Polls: Tsvangirai confident


PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said a special Southern African Development Community (Sadc) summit to be held soon on Zimbabwe will ensure the forthcoming elections are free and fair.


The MDC-T leader told civic society leaders he met in Harare for a briefing on the draft  constitution that he expected the polls to be held in July.

“We will have a special summit on Zimbabwe on conditions for free and fair elections with Sadc,” he said.

“We will not allow a repeat of the culture of violence and abuse like what happened in 2008. I do not want to be part of a war against the people.”

Sadc is the guarantor of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed after the 2008 polls that were marred by an orgy of violence mainly targeted at MDC-T supporters.

Tsvangirai had beaten President Robert Mugabe in the first round of the presidential elections in March before he was forced to withdraw from the June 27 runoff by the violence.

Mugabe was forced to form an inclusive government with the MDC formations after the international community rejected his “victory” in the runoff.
The government of national unity (GNU) marked its fourth anniversary yesterday.

“Four years of this GNU have been a torture and I do not wish for another GNU,” Tsvangirai said. “I am very bullish about the way towards elections. We need reforms which include mindset change.”

He said he also hoped the forthcoming elections would not produce a hung Parliament like the previous ones.

“There will be a referendum in March, I doubt any Zimbabwean without an opinion (on the draft constitution) now will change even if given five months,” Tsvangirai said. “Let’s ask, however, if there has been enough education on the draft (constitution).”

The new constitution is one of the many reforms that have to be implemented before the elections.

Meanwhile, the resignation of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairman Simpson Mutambanengwe on Monday is likely to reignite a fresh war in the inclusive government amid indications the MDC-T and Zanu PF differ on the choice of his successor.

Tsvangirai yesterday confirmed the GPA leaders would meet on Monday to discuss the Zec top post vacancy. The MDC-T leader reportedly prefers retired Supreme Court judge Wilson Sandura.

“On Monday we will appoint a new Zec chairman,” Tsvangirai told civil society leaders.

“We need one that will add legitimacy to the election . . . with any transition, there are those who fear what will happen to them.”

According to sources, numerous names are being thrown around to replace Mutambanengwe.

“There are names that are coming out like that of Wilson Sandura and Moses Chinhengo (former judge) and obviously Reginald Austin (former Human Rights Commission chairperson),” one of the sources said. “Remember the Constitution also allows for people who are serving judges to be seconded to that position.”

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba refused to comment on the matter, saying Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa had already spoken about Mutambanengwe’s resignation and the process that would follow to choose his successor. The former judge cited poor health for his decision to quit.


  1. If only it were so easy PM..I think you sir will need to work harder than you ever did to get the job properly done. The election is not a done deal..you and your team have to redouble your efforts, short of this prepare to face disappointment. Your greatest enemy might be apathy as things stand. You have to reopen that DIRECT line with the people FAST. Keep it piping hot!!!! Of course be brave and drop some liabilities in the form of none performers and thieves in your team..(I am sure you should know these by now) The primaries offer you a very decent way out let the people help you get rid of these progress STOPPERS. How you manage it will COUNT!

  2. I just hope the mdc’s realise that conditions for free and fair elections should exist for enough time for people to have confidecne that their vote will indeed be safe. They seem to have fallen prey to the zanu pf trick of allowing such conditions only at the 11th hour. The question is does the rural population believe Zanu pf will not repeat 2008. With the mdc’s appearing powerless in the gnu for the past 5years i dont see rural zimbabweans having confidence in their safety. The mdcs should delay elections for as long as possible after adoption of the new constitution.

  3. With e way things r going, ive a feeling elections will b free n fair this time. People of zimbababwe lets pray that there will be no violence this time lets pray for all our leaders.

    • kkkkk mira uone murovero wezanu this is a watershed election on political survival for either parties or their leaders panotsva munhu apa homeboy, pakaipa mwana wamai apa

  4. Don,t worry MDC T will put things in place soon,that I want to assure you people.however,I would want to go with the appointment of the retired judge Sandura.He fears no one.

