt knw if u hve bn to mzamsi, man sandton is impressive!

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