Marvo workers unhappy


MARVO Stationery Manufacturers employees in Bulawayo have expressed concern that their employer is failing to pay their salaries in full despite receiving a loan of more than $750 000 under the Distressed Marginalised Areas Fund (Dimaf).


Some of the disgruntled workers told NewsDay on Thursday that they expected their situation to improve after the bailout.

Last month, 31 companies benefited from Dimaf disbursements and 70% were from Bulawayo.

“The company owes us a lot of money and some of the workers were sent on forced leave in mid-December last year,” said one of the workers speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Usually, we rotate duties when raw materials are available.

“The company got $758 000 from Dimaf, but it is not paying us in full.

“Instead of producing books, the company is merely importing from South Africa.

“We fear that the Dimaf money is not being used for the intended purpose.

“Water was disconnected last month and we are now using borehole water and some is being brought from outside in buckets.”

Contacted for comment the company’s managing director Urayayi Mazengeza confirmed the firm was failing to pay workers in full.

“We pay them in part,” he said. “We don’t have the money. We are not going to pay them in full.

“We will pay them as and when we get the money.

“The loan is not for wages, it is used for operations. It’s their right to complain, but that will not bring money.”

On the water crisis Mazengeza said they were using borehole water because they were trying to cut down on costs.

He said the company does not have the paper to manufacture books hence its reliance on imports.


  1. We have vast acres of trees in Manicaland but someone grabs a viable company,runs it down and start importing stationary from South Africa! is Tyson aware of this?

  2. Mazengeza? Who are you? Talk of better people. Who are you? Pay people with your mouth shut unless you are inviting trouble

  3. Mazengeza can not be left to rob as he pleases he is nothing but just a robber. Thats not his company in the first place. I HATE THIS!!!!! I hate this.

  4. No wonder he got the DEMAF money, he is from the ‘correct’ tribe, but look what he is doing with it, listen to the arrogance towards workers. Was there no worthy business in Bulawayo that could benefit instead of this stolen company?

  5. guys be serious that picture on e headline was taken at the N.A.M.As at the cityhall during the preparations then you say they are marvo workers,how do you expect us to value your accuracy

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