    • Looking back the memory lane i would prefer Justice Wilson Sandura to take the Zec post because he is a man of intergrity. For those who does not like justice to prevail they feel worried.

      The forth coming general elections is a crucial event in that it will usher in a new Zimbabwe with a new beginning. We are confident that victory for the righteous is certain. So God help us.

  5. chematama at it again, iye akamutuarira kuti kune chinhu chinonzi free and fair elections akatadza.every day, free and fair!!!!
    kudyiwa kudyiwa chete kani nhai . zanu pf will thrash your big heads, wait and see.. moto uri kuuya

  6. Elections cannot be free and fair when Jabulani Sibanda is up and about intimidating people.Also free the airwaves so that crucial issues can be debated on without fear or bias.We are fed up with the Chivauras,Mupeperekis and Mahosos.

  7. Peter, if there is nothing like free and fair elections then why bother having them, let it go, lets not waste critical resources for meaningless elections if the outcome should be zanu to torture Zimbabweans for life. The struggle was for freedom, freedom to choose who to lead you and freedom of assembly, worship, etc, if that freedom is now reserved for zanu thugs only then you are pushing the same people who fought Ian Smith to fight again, no-one in the world has waged a war against the people and won.

  8. you might call them zanu pf thuggs but they liberated you and you won’t reverse that , we won’t allow any puppet driven party to rule the country. we are zinmbabweans , we must do our own things without outside interference.Hapana bhunu richatonga muno , chematama forget and smile. lets vote zanu pf
    these so called whites used to enjoy our heritage now its our turn to enjoy the fruits of our elders

    • Kuti dzako brain dzirimo here Peter?Takazvisunungura not kuti Zanu yakatisunungura.Varume ava vakamitisa vana sisi vedu uye vakadya huku dzedu.

    • Come July, don’t disappear into thin air after the defeat of the Gukurahundis. You will have to face the world like a man and stomach the embarassment!

      • Hey Mbo, Ihave been missing yu!! Iwe Cde Bekini, nyarara…..waidya huku dzaani kwawaka opereta? Usada kuti titaure, we respect your contribution but are shocked at your re-orientation nowadays. Iyo mari yema NGO yakupandutsa.

        • @ John weku Mabvuku
          I think I have run the race and accomplished my task. Gukurahundis are gradually falling in line since the finalisation of the constitution. They have now toned down on their Shona tribalism and now understand what DEVOLUTION is all about.

          You see, I told you that Gukurahundis are not very intelligent people. They don’t research; they don’t read and they lack indipendent thinking.

          They always wait to be spoonfed by their Gukurahundi leaders, who exaggerate everything to keep them captive supporters. If Gukurahundi Mugabe says jump, they don’t even ask how high, they simply jump, because asking any further questions is high risk.

          All Gukurahundi Mugabe needs to do is shout “Ndeveres want to seceed and create a separate country” – no matter how impossible this proposition is; even if he is telling blue lies, they simply believe everything, because he is their GOD!

          In the 1980s he said “ROVAI NGOMO, ZIMUNDEVERE” – they all jumped up and down and did as they were told.

          Next, Gukurahundi Mugabe woke up feeling good and then shouted,” RESPECT FATHER ZIMBABWE, HE IS YOUR DEPUTY PRESIDENT, HE BROUGHT INDEPENDENCE” – once again, the praise singers fell in line and started singing NGOMO’s priases!!

      • Zwana phela ndoda,no matter what MDC T will win by 85 %.I am so sorry to let you know that your MDC N,will have no vote at all.Shame on you.

    • peter wakadakwa. go back kuchikoro if you we are zimbabweans, who is not a zimbabwean here? seperate you opinion to yourself and don’t think for zimbabweans. kana uchidya kuzunu pf usataurisa nekuti pfupa riripamuromo rinodona. chidya wakanyarara. Let me advise you zimbabweans real zimbabweans out there have any answer for these people the President, Priminister, Ministers and the MPs who are currently demanding money for their own good. wait and see zanu or mdcs they have to work extra hard

    • we also dont allow chinese driven party to rule our country, we are zimbabweans. we must do our own things without chinese interference. hapana muchina achatonga muno, bob forget and smile. lets vote mdc. these so called chinese are enjoying our heritage now its our turn to enjoy the fruits of our elders.

