MDC-T activists’ murder trial resumes


THE trial of 29 Glen View MDC-T activists accused of murdering Police Inspector Petros Mutedza in May 2011 is expected to resume today at the Harare Magistrates Victim Friendly Court (VFC) after the sitting was gazetted, it has emerged.

Report by Charles Laiton

The prosecutor dealing with the matter Edmore Nyazamba yesterday confirmed logistics had been put in place for the High Court to use the VFC facilities at the magistrates’ court following a request by one of the State witnesses, a State security agent, to testify in camera.

“The court made an order that our vulnerable witness could not testify in an open court. As such, plans were made to make use of the VFC facilities at the lower courts,” Nyazamba said.

“We were waiting for the gazetting of the court’s sitting at the magistrate courts and I am reliably informed that all the processes and procedures were followed and everything being equal, we should be able to proceed with the matter tomorrow (today).”

The trial was adjourned in November last year after the High Court closed its third term.

Most of the State witnesses have so far testified and Nyazamba hinted he would call one Ednah Chihota to testify as he expected to close the State case soon. High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu is presiding over the matter and the MDC-T activists are being represented by Beatrice Mtetwa, Aleck Muchadehama, Charles Kwaramba, Gift Mtisi and Jeremiah Bhamu.


  1. Why does the media label people as this party or that party? A murderer is a murderer and he doesnt have to belong to any party or religious denomination. I dont think its appropriate for the media to propagate labels, a rapist should just be called that, not an MDC-N or T or S nor ZANU PF nor ZAPU. I am surprised the political parties are silent about it, in fact they actually like it as part of political contestation! Nyorai kuti ‘mbavha yakasungwa ‘kwete kuti “mbava yeku MDC xyz/ZANU PF…” In your bid to polarise this nation your publications are bordering on extremes. A US publication never prefixes a felony with neither democrat nor republican.

    (Lets copy World’s Best Practices. Courtesy Hon Mwonzwora, Mangwana et. al. )

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