Land surveyor shortages hit Zim: Murerwa

LANDS and Rural Resettlement minister Herbert Murerwa yesterday told Senate that the country was facing an acute shortage of land surveyors, hence the delay in issuing out 99-year leases to newly resettled farmers.


Murerwa made the remarks after Beitbridge senator Tambudzani Mohadi had questioned why government had not yet issued the leases.

“The challenge we face is that a lot of farms have been broken up into smaller pieces and it needs surveying and mapping as well as registering them,” Murerwa said.

“This process has taken a long time because this country has a few surveyors and we are constrained of resources for them.”

Murerwa said programmes to train surveyors were underway.

Most beneficiaries of the land reform programme have failed to obtain bank loans because they do not have bankable lease agreements.

Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development minister Joseph Made told Senate that around 16 000 to 17 000 livestock were lost due to drought and incessant rains received in most parts of the country.

Made said his ministry needed $7 million to tackle cattle diseases and for dipping.

He also said other regions were affected by the outbreak of the armyworm which he said was likely to affect crop yields.

“Small grains have also experienced challenges in terms of the armyworm in Masvingo and Matabeleland South with 70% of a total 27 000 hectares affected,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senate passed the draft constitution with Matabeleland North Provincial Governor Thokozile Mathuthu describing it as “a draft that will replace the tattered Lancaster House Constitution which had suffered a lot of patches”.

Mathuthu also said chiefs would lobby for a “Yes” vote, but were likely to voice their concerns after the referendum when the Constitutional Bill is brought before Parliament.

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  1. Thats not true minister…there are only 8 registered surveyors in Zim….and are using colonial to deny other a chance to register..its actually impossible to register in Zim

  2. we surveyors are many, but the process of Registration is too slow, rigorous, tedious etc just imagine how many unregistered Land surveyors has University of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University has produced t date? You ll be shocked, we js all over the universe. The other problem is that Surveying profession is not highly paid in Zim as it is done in other countries , hence professionals are running away.

  3. Taurai hako courage masurveyors tiripo.Nyaya iripo vanhu vari mucouncil of land surveyors vanogadzira bottleneck kuti isu vamwe tisa kwanise kuita registered.Imwe nyaya avo vacho vakaita masurveys acho vakabhadharwa here pamwe ndizvo zvinoti vasade kuitira basa hurumende

  4. If the ministers concerns are genuine He should summon Guvaza and ask him where are all the graduates going and why is he not registering any. The profession is operated mafia style with a few greedy guys monopolising and frustrating the young guys. Right now we are more surveyors outside zim because of these guyz. We are also discouraging our kin and kids to follow the path nenyaya yetudhara twune hudyire.

  5. Land surveyor in training

    All of you are lying!! The council of land surveyors has never failed any candidate who has answered the law exam questions correctly and undertook the trial survey accurately! Most land surveying graduates do not opt for the cadastral surveying ( which specializes in title surveys) path after graduation and so they cannot qualify to do farm surveys! They would rather search for mining surveying or engineering surveying jobs in countries like Australia and South Africa! So tell me how do u expect an animal doctor(vet) to do surgery on a human being without going through the proper training for that????
    Please make informed comments! There is a shortage of registered land surveyors in Zimbabwe because not all surveying graduates CHOOSE that path of registration and those that are registered as land surveyors in training are either too lazy to study for the qualification exams or they’re more concerned about making money for themselves and for the 37 registered land surveyors in Zimbabwe!

  6. Engineering Surveyor

    LST you are lying u are far from the truth whn dd u join this profession my small boy? Wait and see 5yrs down e line. Mufana machinda aunoona akaregester recently zvakanetsa kuti varegester why does it take so many years kuti munhu akabva paUniversity aregeste. Today if you apply to register as a LST it wil take u six months to get a rosponce why? People are frustrated my friend look at professions like lawyers, doctors.

  7. Land surveyor in training

    Mr Engineering Surveyor please make informed comments; hearsay will get u nowhere! Dai watomboti gvt haisi kubhadhara masurveyors in time for the farm surveys that’s why asiri kuitwa nevamwe u might have a point; not that lie u are telling! FYI I’ve been a registered LSIT for less than 2 years, it took 3 weeks to get the response from the council; I’ve completed my 270 approved days and I’m sitting for my exams in April! SO, Mr Engineering Surveyor, unless u have applied to e council of land surveyors and the SG to actually go through the exam process but have been denied the opportunity for an invalid reason, please do not speak about things that u have little knowlege with!

  8. Land surveyors from the University of Zimbabwe can work in various sections of the industry – be it Monitoring and Evaluation, Land Survey, GIS specialists, Knowledge Management Specialists etc. So training more surveyors will only provide manpower for other industries unless we pay more for the survey work. I personally opted to be out of the cadastral surveying because the process to register is no clear to us all. No career guidance is provide by teh Land Survey Council to students when at Universities. Students struggle to get attachments at the SG or Councils – what a shame to the government department. They should be starting to do more sensitizations to what they are providing. As for salaries etc, the government has to start working on the conditions of surveyors in order to have proper title ..its Land Survey which contribute to the economy of the country if we are to continue as Agriculture based economy!!!

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