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Net closes in on unlicensed cars


THE Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) says it will soon install cameras at all its tollgate booths throughout the country to monitor unlicenced vehicles and blocking them from passing through until the owners have acquired new licence discs.

Report by Victoria Mtomba

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Zinara chief executive officer Frank Chitukutu said the new system — to be installed at all tollgates in the first quarter of this year — was designed to plug revenue loopholes.

“The system will know whose vehicle it is, and will know if the licence has been paid,” he said.

“The number plate for the car can be searched in the system and any vehicle that will not be licenced will not be allowed to pass through the tollgate.

“The system will produce a receipt and will plug all the loopholes.
“We have 419 000 vehicles in our system. Of concern is the fact that to date 271 000 vehicles on our roads countrywide have valid licence discs.

“About 148 000 are being driven around with expired vehicle licence discs while 318 000 motorists have not even bothered to licence their vehicles since we migrated from the manual system to the computerised system.”

Chitukutu said the reason why some of the vehicles were not registered was because they were imported illegally while other vehicle owners had arrears dating back to the Zimbabwe dollar era.

He said the police and Zinara would launch a clean-up operations targeting cars that did not have licences.

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