New film explores family struggles

A LOCAL producer, Martin Matamba, has released his debut short film titled It Never Rains But Pours.

Report by Munesu Nyakudya

The 14-minute film is a story about the financial challenges that most families face and how the members try to fight for survival.

The project is a collaboration between Tambanuka Arts Projects and Naledi Audio Visual Productions and was written and directed by Matamba.

He said the film seeks to bring to the fore the high levels of poverty that African societies have become accustomed to.

“As bad as it is, poverty does not mean you have to die. Life has to go on,” said Matamba.

“Poverty is primarily a part of our survival and the fact that one is impoverished does not mean they cannot stand up and work. After all, families should know that many other societies can relate to their similar situations.”

In the film, Jairosi (Silent Simbi) is an unemployed married man who is struggling to make ends meet.

Everyday appears to be a fulfillment of a curse as everything he touches turns to dust.

One day he has hallucinations of two unfortunate incidents that have happened in his life.

He is haunted by how he was robbed of his wares and how a social outing with a friend turned nasty when his wife confronted and accused him of failing to fend for the family.

When he wakes up from his nightmare, real horror awaits him as creditors troop to his house led by his landlord.

They have all grown impatient with him and go on to confiscate a blanket and a primus stove.

Jairosi’s wife breaks down and begs for mercy, but the creditors are not deterred by her pathetic plea.

She is hopeless and angry, but has no one to vent the fury on as her husband has escaped through the window.

As she tries to come to terms with her situation, regretting why she left her nursing profession, a young boy comes with worse news that her husband has been arrested for stealing bread.

Misfortunes continue to pile for the young couple and each incident mirrors unique problems that various families face.

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