1. Very good indeed! And when might one ask is NSSA going to put some money in the productive sectors of the economy other than failing banks and hotels? And by the way is it true that one of the directors of NSSA owned banks is also a director at this fantastic Rainbow group..weaving a cool web eh? And there is a full minister for labour and one for finance watching all these sexy advances by NSSA while other productive players in the land are allowed to die…cool eh? And of course we should take our government officers seriously..or should we run for the nearest cave FROM them?

    • Very good observation Poet, i just want to add to what you are saying; NSSA is very much liquid and hold much diversified investment portfolio, of all these it is failing to give Pensioneers reasonable Benefits every month. A Pensioneer has to wait for at least 3 months to go take that little nut because transport cost will be higher than the fortune to be taken. they forget that they are being taken care of Employee and Employer contributions which they are not giving the rightful owners at end. Just last month, NSSA was said to have bailed out struggling Urban Councils with about $15M, which are being run by Honourable Councillors who are capable of making a difference, Rural Councils were left in the blue. Investing is good and thats NSSA’s mandate. One wonders the motive….

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