Maguwu gets top US award

HUMAN RIGHTS defender Farai Maguwu is one of the recipients of this year’s Giraffe Heroes award for “outstanding citizens” worldwide.

Staff Reporter

The awards are organised by a United States non-profit making organisation, Giraffe Heroes’ Project.

In a brief citation, Giraffe Heroes’ Project said Maguwu had suffered a lot in his efforts to expose irregularities in Zimbabwe’s mining sector.

“Farai Maguwu is telling the world that the miners in the diamond fields of Zimbabwe are being abused,” the organisation said.

“He’s also demanding loudly that the profits from the mines be used to benefit the people of that country rather than disappearing into unseen hands.

“He’s been imprisoned and he’s watched constantly, but his Centre for Natural Resource Governance goes on monitoring the mines and sounding alarms.”

In 2010, Maguwu spent 31 days in remand prison over allegations of publishing falsehoods regarding operations in Marange diamond fields.
The charges were later withdrawn by the State.
Other recipients of the award include former US Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens.

Greitens used his combat pay to establish The Mission Continues, a non-profit organisation that matches US veterans still eager to serve, with communities that can use their devotion and skills.

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  1. Zintu ziya zaamba manje. Rega uone.

  2. Chitoraka citizenship yekuStates..kutengesa nyika vanamaguwU.

  3. mose musina mari mukatanga tumaventure twekucritisaiza nyika neleadership u make money. zvinemari izvi especially if u brush yourself with security enforcement agents u will be showered with reward and awards. if they are serious they should give one to Julius of wiki-leaks. i dream that one day julius should be given a knighthood or receive a nobel prize for such a spledid job of exposing hypocrites like US.

    1. Muface uyu naMadhuku same same. Lots of Zimbos have made money and got asylum by claiming to represent the down trodden. Anenge ari pabasa. Now it’s bearing fruit. If there is order, they create perceived disorder and become champions of human rights. Where in the world are people allowed into diamond fields just like that. In Botswana it’s a death sentence kuonekwa une ka Diamond. I hope he shares some of his proceeds nevekuMarange.

      1. Every country needs people who unruffle the feathers of the status quo in order to maintain a balance – and these normally come from civil society.
        If someone tells the messed up truth about certain aspects about the state of our affairs why do we call them traitors? Who are we really trying to protect by sweeping the dirt under the carpet and gagging civil society? We do ourselves more harm than good by stiffling voices that question the order of things. If anything, the truth is that the majority of Zimbabweans have been cowed to fear questioning the order of things.
        I certainly applaud the few that have the gutts to speak up!!

  4. You are being rewarded for false reports you do not even believe yourself. Disgraceful.

  5. maguwu is ryt thanx 4 the splendid job of xposing the truth. for example go to chiadzwa 2day and c fo yoslf. MBADA is doing nthing at al except destruction of environment. What Chiadzwa was in 2006 is what it is the rd ntwk is far worse than what it was’ ddf was better.take a ryd frm mbada entrance ‘zengeni’ 2 bambazonke and u wl c just a tip. They are sponsoring socca yet the communities they are harnesing are left wth nthng. We know mushohwe sold us out

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      Maguwu is a rapid anti-Zim being rewarded for trying ( and failing ) to stop Zim diamonds from being fully KPCS certified despite overcompliance. On the eve of the Vic Falls Conference he published that “thousands are being killed daily in Marange Gold Fields. ” a statement the then Chair, Mrs Gillian found “incredulous!” Kana kuriko kutsvaga mari rimwe ramazuva inopfuka. Moti POSA yakashata, hatiide, its draconian bla bla bla…Kana ndikati “kumba kwaMafia2 kunodyiwa vanhu” to a foreign audience does that make me a hero? When is a hero a hero to those fighting yo country and pple? The word is called ‘traitor’

    2. Iwe Mafia or is it Maguwu wacho, i, you & everyone reading your post knows that you’re talking BS!

  6. maguwu is a first class traitor, he cooked stories about zimbabwe and chiadzwa in particular so that he wins awards for being a traitor.
    Zimbabweans will never forgive this liar and traitor put together!
    uhlalekhonangale ngoba ezimbabwe asikufuni.

  7. What does Giraffe Heroes’ Project have to say about South African miners who the world fully knows well that they are ill treated in a highly irregular South African mining sector?

    Only idiots & stupid people see these awards as anything meaningful.

    This makes me very angry because we have pink people who still think a black man can be fooled with useless awards.

    It reminds me of times when white company bosses thought giving a retiring worker a bicycle was such a great thing to an African.

  8. CIO pple angry that their nemesis has been honoured. is there any right thinking Zimbabwe who can stand up and declare with a straight face that Zimbabweans are benefiting from Marange. Maguwu has done tremendous job in exposing this scourge of violence and corruption

    Keep it up Maguwu

  9. Amazing……truelly amazing…..are there still pple who live in this country who actually doubt that our daimonds are being looted and that scores of pple were killed by the admin in chiadzwa?Just amazing………!

    1. Dont Talk BullShT

      Willard Sibanda & Tate’sOwn, You both know very well that you are talking bullocks.

  10. Dont Talk BullShT

    Sorry Willard Sibanda i meant Tiriparwendo. He is a dog’s behind for the nonsense he’s written above.

    1. You call me any name, i will never change to be one. Its true you are paid by your CIO bosses to occupy space on these forums, i also guess you are writing using different names. Show me any benefit of Marange diamonds to the ordinary Zimbos, excluding you of course

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