NCA courts civic groups for ‘No’ vote

THE National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has courted the support of peripheral labour organisations and civic groups in its bid to campaign for a “NO” vote against the draft constitution in the referendum slated for March 16 this year.

Report by Moses Matenga

According to a report entitled The Zimbabwe Copac Draft Constitution and what it means for Working People and Democracy authored by former MDC-T Highfield MP Munyaradzi Gwisai, over 25 groups will oppose the Copac draft.

The groups include 12 trade union organisations, six social movement groups, four students’ movements and three other groups have joined hands with the NCA to mobilise for a “NO” vote.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions faction led by Lovemore Matombo, College and Lecturers’ Association, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders’ Association, are among groups opposing the draft charter.

This follows an announcement by Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs minister Eric Matinenga that Zimbabwe would hold a constitutional referendum on March 16.

NCA is demanding that government give the people at least two months to go through the draft so that they were able to make an informed decision on whether to vote Yes/No.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    After we won the DEVOLUTION argument now entrenched in Chaper 14 of the new constitution:

    What happened to the anti-Devolution noise? All is now quiet why?

    Typical Shona Gukurahundi followers. Follow, follow follow – follow the leader – no brains!!


  2. josefa chinotimba

    This time you lost it Madhuku,hahahaha.You better join hands with this guy Mbonisi.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Stop following corpses to the grave. Sisakufuna la emhlabeni.

    2. is it about Madhuku or the clear deficiencies of the draft, we should seize to blindly follow these politicians and stand for the nation and the future. individuals come and go but Zimbabwe remains and if you are going to tell me that the draft is even better than the Lancaster house doc then there’s something wrong in your analysis of the constitutional case in Zimbabwe. Any right thinking Zimbabwe whether ZANU PF or MDC should vote against this draft, haungandipe sadza mbodza woti idya its sadza after all. Zimbabweans need to move from this minimalist approach to everything

    3. shuwa Madhuku arikurasika, tikavhota NO against zanu pf tinopera kurohwa segore riya. Zvekare Zanu pf inenge yoti kwavhotewa NO ndiko kwaicharuza maelections saka zvekurohwa hatidi, JUST VOTE YES, pamaelections ndipo patichati NO.

      1. Leticia you are surprisingly shallow the constitution debate is bigger than Morgan and Robert combined it must be a living document for God’s sake

  3. Hi Moses. Let’s talk, eh? Okay . Are you sitting down? Just one thing …


    “… Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions faction led by Lovemore Matombo …”

    There is the ZCTU, and then there is Matombo. Just because someone left an organisation doesn’t mean they have a faction of it.

    You are pimping ignorance.

    Stop it.

  4. You may rubbish Prof. Madhuku, but you will appreciate his argument one day. This draft charter does not bear popular imprint and imprimatur. It is a hugely negotiated document by politicians, without a real nexus to what people really wanted. It is all about political leveareging. This has been the Prof.’s consistent and illuminating point, which people have elected to ignore.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Any intelligent person knows that Madhuku is right. The difference is that he might be right but he is not wise.

      Given the circumstances, the fears of the Gukurahundis and the long term interest of the country, Madhuku’s propositions are impossible in the short term – this is why the new constitution is the best option for now out of the current quagmire.

      This constitution allows us a window of opportunity to slowly wean out the Gukurahundi machinery from the state, should the MDCs win the next elections.

      1. John weku Mabvuku

        Madhuku et al are naturally against everything, only they know best. If he is such a patriot why didnt he join hands with the other parties to contribute? The man is now fighting for relevance, combined with Enock Chikweche (Munya Gwisai) the two can petition God Himself for running a monarch in Heaven!!. Thats what they are like.

  5. You are dead right Madhuku – we will vote “No”. Ukaona ZanuPF yati Draft iyi yakanaka then ziva kuti haiite and go the other way. MDC vatengisi havasi vekutedzera ndosaka mukuru we pparty yavo akaroora ku ZanuPF.

  6. the good thing is that this constitution has not been imposed on the people of zimbabwe…..referendum is coming and every citizen will have a chance to reject or accept it. but the general feeling of most zimbabwean is that they want to move on . i c madhuku with an egg on his face.