    • iwe peter munhu wese akaberekwa before 1980 fought for this country. kurwira nyika hakusi kubata pfuti chete wanzwa . you need to know that the generation has changed . it was a war against colonisation . now things have changed chimboenda kuchikoro. . mai Mujuru once said dont kill in the name of aZANU BUT iwe wongoti takara sima nazvo munhu wepi. Zanu haite ngozi asi unoita ngozi chenjera

  9. We were not liberated by thugs of 27 years and below who are killing their own relatives, anywhere check you spelling for Zimbabweans. Little Peter educated under Zimsec.

  10. This is the problem with Tswangirayi and his MDC-T leadership, always sending mixed signals. The other day, even Biti was quoted as saying he is confident the elections will be free and fair.

    Now, how do you say this when you know very well that the GPA has not been fully implemented? If elections will be free and fair, so why are you making noises about the composition of the ZEC secretariat?

    These guys will look like fools when, after losing to the Gukurahundis they start claiming the elections were not free and fair – watch the space!!!

    • i urge you to analyse suggestions fairly . Mr Biti only said i hope the elections will be free and fair. now that ZEC head resigned i dont see fairness nokuti Kazembe presided over those election results that took ages to be anounced. so waona were the worries are.

  11. Iam saddened by the recent resignation of Justice Mutambanengwe as ZEC Chairperson ,and l just wish him good health. On another note my main worry is that most people who assume these position are leaving in very unclear circumstances .It seems that these positions are highly contested in such a way that if one partner in the GPA is not happy with , it then means that the stay of that person on that position becomes highly compromised as the preasure keeps on building .

    Still fresh in our minds is the recent resignation of the Human Rights Commission Chairperson Mr. Austin in yet unclear circumstances .As we speak the jostling of the position has already started and each partner has its own choice of candidate . Mr Austin spent the entire period in his office without any action not because he wanted it to be like that but he had no tools to use ,so at the end of the day you say it’s better to call it a day .

    So the same might have happen in the case of Justice Mutambanengwe , we gave him a job but we forgot to give him some tools to use ,so as a learned person the logical thing to do is to call it a day.

  12. pm vakuwarairwa wachifamba kumwa tea nawamugabe its not a guarantor for free & fair election, musatembe sadc sitereki pm; yakatirasisa kangani tembai isu mazimbo. kana sadc yacho ichibvumira munhu akadyiva fair march 2008 kuti aite comander in chief & head of state chaicha chinja 2013 uno chi. ngwarai pm isu povo we dont trust wamugabe becoz we have known him for the past 33 yrs since gukurahundi

  13. Iam saddened by the recent resignation of Justice Mutambanengwe and l wish him a fast recovery. However this follows on the hill of Mr. Austin’s resignatiion as the Human Rights Commission Chairperson and l just wonder what’s going on in this country of ours.

    It seems as if these posts are so hot that whoever sits on them the heat becomes so hot that at the end they are left with no option except to resign. Iam not surprised because it’s now the trend in Zimbabwe that all systems are at standstill.

    Already the jostling for the position has already started and the one who gets appointed must be in favour of both partners of which failure to do so we will see another resignation again before any meaningfull work has been done ,good luck to the incoming chairperson , hopefully this time around work will be done.

  14. we respect the hero President R G Mugabe who went to war in order to liberate this country. thumps up for this courageous Commander in chief of zimbabwe defence forces. His excellencey ….ok anyway a question for you to ponder guys… whom do you think will lead zimbabwe or rule zimbabwe after this courageous man has resigned??? i find none…Think about it guys

      • Of course,as much as we would like to condemn gukurahundi,you should just stop making unnecessary noise about this.Jabulani is busy killing innocent people in mashonaland,honestly he will regret this.

