‘No hasty EU retreat on sanctions’

THE European Union (EU) must demand tangible human rights reforms, and free and fair elections before lifting targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe, a leading international human rights group said yesterday.

Staff Reporter

United States-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said the EU was expected to review its policy towards Zimbabwe soon.

But HRW urged the block to be careful not to bolster anti-reform elements in the inclusive government by prematurely removing the embargo.

The EU Council in July last year indicated that a peaceful and credible constitutional referendum would justify suspending the majority of EU targeted restrictions.

“It would be premature for the EU to lift targeted sanctions on President Robert Mugabe and members of his inner circle simply for holding a referendum on a new constitution,” said Tiseke Kasambala, Africa advocacy director at HRW.

“Removing or suspending the measures before Zimbabwe carries out any comprehensive rights reforms will give Mugabe and his party free rein to continue repression ahead of elections.”

The EU in 2002 imposed travel restrictions and asset freezes on Mugabe and about 200 senior Zanu PF officials as well as on some state-owned companies with close ties to the party.

“If the EU wants to help create a sustainable rights-respecting environment in Zimbabwe, then it should hold off lifting or suspending targeted sanctions until after Zimbabwe holds credible, free and fair elections,” Kasambala said.

“Such action would reaffirm the EU’s commitment to Zimbabwe’s political and economic well-being.”

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  1. John weku Mabvuku

    The EU is a hypocritic, financially and ideologically bankrupt artificial socio-economic umbrella which represents global Caucasian supremacy. The block lives in perpertual dread of a resurgent Germany and a repeat of 1939-45. In their sickening nostalgic freeze they imagine they are a global political power and world policeman!!! We havent forgotten Bosnia, the Caucus, South Ossertia, the continuing crisis in the Cremea, the Maghreb and now , Zim. Human rights to them reads white rhodie-rights. Rule of law means rhodie property law as regards assets in Zim.
    We know of secret CIA torture camps in Europe, specifically in German’s Sudetanland and Poland where terror suspects are murdered at whim. We also know of Drone assasinations at the orders of Barrack Obamma. Dont come preach to us ABOUT Human rights and democracy…..yu cant even uniformly spell it as a block! Imiwo ku MDC munotorwara, cant yu see they want to use yu? What if yu dont get a majority? If only yu knew how much yo support would grow if yu could wean yohselves of neo-colonial collars! Tsvangido actually thinks the Europeans will put him into power, not Zimbos…..tichaona!

    1. john ,we zimbabweans are not concerned much about the EU or anything, or even the restrictive measures they impose against ZIMBABWE,S current crop of oppressors.We are much worried about how to liberate ourselves from zanupf,who are currently looting and corruptly parceling out the wealthy of this nation among themselves at the expense of the generality of the poor who constitute the majority.

    2. @John weku Mabvuku – braindead blinkered zanupf stupid idiot X 20000. Get lost. Sanctions must subsist until a credible election is held. idiot.

  2. Rejoice Ngwenya

    You’re missing the point with a mile, John weku Mabvuku. Elections that are free and fair are a human right. it’s commonsense. If I can’t campaign in UMP – the so called ZANU-PF stronghold – why should those votes be counted? If I can’t appear on ZTV to talk about my party’s political programs, how fair is that? If I am beaten, arrested and tortured merely because I am NOT ZANU-PF, is that cool? The EU is a ‘world power’. They decided who they want to sup with. This time, they are simply saying: “If we have to do business with ZANU-PF, Mugabe and his cronies have to behave”. I’m sure if there was an earthquake in your home area, you would accept EU aid to feed your family, relatives etc. The GPA has specific deliverables and the Constitution is ONLY one of them. Why is ZANU-PF afraid of a free and fair election? I’m not.

  3. Let them behave, first, then lift “sanctions”! Oh how they miss their Swiss Bank accounts!

  4. Hey dudes stop insulting each each, lets pull interllectual debates here, its v simple why th Eu nd australia etc ponders to lift the sanctions because there campaign fo regime change hs failed dismaly nd nw scuryn fo face cover. Zanu pf hv emmaculately completed th land reform, th indigenisation is coming up perfectly, th luk east policy superdupa, we hv managed to do well without them for th past ten years or so, of course wth a bit of strain bt those a th detects of revolution it doesnt come on silver platter, nw it hs dawn to them kuti w a makn steady progress without them nd want to appear as if thy a sympathetic wth ur situation, hell no! leave us alone with ur land diamonds trees evn snakes thy belong to us.

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