‘Pay rise for civil servants soon’


CIVIL servants might get a salary rise in the next two months, a senior government official told Parliament yesterday.

Report by Veneranda Langa

Public Service ministry acting secretary Rodgers Sisimayi told the Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare committee chaired by Mazowe South MP Margaret Zinyemba that plans were underway to award government workers salary adjustments.

Sisimayi was responding to questions by Nkulumane MP Thamsanqa Mahlangu who wanted to know when civil servants would get salary rises.

“We fully concur there was a public statement made by the Finance minister that some money would be made available for civil servants,” Sisimayi said. “I want to urge that before we get too angry let us wait and see what happens this month or next month even in terms of backdating the salaries.”

Sisimayi told the committee that the question of civil servants salaries had been answered adequately in Cabinet minutes and when the money was made available the amount would be sent to the Public Service Commission, who will then work out what was supposed to be paid out.

He said Finance minister Tendai Biti would make the announcement at the appropriate time and also release the percentages.

Public Service Commission acting secretary Clifford Matorera told the same committee that the issue of freezing jobs for nurses was difficult to solve because they were now under the Health Services Board.


  1. Civil servants have suffered for a long time now and government has done nothing to improve the standard living of its workers. How can someone be paid $260 per month including allowances

  2. mugabe ari nani pana biti panyaya dzemari. Committee yema Civil servants employeeS ndiyo inopa vanhu mari here?

  3. Dziidzai kutsigira mutungamiriri wenyika anenge ari panyanga, nekuti mukada kuchinja-chinja zvinhu a…hiii! Dzimwe dzenguva munoshaya anokumiririrai kana zvinhu zvaoma. Fungayi!!! Vote yako this this time paZANU PF. Period!!!!

  4. Damage was already done.Tavakuziva pokuvotera. We trusted them with our lives and they messed our lives and that of our children while they got fatter and fatter yet they were pencil thin before we voted them in.I do not like the likes of Matibenga ,The late minister Prof Mukonoweshuro was a tactiful and diplomatic lair who gained the trust of the civil servant.

  5. Torumwa zvedu nechekuchera.Nothing is done to teachers.Nothing is done to nurses.Nothing to the whole public service.And Biti ,does all but looks on.But thank you,you made us wise.

  6. I think you are barking the wrong tree when you blame the MDC T guys these guys got in the govt to save you and I think there are in the process to do so remember this is a journey that takes time. These found the country bankcrupt. Sometime kuchema kwedu ndekwekuyema chailko and i think half a loaf is better than none becoz for now we want the country up and running and this needs sacrifices…..

  7. Far how long will civil servants lied to? The MPs and ministers in this inclusive govt are only concerned about their welfare. Remember a few days ago the outrageous demands they made for themselves. A typical “Animal Farm ” situation where their welfare is more important than that of the rest citizens. Why not share the suffering as they have failed to fix the economy. Maybe its now time to give ZAPU a chance !!

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