Magwegwe records 98% ‘A’ Level pass rate

MAGWEGWE High School in Bulawayo recorded a 98% pass rate in last November’s Advanced Level examinations with one pupil scoring 18 points.


Former child parliamentarian, Effort Dube got As in Divinity, Ndebele, History and a C in Literature in English in the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council examinations.

The school’s deputy headmaster Robby Shumba told NewsDay yesterday they were elated by the results.

“We are pleased that since we introduced “A” Level classes in 2005, in arts subjects, we have been getting close to a 100% pass rate,” Shumba said.

“The students passed very well this year as we got a 98% pass rate.

“Next year we are aiming at getting a 100% pass rate. The problem we have is that of resources, but we will continue striving for good results.”

In 2011, the school’s “A” Level pass rate stood at 90% while the previous year it was at 85%.

A beneficiary of the Capernaum Trust founded in Zimbabwe in 1996 by businessman Strive Masiyiwa to support orphaned and vulnerable children, Dube said he was now planning to enroll for a law degree.

“I want to go to the University of Zimbabwe, but if I can get sponsorship, I would love to study at Harvard University in the United States and come back to help my country with the vast knowledge I would have acquired there,” he said.

Another pupil at the school, Enoch Dambudzo, had 15 points from three subjects.

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  1. Bachelor, masters or PHD at Harvard is like Philosophy Deletion, because they will teach you of their ethics, values and philosophy and when you come to Africa, you feel out of place because every system there has been redefined as savage and gross lack of civilization.

    Literally when you send a child to Harvard, you have lost him, you can write him off, unless if he goes there to unravel their system which in that they will not pass him/her

  2. eheka hamuoni . this is good. i would like my children to go to this school.

  3. congrats boys and grls we are proud of you against all odds ,the sky is the limit

  4. A pass in A level is just an E or better. A whole school can have Es and achieve a 100% pass rate! Statistics can be misleading sometimes!!

  5. These results are good but whats recipe to these good results. What is your selection criteria for A Levels, do you just take anyone with O Levels. Are your teachers that good. I smell a rat, i think you are opening exam papers. Lastly how many students wrote the exams and i think ZIMSEC should re . look at the exam scripts. I know people might call me names but i am being objective, if this is a true reflection of the kids s perfomances then the school should be a model of how to teach A L;evel

  6. in Magwegwe people are dirt poor mostly. The youths see education as the way out of thier situations. So can they do it fair and square? Yes they can. Did they? damn right they did! and the suggestions from Tendai that they opened Zim sec papers are ludicrous! We come from that neighbourhood and we are going far. Nxcm

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