    • iwe uchanyeba vaMugabe havana kana kumbobata pfuti yacho isu taiziva mukoma Nhongo ,Tongogara naana CHITEPO. kana uine nharo mubvunze . DONT LIE respect the zimbabweans. imi nehondo dzenyu plus Zanu yeropa itai tione ZAPU played a bigger role haitaurwe nezvayo why.

  15. All you guys shouting your voices horse about violence , did you vote zanupf because there was violence in the last elections. if you did not why would you think someone would do that. If you lose at the polls don’t look for scapegoats period..

  16. kana nyaya yachairman/woman wezec yanetsa ngatitangai taita referendum yachairman/woman wezec tisati taita yeconstitution muone kuti isu povo tinachairman/woman vatinoda chaiye chaiye

  17. It seems prudent not to comment on other views regarding governance of our once beautiful and prosperous country because its either they are cio agents who have been blinded by the so many corpses they have caused or they are retarded.

  18. Iwe Gava, dont call our people retarded, you are not qualified to use that word because you dont know the exact meaning. Rega vana ve Zim vataure zvavanoda pavanodira, ndiro dingindira re Chimurenga, freedom for all Zimbos.

    The CIO swansong yanyanya, vaunoziva iwe vawakaona vachiurawa ne CIO vangani? AG Tomana, why must we live with such lies? Zvima PolAd zvaka dzidziswa ne ZANU PF mahara zvavakusevenza kumaNGO but hamuvasungi!!

  19. Dont we agree that the majority of people have had enough of these senseless abuses and violence regardless of one’s tribal belonging. We zimbabweans have a serious weakness of disunity amongst ourselves which Zanu pf has taken advantage of for too long. The economic problems we are facing are bound to continue unchallenged as long as we choose to work in small weak tribal groups against our common enemy. Whatever your convictions zimbabwe is to stay a home to ndebeles,shonas,vendas,etc. Many people are poverty stricken under the rule of Robert and if all these people can just for a moment overcome their tribal disagreements, work as team, surely victory is certain in the forthcoming elections. Lets back our PM in the endeavour to have free and fair elections, thats the only chance we have of getting rid of gukurahundi gvt and its dictator. We could form our own security teams everywhere, which will protect innocent people against terrorist attacks from war veterans, zanu pf militant youths, chipangano and the like. Its a fact that the security agents are controlled by gukurahundi gvt, their services are tilted in favour of zanu pf perpetrators of violence. As long as we are too afraid of war and opt to be beaten/ killed as has happened in the past then, we are going to see another rigged election. Cowards never make history.

    • @Legotla, neither do foolhardy funtamentalists, religious or tribalistic,dont even dream of political vigilanteism, there will be no arnachy, never dream of an insurrection, not in Zim.We have come a long way through very hard timesand luckily our gods prevented a war which would have been catastrophic for you. While we differ ideologically, let it end there, fanning hatred and movie style arnachy will not benefit anyone, least of all, you or me. If yu work for some funny NGO separate between work and reality.
      Tarisa HE na PM, wakambovaona vachirovana here? Usarota uri WARLORD….zviroto ngazvigare zviri zviroto….ndiyo freedom yacho!

  20. I an surprised to hear people talk about liberation— are Zimbabweans liberated — realy– are we free –hell no. Zimbabwe is not a liberated country it is a colony of Zannu pf at the moment what has happened is that a white opressor has been removed and replaced with a black one
    If we were realy liberated we should be able to support any political organsation without any fear,our air waves should be accesible to every political party, we should be able to demonstrate without faer of police brutality, people threatening others and commitng acts of violence should be procecuted.etc
    So in reality Zimbabwe has never been liberated it was only a change of oppressors, and as far as i am concerned Zim is still under suppresion and the illusive day of liberation is still comming
    Stop dreaming Zimbabweans because you are not free

