NewsDay reporter back in custody


MUTARE – NewsDay Manicaland reporter Obey Manayiti was taken back into police custody yesterday afternoon after he had been released on Monday night.


He is being held at Mutare Central Police Station where he is charged with criminal insult after suspended Zanu (PF) Manicaland provincial youth chairman Tawanda Mukodza reported that he had been insulted by the scribe.

Manayiti is expected to appear in court today.

He was arrested on Monday after he had gone to report a case against Mukodza who had allegedly attempted to assault him for “writing negative articles which led to his political disgrace”.

Manayiti’s lawyer Rangarirai Mubata confirmed the reporter had been detained again and that he is expected to appear in court today.

Mukodza and four other party activists, who include provincial chairman Mike Madiro, were suspended from the party early this month for alleged fraud involving an estimated $1 million.


  1. Perhaps the police should change how they have their fun, do they see anybody laughing? Since when did insulting a party functionary merit detention.?.Is this not the abuse and selective application of the law that the whole nation rose up as one against the settlers? This has gone on long enough. And where is the new Human rights commission in all this…please do not say they are waiting for their new chairman? I suppose Mr. Mudenda has his work cut out for him.

  2. This clearly shows that some people have a link with the police. How can you someone be detained for such a long time????? for such a petty issue.
    Zimbabwe let us mature please.

  3. This is Zimbo for you own info. It is not suprising just make sure that Newsday pays you Hardship bonuses for waht you go through in Zimbabwe is tough if you are a Scribe

  4. Even if the MDC was to come to power by some evil magic, they would not allow scribes to do as they please, lets ignore this issue, if they write falsehoods and misrepresent facts,they will be arrested, Yo concerns, in the name of democratic space, are tantamount to demanding upfront freedom to campaign anytime, anyhow!! …….Even in Heaven such freedoms do not exist saka ngatirege kuzvinetsa.

  5. It’s a disgrace to the government and a serious attack to the media fraternity, does the new constitution uphold freedom of the press? Seriously zimbabwe is far from real democratic principles.People should vote wisely in March to make sure that the media is freed from draconian pieces of legislations such as POSA and AIPPA.

  6. There are some of us who think freedom of press means freedom to say or write anything about anybody or anything without the chance of being held responsible for slander or any damage which may arise from the statements (true or false as they may be).

    Zimbabwean journalists & a large number of misinformed Zimbabweans think it is a right to insult someone or say any (unfounded or true) statements about someone at anytime, place or moment of their choice. That is a false & dangerous belief.

    In the UK, Newspaper journalists have been arrested & brought to book for reporting or writing about true stories but the manner in which they got the stories has been their crime.

    So it doesnt matter if one is saying the truth or not, sometimes it is the manner in which that truth is acquired or how that truth is being abused to attack an individual or make loud headlines to sale newspapers, any which could easily break the law.

    Just yesterday Tsvangirai wacho said, the government was going to meet with newspaper editors & journalists to read them the riot act regarding the manner of reporting they practice in Zimbabwean newspapers.

    Now if the man who is mostly given the so called “positive press” speaks out like this, then you know there indeed is a problem.

    Frankly, a lot more Zimbabwean journalists deserve to be arrested, especially from this very newspaper, the daily news & other fake online news sites.

  7. online news sites are here to stay . until there is space in the so called mainstream media. munoatyeiko ma online news sites? wake up and smell the coffee, the new social media is the way to go,

  8. Iwe Pamela Chikorobho, You are deluded if you think anyone is scared of online news sites.

    What people are sick of is the poor reporting & embarrassment you attract to yourselves which unfortunately some of you dimwits think is good reporting.

    The white people you write those stories to please can see the stupidity in the stories.
    Not all people are fools like you lie to yourselves.
    Anyone can easily tell the stories are mostly biased & outright cheap propaganda meant for complete idiots.

    Zimbabwe has 14 million citizens & you think anyone would lose sleep over news sites with 5000 readers? You can even multiply that number by 10 if you wish but it still makes no difference when the majority of readers cant even vote in Zimbabwe. Use your head

    • @Obey Manayiti

      No Zim has 10 million people, not 14 million. We know that Gukurahundis love being many, but unfortunately reality is not according to your wishes – you will remain a minority in Southern Africa until Kingdom come.

      Zulus alone are 13 million, add uMthwakazi, add SA Nd.eb.ele. add amaSwati, add amaXhosa – then you know who is the boss in this region of countries that share a border with Mzansi!!!!

  9. i went to journalism with the jornalist he was alwayz a loose cannon anozviitisa and he is violent drinks lyk a fish and i would not b surpriced that he started the fight

  10. iwe Luda,hu are u to judge Obey coz u knew him from MSU,if he was drinking then wat?u dont know him so jus shut up,if u dont hev a comment, u do not hev any right to make such comments,it shows u such a loser.What happened in this case is not from his ‘drinking’ from wherever u knew him from…nxaaa

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