Police raid Mukoko’s offices

POLICE yesterday swooped on Jestina Mukoko’s Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) and confiscated cellphones, business cards, hard drives, disks and various other data gadgets as an onslaught on civil society intensifies ahead of elections.

Chief Reporter

When NewsDay visited the ZPP offices, a group of eight police officers from the Law and Order Section were combing the offices and confiscating all material they suspected could provide them with information that would incriminate ZPP under the watchful eye of Human Rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

Mtetwa, who was in the company of other lawyers from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Gift Mtisi and Tawanda Zhuwarara, said the police were looking for any incriminating evidence.

According to the search warrant shown to NewsDay by Mtetwa, police pounced on the ZPP offices because they “suspected possession of articles intended for criminal use as defined by Section 40 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23.”

They were also suspected of contravening the Immigration Act through entry in the country by evasion and breach of customs laws through smuggling. The search warrant authorised the police officers to search and confiscate “any subversive material, documents, gadgets and recordings”.

However, there was no clarity on what was smuggled or if there were workers who had no permits at ZPP.

“They did not tell us what was smuggled and who is here without proper immigration documents,” Mtetwa said.

This year alone, police have stormed various non-governmental organisations offices in Harare and Bulawayo, briefly detaining ZimRights boss Okay Machisa and Dumisani Nkomo of Habakkuk Trust.

This is not the first time police have stormed the ZPP. In 2008, Mukoko was abducted and tortured for alleged recruitment of youths for military training in neighbouring Botswana to unseat President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

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  1. Haven’t you done enough to this woman?

    1. Why is ZANU PF so paranoid about human rights defenders if its human rights record is as clean as it claims? This woman has suffered enough. Leave her for once pliz!

    2. @Mwalimu- havent they done enough to this woman..a present day Nehanda isnt she?

  2. ZRP, vanhu vanoshandiswa kunge ma condom.

  3. Its not just about ZPP, but its about instilling in the remaining pillars of electoral fairness. Its an attempt to dismantle the forces of democracy before the watershed elections. In a way Chihuri and his handlers are testing the waters to see what public and international responses will be to their usual paranoia. JOMIC and all progressive parties within the GNU should not take this lightly and so should all civic organizations. Eish, a leopard will not lose its spots for sure.

  4. dzokera unoverenga news

  5. All this will come to nothing at elections, evil will be heavily defeated. Zimbabwe is bound for restoration.

  6. Siyayi mapurisa ayite basa ravo munovhundukei.

  7. chokwadi nabothsides pfungwa dzenyu dzakatamba nepwere news dzaunoda kuti averenge dzisingasungise ndedzipi zbc kuverengeswa manyepo iwe bothsides unoti siyai mapurisa aite basa ravo ripi basa racho to me they are triying to intimdate this brave human right defender to yu mama mukoko i as pollcal actvist i’m proud of you because those who violets human rights are your enemies

  8. “Anybody who enslaves another is definitely second rate” Boris Pasternik, author of Dr. Zhivago.

  9. Zanu PF (Panicking Futi)

    Comrades, why are we panicking like this by arresting these people? It only shows we are not ready for elections, our house is in total chaos and we are showing the opposition we are dumping in our pants at the thought of an MDC win. Let us just leave our fellow Zimbabweans alone.

  10. @Bothsides urirema nhayi + urimupurisa tazviona.basa ripi racho raunotaura?kushungurudza wamwevanhu here.problem yenyu munofungidzira kuti imimi nebasa renyu makakosha kudarika vamwe vanhu vese.tichakuonayi pamberi apo mirauwone.

  11. sad to be zimbabwean

    the other day it was Okay Machisa for “fraudulently registering voters & wanting to create conditions that wud result in the UN declaring a no-fly zone..”, then it was the youth trust from bulawayo being accused of voter fraud, now its Ms Mukoko’s organisation being harassed again… Wat nonsense this is!! Jus look @ their supposed “crimes”, what baffles me is how an educated lawyer (magistrate, judge, prosecutor etc) can actually sit there and draw up such charges. As for the cops carrying out the orders, as far as i’m concerned they are all jus buffoons who are incapable of independent thought and jus foolishy follow orders. Wats even more disturbin for me is that all this is happenin whilst the members of the GNU are busy patting themselves on the back for a job well done (w.r.t the draft constitution).. Is this the change tsvangirai was talking about?? I guess a new wife, a motorcade, govt sponsored holidays and a huge house in highlands make one forget what its like to be detained in a dirty police cell for days on end.

  12. zanu hs neva observed human rights. they blatantly oppess others. for@bothsides to support this show hw shallow, partisan,misguided, lost he is. y shld police harass jestina again, hvnt they done enuf damage nd pain 2 her? our police r a disgrace nd so partisan..g

  13. She hasnt bn accused of anything but shes a threat to e peace n security of this country so she has to b monitord regulary. We all know who is sponsoring her which makes her a sellout. Zim is a very peaceful country, thanks to e uniformed forces who r doing a great job.

    1. @bothsides STUPID

    2. haha – Thank the Lord we don’t have too many idiots like you.. Tell yourself the same lie enough times and you believe it…

  14. tsvaka mari hako hanzvadzi Jestina kuZBC kwaive kusina chingwa, budisa mabasa ewakashata ezanu iyi yapedza vana ichiuraya, kuponda, kubhinya, kuba, kupamba upfumi vanhu vezanu vakatumwa nadhiabhorosi kunyanya chisekuru chavo chinenge chikwambo nxaaa zvino nyika inochinja gore rino tichaisa chematama panyanga tombochiedzawo zvikaramba tinobvisa toedza zvimwe

  15. Vamwe mese nyararai henyu, uyundiwo unonzi mutemo manje! Why? Get this, “under the watchful eye of human rights lawyer B Mtetwa and her company of lawyers” meaning the search was above board. Let the law take its course no need to panic guys. Kuzeza chati kwatara hunge unekaturike. Hezvoo!!!

  16. As long as Zanu lives.

  17. There is no link btwn zanu and police on this issue. There is mkoko,search,police, lawyer. Read mushe otherwise u are lost

  18. freq,unogara muzimbabwe ipi yausingazive kuti zanu inotonga chero ripi bazi.mapurisa ava vakatotum wa nezanu.irikutya kudyiwa zvakare.zvisinei mumisangano yavo tichaenda kuchengetedza nyama ye
    du uye kuti tisvike pasarudzo takakwana,tinoda kuvaita chegore riya.

  19. @bothsides,freq and cde chihondo muri midhidhi yevanhu unogara uchipisikwa kuti usaore

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