Pistorius kept sex boosters


TSHWANE — Oscar Pistorius had two boxes of a herbal sex booster in his bedroom the night he shot his girlfriend dead, it emerged on Wednesday.

— Sun

The Blade Runner’s lawyers claimed “testosterone” found by cops was really the herbal remedy testis compositum.

The product is advertised as a muscle recovery aid, but can be used for lack of stamina in bed.

Website Nutrition Dynamics, which sells the performance-enhancer, boasts it helps the “temporary relief of symptoms associated with male sexual weakness”.

Police also found needles beside the drug — some versions of which are made from pig testicles.

Lawyers for Paralympic hero Pistorius say it is legal for athletes to take.

The double amputee (26) shot model Reeva Steenkamp (29) at home in Pretoria, South Africa, claiming he thought she was an intruder. He is charged with murder and has been bailed.

Meanwhile, Steenkamp’s parents were shattered last night after “lies” were spread that she was pregnant. Barry and June Steenkamp were horrified when the false claims that they lost their daughter and a grandchild first surfaced in a US tabloid. But they were repeated in a British newspaper and two UK websites before engulfing Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

They also alleged Reeva was killed when she broke the news to Oscar Pistorius, who is said to have accused her of cheating with a pal.

A family source said: “Barry and June are in bits. How can people be so cruel to spread these lies?”


  1. aha! some of the things you people report is absolutely out of line. what does that has in connection to his crime?

  2. Im totally in support with Colonel, what does that have to do with the case, are you implying that the drugs caused him to commit the deed or that he was “high” from them, guys grow up and protect the genuinity that we know you for

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