  7. Wellington Mukundwa

    Albert Einsntein once said wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.How correct he was!Whilst l have my own misgivings about the draft constitution,l feel the way forward is to adopt it and place more emphasis on the implementation than rejecting it altogether.What Madhuku and company are trying to do is like to force water to flow upstream which is virtually impossible.l respect these guys for their opinion and determination but l think this time they got it all wrong.What they should bear in mind is that politics , unlike religion , is a game of numbers and no matter how absurd an idea is to some group, the majority opinion always carries the day.l wish them well in their endeavours though.

  8. i feel Madhuku is trying to tack the country back to the period between 2000-2008 where pandemonium was the order of the day.He should leave zimbabweans(majority ) to choose what they want.There is always a transition and with the period the draft took to be availed and the country is still standstill i am of the opinion that we should adopt it and if ever we have to change it then it should be after a new dispensation

  9. josefa chinotimba

    Madhuku is a confused lot just like this guy Mbonisi.

    1. One question: Reject the constitution then do what? Postpone elections and use the Lancaster constitution?

      1. Gutter Poet,

        I, indeed, agree with you that, at the moment, we have to endorse the draft charter. However, I feel that Prof. Madhuku’s submission has been unfairly assailed and dwarfed. This is not tantamount to defending him. On the contrary, I feel he failed to properly and effectively articulate his vision to persuade people to see it. He, instead, chose to be on the sideline of the constitutional process, which I feel, in my humble opinion, was pedestrian and self-defeating. It is not enough to have a vision, but to actualise it. However, that failure by the Prof., does not rob his vision of its veracity, I guess you agree with me Gutter Poet.

  10. I Want to see and read the draft only then will I take my next step.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Hurray, we won on Devolution. Cry the Shona Gukurahundis, cry the losers!!

  11. Phunyukabemphethe

    Madhuku is right but not wise!!!

    1. Look at this from a different perspective.We are not voting for the constitution here( coz after all it was not properly done). We are voting about whether we want to continue with the current situation or not( GNU ). Voting yes for the constitution(in this case) it means giving us a chance to go for elections using the new constitution and probably end the lifespan of GNU.

      You see YES in this case is not implying that the constitution is perfect but it gives us a chance to vote our party into power whether ZANU PF or MDC.

  12. Madhuku iz directionless like zanu sympathysers

  13. Madhuku and company you lost in the ocean we will vote for yes both zanu pf and the mdc and even some of your members will vote yes also

  14. Phunyukabemphethe

    People should avoid following leaders without thinking, like flies follow corpses to the grave!

  15. I challenge Madhuku to take a lie detector test. I will bet my last dollar that even he believes that adopting this imperfect constitution is in the best interests of every suffering Zimbabwean. However the learned doctor needs to remain relevant and keep the donor pump churning out those hundreds of thousands of American dollars for his organisation. Leave the doctor to sing for his supper.

  16. If only we had said YES to Proff Jona’s constitution we would have saved ourselves a decade of suffering.The last No has been a disaster

  17. At least Mbonisi/Phunyuka— whatever, wrote some sense. We need elections under a new constitution at all costs. This can help us to restore sanity in this country. But of coz provided the vilage politician does not decide to play the spoiler!!!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Yes we all want the bedroom politician to win you know!

  18. He!he!he!he! Don’t be naughty now Phunyu…Zimbabwe is blessed with plenty bedroom politicians…Gukurahundi in chief is one such – wrestling somebody’s wife from her husband and keeping her all to himself, despite having a “urinal” in Oppah who had served him very well from the days of the war…I hope you don’t wish that Gukurahundi in Chief wins the election.

  19. @Murutisi wakapenga unonyora tshisa mbama

  20. madhuku vakasara vakarasika musoro vakovakakurira pasina ….in 2000 it was brother morgan who won that election …so be warned dont go ahead with your no vote coz isu vechinja nevamwe vedu vezanu takatofamba nebhora vote yes to the final nail

  21. I am going to vote Yes because the draft is better than the current constitution. The MDC and Zanu PF must however take this guy Madhuku seriously. He has a potential to make people vote No.

  22. Madhuku imboko

  23. No Chance Again (NCA)! Sori no sponsors money again! You are finished Madhuku!

  24. Maduku why campain for NO before we see the draft? I think there is something wrong with u. Leave us to decide on our own. One wk is enough to see whether this thing is right or wrong.

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