MP denies Posa violation

THE trial of Chimanimani West MDC-T MP Lynette Karenyi, jointly charged with her district chairman for violating the Public Order and Security Act (Posa) after allegedly convening a political meeting without police clearance has taken a new twist.


The legislator told the court on Monday the gathering was merely a charity meeting.

According to the laws of the country, a charity meeting does not need police clearance.

Karenyi (37), also MDC-T Women’s Assembly organising secretary and Freddy Dziwande (38) are jointly charged under Section 25 (5) of Posa, Chapter 11,17.

On Monday, ZRP Nyanyadzi Officer in Charge Aribeto Mbuwa, testified after the two pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Charges against the two are that on November 24 this year at Zimunda village in Chief Muusha in Chimanimani, they both unlawfully and intentionally held an unsanctioned political meeting. ads Ads

In her defence, Karenyi said the meeting had been organised to arrange payment for workers who had repaired a crèche that had been damaged by rains.

“The meeting is one of those exempted under Posa. It was a gathering for charitable purposes where Karenyi was paying people who repaired a crèche that was damaged by rains and there was no need to tell the police,” her lawyer Blessing Nyamaropa said.

It was also revealed that Karenyi’s co-accused was not in attendance at the meeting in question, but was only arrested by police on the basis that she previously organised MDC-T meetings in the area.
The trial continues tomorrow.

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  1. November 24 this yr. 2013 ?

  2. Why are state resources being wasted on these “trials”?There are many rural roads which need to be repaired and resources can be channeled there instead. Leaders in this country are not leading at all. They are just watching events as they happen. They should put a stop to this nonsense. Think of it the police have been driving up and down since Nov 2012 to get to the bottom of this matter yet there are life and death issues to address. Shame on you!

  3. The police! The police! The police! = ZANU PF Malitia. Mark my words, complete overhaul with investigations as soon as the people come into power. Chinja

  4. That was a rally disguised as a charity meeting. The MP will win because she took advantage of the loopholes, but it certainly was a rally

    On the other hand I don’t know why this law is used for partisan means, if at all. This law is outdated & it should be suspended while we wait for a better constitution. Zimbabwe should avoid raising temperatures, especially the police.

    Let’s keep the peace.

  5. the trial must not be politically biased. toda fair trial.

  6. november 24 this year!!!!! how weird

  7. taneta purizi vezanu tipeiwo zororo izvi zvanyanya ngenyi muchititambisira mari panyaya dzisina maturo

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