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Mutambara takes dig at ‘miracle money’


DEPUTY Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara yesterday warned Zimbabweans against accepting the concept of the so-called miracle money, saying this was a violation of scientific and legal norms that governed earthly life.


Mutambara said this in the House of Assembly while responding to a question by Bulawayo Central MP Dorcas Sibanda who wanted to find out from the DPM the position of government policy with regard to “miracle money”.

Recently, Spirit Embassy leader Uebert Angel Mudzanire attracted the media spotlight after he claimed to be producing money from nowhere and calling it miracle money.

“Miracle money is miracle — you cannot reconcile between science and miracle money or between the law and miracle money,” Mutambara said.

“Miracles, by definition, do not respect scientific laws of physics or finance and once you accept the norm of miracles, there is a violation of science,” he said.

“If there is anybody who thinks there is no conflict between miracle money and science, then they have smoked something and inhaled.”

He said men of the cloth should not mix science and miracles as the two did not tally.

“As government, we are in the field of science. Pastors can talk of miracles, but we are running the country on scientific laws and not on miracles,” Mutambara said.

Meanwhile, Mutambara said Zimbabwe had been very quick in amending political laws but forgot to change economic laws, resulting in shoddy mining deals.

He was responding to a question by Zengeza West MP Collen Gwiyo who wanted to know what government was doing to safeguard the country’s mineral deposits such as those involved in the Essar deal, which he said were being sold for a song.

“Our laws allow us to give foreign companies claims for free. We play deaf and dumb and when Essar comes to Zimbabwe to negotiate, they bring 30 lawyers while we have an individual negotiating and that is ignorance and lack of capacity by Zimbabwe.

“There is also greed and a few individuals are given crumbs and they sell this country for a song. We should deal with those things,” Mutambara said.

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