    • Yes we are and thats why you can waffle all you want, Nobody will arrest you for that. Rhodesia Special Branch would have picked you up and we would never see you again and you know it. Under Smith most of us would not have attained the levels of education we are so proud of, kana usina a 1st Degree kusada kwako, nevertheless, yu are likely a skilled artisan or something of your choice. Your contribution describes an utopia, dreamland, arnachic and totally governmentless. Hapana kwakadaro, even in Heaven God presides. Try that in your household for a week!! Your understanding of ‘Colony’ is incomprehensible, earth is inhabited by nations relative to their cultures and histories, its universal, At any one time they put in place a form of governance of their choice (some theorists say as they deserve!). Read William Golding, Lord of the Flies for a simplified analogy. Yu are free to.

      • You are a liar. Most blacks attained quality education under Ian Smith. This is why you could skip the border and easily get enrolled in a British University.

        The late Witness Mangwede went to UR for his first year, after completing his A levels at Fletcher High, but skipped the border to UK after being caught up in political demonstrations. He was not the only one – they were plenty people like him.

        The only problem with Ian Smith’s education was that certain professions were reserved for whites, otherwise the quality of education was the same.This was not the Bantu education you found in South Africa.

        So, stop apportioning credit to the Gukurahundis who have done nothing but destroy everything they inherited, through their corrupt Border Gezi and ZIMSEC education based on Gukurahundi history of hatred against uMthwakazi and the usual divide and rule tactics copied from Ian Smith!!

        • @Cde Mbo, yu write as if the UK and Rhodesia had a common border and one could just slip over! , Eiiiiiiiish, I have heard that some of the group under Mzilikazi was thick but I never expected you to carry the genes. Thought the Shona Women could have infused some measure of intellectual capacity over the years…..You are the OG…..Dzwiti, thick of arm and shallow of brain, always angry, Ufuni kugwaza…….Umateniinyoka!! Rhodie education….Read Nkomo’s book! Its a long story…ask your grandma.

          • So your claims on Gukurahundi education are all rubbish – you now resort to Shona Gukurahundism to cloud the situation. Silazi kahle lina nswelaboya born of prostitute mothers!!

  21. Reginald Austin must lead ZEC to have transparency! Former judges Chinhengo and Sandura are also right candidates. ZEC must be led by credible people, not simpletons who are going to make Zimbabweans wait for three months without results!

    • I will be more comfortable with a whiteman. He did not recieve a Gukurahundi farm in return for support.

  22. reuben ndlovu, if zimbabwe is not liberated then follow your colonial masters to Britain. we fought them and we won, we went through so many chimurengas and they bowed to the pressure, now we want to take what belongs to us , that is companies and mines is that not freedom.

  23. @ John weku Mabvuku
    I think I have run the race and accomplished my task. Gukurahundis are gradually falling in line since the finalisation of the constitution. They have now toned down on their Shona tribalism and now understand what DEVOLUTION is all about.

    You see, I told you that Gukurahundis are not very intelligent people. They don’t research; they don’t read and they lack independent thinking.

    They always wait to be spoonfed by their Gukurahundi leaders, who exaggerate everything to keep them captive supporters.

    If Gukurahundi Mugabe says jump, they don’t even ask how high, they simply jump, because asking any further questions is high risk.

    All Gukurahundi Mugabe needs to do is shout “Ndeveres want to seceed and create a separate country” – no matter how impossible this proposition is; even if he is telling blue lies, they simply believe everything, because he is their GOD!

    In the 1980s he said “ROVAI NGOMO, ZIMUNDEVERE” – they all jumped up and down and did as they were told.

    Next, Gukurahundi Mugabe woke up feeling good and then shouted,” RESPECT YOUR FATHER ZIMBABWE, HE IS YOUR DEPUTY PRESIDENT, HE BROUGHT INDEPENDENCE” – once again, the praise singers fell in line and started singing NGOMO’s priases!!

