Lalapanzi residents cry foul over rent


GWERU – MDC members in Lalapanzi have appealed to the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) to stop their eviction from a chrome mining compound by a senior Zanu PF official in the area.

Report by Stephen Chadenga

The MDC members yesterday claimed their eviction from Netherburn Mine by a former secretary of security for the disbanded Zanu (PF) district co-ordinating committee, Simon Sigauke, was politically motivated.

“We have since turned to Jomic as we fear that we might be evicted from the compound,” an MDC member, who declined to be named for security reasons, said.

The party’s Midlands South provincial Jomic co-chairperson Ndumo Moyo confirmed receiving complaints from party supporters.

“The supporters phoned asking Jomic to intervene in the matter. I advised them to write a formal letter to Jomic and also to make a police report,” Moyo said.

But Sigauke, who is also Zanu PF vice-chairperson for Lalapanzi, dismissed allegations that he was targeting MDC supporters, claiming he had been contracted by the mine owner, Zimbabwe Alloys, to collect outstanding rentals from tenants at the compound.

“There are about 700 tenants at the compound and some have gone as far as 42 months without paying rentals of $10 per month. So we are engaging them to map the way forward (in possibly) coming up with a payment plan for their arrears,” he said.

He added that the clampdown had also affected Zanu PF supporters.

A letter dated December 20 2012, confirmed that Sigauke had been engaged by Zimbabwe Alloys to collect rentals on behalf of the company in return for a 5% commission.

Part of the letter reads: “You have been offered a rent collection contract and to manage rented houses at Netherburn village. Your duties include collecting monthly rentals and arrears accrued.”


  1. Zimbabwe Alloys is a big company to need the services of a zanu pf sheriff to collect their rentals this simply a political gimick ,but they fgt MDC is everywhr is zimbabwe.So after the disband of the DCC these guys are destitutes now ecking a living from hand to mouth thts Zanu pf Simon Sigauke,to them yu have never existed .

  2. thabani plse dont fuel issues like that. yes ZimAloys is a big org. n why cant we wait for their respond to the so called debt collection contract’s existance.

  3. The correct name is LALAPHANSI, not LALAPANZI? What does Lalapanzi mean?

    Mispellings of African names that started with colonialists should not be continued by black governments.

    We also now have the meaningless KweKwe, instead of the correct Qweqwe; and then Mbizvo Township, instead of Mbizo Township one of King Mzilikazi’s regiments.

    What is wrong with black people? Keeng ka lena?

    • Ahhh so mr mbonisi the name Tsvangirai,you actually misspell it delibarately…..i always see you spell it Tswangirai,Tswangilai…or something like that.No?

  4. Well there you have it. Language! Changes doesn’t it? You assign people a whole language and turn your back for one year, when you come back, you loose touch with each other. The catholic priest said since the biblical tower of Babel long long back, language has always been a curse,and God himself authored that confusion so that nomatter how much anybody tries to maintain an imaginery purity of the same, its a lost wish. you simply get nowhere. Once, mankind schemed to build towers into the heavens so they could peep into God’s seat, and that never pleased anyone, from Lucifer to Jesu Khristo so they agreed the solution was to divide mankind’s tongues so that he preoccupies himself with senseless linguisitc debates like which word means what, where should it be spoken legitimately, how should it be spelt, who should spell it, who has the right to speak it and so forth and so on never sparing another thought again of peeping into the seventh heaven-not forgeting that foremost, mankind should never understand each other when they start making sounds through their mouths. So by God, if you want to confuse people on this earth, just ask them to start making sounds through their mouths-that will be the mother of all fights!To think some folks prefer to call all this Babylon confusion language! And go all the way to suggest that there is a dignified way of spelling certain sounds of confusion! My foot! Isn’t that summerweather foolishness? Lets ask this question? Given Lalapanzi is supposed to be Lalaphansi, (for “lie down”-you see, the temptation then is: So, wasn’t this place supposed to be ” Rara Pasi” ?), what was this place called before that? Don’t tell me this place had no name and this was no man’s land in the mould of David Livingston’s “discovered” Victoria Falls. What will this place be called a century from now? Somebody said he knows of a time this place was Chiwundura and EGogwe (Gokwe) sired the much hyped about name of ‘Kwekwe’ prefered by some as Qwekwe. But surely Imbizo is much more appropriate and befitting for the impis of Mzilikhazi. Mbizvo certainly isn’t a variant of the same.

    At this rate, most probably, in the next instalment, we obviously will be pre-occupied with debating whether Matobo is the real name of that place or its supposed to be called Matonjeni. Whether Victoria Falls is the name of its supposed to be ‘Mossi-Oa-Tunya’, Whether Guruve is not supposed to be ‘Chipuriro’ or Buhera is not supposed to be ‘Njanja’ (obviously Nyanja stuff this place) Perhaps someone here is trying to construct a tower into heaven for to peep through and the spirit of Babel has paid us a visit again.

    Shame, this world, and these people. Isn’t it?

    • So why did you bother changing Mazoe to Mazowe, Sinoia to Chinhoyi, Umtali to Mutare, Shabanie to Zvishavane; Bhelingwe to Mberengwa; Gwelo to Gweru; Lorenzo Marks to Maputo, Rhodesia to Zimbabwe; Salisbury to Harare; Lake McChlwein to Chivero, River Sabi to River Save,; Gatooma to Kadoma etc, etc the list goes own?

      • @Mbonisi

        Don’t be silly, I changed nothing of the sort. In any case you did-Why did you change your name from “Muvonisi” to “Mbonisi”? You wanted to sound more distant from Dzimbahwe? From the way I see it, you are a direct discendent of Nyatsimba Mutota himself because “Mbonisi” means “one who gives revelation/sight. The Dzimbahwe equivalent is “Muwonisi” and since Dzimbahwe has been here all along, I can imagine the kind of adultery that happenned to generate your name. Anyway, in the Dzimbahwe tongues, the toungues of your great, great, great grandfathers, “Mbo” is a prelude to obscenities. Think about it -and probably visit the Registra General for a notice of intention to change your name.You can’t keep on brandishing a prefix suggestive of the nether regions. Please again, take note Maputo was Lorenzo Marques not Marks -don’t forget these pipo were Portuguesse and such words as ‘Marks’ don’t exist there. You easily get carried away by confusion when it comes to languages.

  5. Why are they afraid? They are guilty, why? it’s becoz they know that Zanu Pf is glamering for black empowerment, Indiginisation etc, and they know that their leaders are against the ideas of Zanu Pf. Anyway these people have seen light. For Sigauke I don’t see anything wrong for him being the Dept Collector, he is a Dept Collector by profesion, only that he is a Zanu Pf member, but thats his line of business.

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