  24. @Cde Mbonisi, glad to have you back, see we tolerate, we are magnanimous in victory…you are our fellow cdes, we fought the liberation war together remember? My advise is dont ruffle out feathers, why in God’s name would you choose Welshman Ncube, a ‘hole’, to lead Mtwakazi and not Dabengwa our commander, tried and tested, actually from EZANSI? Think again Mbo, its never too late to get a ZANU-PF card than die in nostalgic political dreamland. I could put in a good word for you, ndikokuti comrade ka malume!

  25. Ahhh Peter Peter, i feel sorry for you, you seem very narrow minded, when will you think for yourself. You might think that liberation is being able to do whatever you want with impunity and with the protection of the zanu security forces, we want genuine liberation where every one can live safely within the law…

  26. People should never be surprised in future, should it transpire that Tsvangirayi has long had a private agreement with Gukurahundi Mugabe on how the Gukurahundi’s skin should be saved.

  27. My only plea to Zimbos is pliz lets vote wisely and bring that lasting peace and prosperity. Vamwe kune dzimwe nyika vari kudya huchi memukaka imi muchingochema and now this is our chance let us bring that change. they say you do not know what you have got till its gone. the ball is in our court fellow Zimbos

  28. free and fair mean free campaigns and free access to the national broadcasters. Free and unbiased comments and analysis from politcal analysts. If every1 wld be responsible and respect zimbabwe, they would let us make our own judgement and dicision. And why have we never had a televised national debate? If any1 wants to lead us then they shld gv us a ril reas6n we shld vote them.

  29. I think MDC shld no go for election until Reforms cum into existence,and the other thing is they should mek sure tht pple are registered 2 vote especially in their strong holds

  30. Tswangirayi should know this – once he has agreed to an elction date as he seems to be saying, he should simply keep quiet about reforms and other outstanding issues.

    Akukho muntu ozomlalela ngemva kwalokho. At times usuke abeyisiphukuphuku nje, ngokuthanda ukukhuluma kakhulu – makafunde idiplomacy kuWelshman.

    Infact, bonke nje abantu baka MDC-T bakhuluma kakhulu – bazigwenxa ngamazwi aphuma emilonyeni yabo bengacabanganga!

  31. The report by Everson Mushava and Moses Matenga of Newsday is not correct and factual. The first mistake that these two make in their article in which they were covering Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of MDC-T, is of stating that violence during the 2008 polls, was mainly targeted at MDC-T supporters. Violence, though we all deplore and condemn it to the last, was virtually reciprocal. Though MDC-T made the most noise on this issue both were equally guilty. You ask ZANU PF, they give you huge figures of their supporters injured by MDC-T. You ask MDC-T, they also give you huge figures of their supporters injured by ZANU PF. The truth is what we will never know, because this violence issue is being used as a politicking tool.
    The second mistake they make is to suppose that simply because Tsvangirai was marginally ahead of President Mugabe, then MDC-T was the winner. In fact, ZANU PF, had more seats than MDC-T, but what determined the Presidential run-off (not the parliamentary and senatorial seats run-off,) was because none of the Presidential contestants, managed to garner votes above the 50.1% as required by the constitution of the land. Tsvangirai entered the re-run, but when it was too late to withdraw as he already was on ballot papers, he claimed that he had withdrawn. Despite this, he was soundly beaten by President Mugabe during the re-run people had voted for him despite his claim that he had withdrawn.
    The two say “Mugabe was forced to form an inclusive government after the international community rejected his victory.” This is also not correct; as SADC only came to broker a workable solution after Tsvangirai’s supporters turned to violence after June 27 run-off polls. The international community, are not Zimbabwean voters, and so they could never have “rejected”, the results of a poll in which they were not players. They simply assisted, as they do (including Zimbabwe as one member of the community) whenever there is chaos in any country.
    Violence is stupid. It will never change anyone’s thinking towards any contestant or political party. Let the people decide on their own, who has better programmes, is more mature politically, commands dignity required of a President, and who is suitable to represent them as the leader of their nation. The choice of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairman, will never in anyway influence who individual Zimbabweans will vote for, so Mutambanengwe or no Mutambanengwe, the people will make their choice. But that new person should be of high class, and very efficient organisers.

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