Kunonga church further splits

IT NEVER rains for excommunicated Anglican Church Bishop Nolbert Kunonga after he was dumped by more than 20 priests who left him and formed their Province of Zimbabwe Anglican Church in Kuwadzana 3, Harare, accusing the beleaguered bishop of being dictatorial.

Report by Kupakwashe Makonye

Takorera Tandi, a former Kunonga follower, was elected the Vicar-General, leaving Kunonga leading one of the three factions following the earlier pullout by a faction led by David Kunyongana, who now heads the Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe.

Spokesperson for the church established yesterday, Jethro Makuwaza, told NewsDay that 20 priests agreed on breaking away from Kunonga’s church as he was “becoming more of an autocratic leader and personalising the church”.

“The 20 of us have sat down and agreed to break away from Kunonga’s church. We no longer want him to lead us because he was personalising the church,” said Makuwaza.

“His church is set to be left with very few people, mainly his relatives as he had become more of an autocratic leader who does not want to listen to people. We once received money and five vehicles from donors to help people, but this was personalised. We have chosen Tandi as our Vicar-General and we are going to make some reforms as we are going to join the Zimbabwe Council of Churches which Kunonga forbade and we will be meeting with other churches.”

Kunonga was excommunicated from the Church of the Province of Central Africa in 2007 and was embroiled in a five-year property legal dispute with the Bishop Chad Gandiya-led church which he lost last year. After the defeat, Kunonga lost control of all the church’s properties which were handed over to Gandiya by the Supreme Court.

Efforts to get a comment from Kunonga on the latest developments were in vain at the time of going to print last night.


  1. Kunonga and his Father Bob Mugabe are the same.. Dictatorial tendences is their acts zvirimuropa.. cause they are from the same person Satan.. the devil Lucifer.

    Imiwo kupusa for more than 5years you were not seeing it kuti ndozvaari??? Better late than never sevana ve Zim they will dump Mugabe Chatunga for good..better late than never

    1. Ndiko kuti azive kuti haikona kungoita zvinhu zvekunhonga

  2. Nolbert inga waraswa, uchanongwa nani. Repent, go back to Gandiya its not too late.

    1. Ndiani anoda kubata condom rakashandiswa.. Nolbert akashandiswa neZanu Pf akaraswa secondom ndiani anoda kubata zvakadaro.

  3. The 20 priests should just swallow their pride and go back to the original Anglican church led by Bishop Chad Gandiya. They will be welcomed just like the prodigal son who was accepted back by his father. There is only one Anglican church in Zimbabwe, the others are fake.

  4. Chakaura chisatani chomunhu! Look closely at Kunonga’s stumpy hands, its genetic and its associated with people with cruel and sadistic minds! Same with Mugabe and Hitler. Someone should write a book about Kunonga so that future generations will remember this devil incanate and how ZANU PF used him.

  5. Oh shame we are so blinded to see that these priests, kunyongana and tandi were in it because of the buildings shame. Kunyongana was notorious for loving the ladies and tandi as many Kuwadzana parishioners was doing just about the same. Kunamata kwacho… and the lies 20 priests wekupi vangade kutevera Tandi asina kana chinonzi O’LEVEL kana ndimiwo. Newsday tengesa paper muchi nyorawo zvinhu zvine hunhu!

  6. Jethro Makuwaza be ashamed please be ashamed. Yesterday you launched a church with 40 people mostly from Kuwadzana and 3 priests, Tandi, Makiwa and Nyamusa. You should be embarassed I tell you. And just like you sad people to use Newsday for such silly lies. Even vasingamude Kunonga varikuona kuti kunyepa kwenyu kwanyanya. There is no news in starting a church asking a lot of these pastors and bishops of these new little congregations being started everyday. I have never seen any of them call the media. What are you trying to prove? Silly for sure!

  7. It shows that there is no God in kunonga church,now he is left with relatives chete.those guys who left kunonga should just return to the original mother church cpca.kunonga has always been a dictactor thats why we doubt his calling.

  8. Kunonga wega wega shame l told u b4 kuti Mwari ndewehondo and anehondo…kkkkkkish wakati rova muchurch tichinamata Jehovha nhasi ndeipi. Zanu Porisi yepaMachipisa ichi uya nematear gas nemboma kusunga mufundisi nemachurch wardens. Ya wedu ndiMwari We Hondo tsano. From driving a 4X4 Forunner kunokwira Hiace paKadoma futi….R4…..hahahaha. From a palace kunoroja muone room kuWestern Triangle kumudhadhadha..

  9. We once received money and five vehicles from donors to help people, but this was personalised. Guess the donor was Zanu so why don’t you go back to them to ask for more handouts.

  10. What Reformed church in Zimbabwe?Please Anglicans stop causing confusion for there is a church in Zimbabwe with that name.Iri izita remaDutch kana Dhachi vekuMasvingo neMidlands.

    1. You obviously have no idea what “REFORMED” means.

      1. Mupfana weBikini

        Nonnex I know what “REFORMED” means.Apa somebody , somewhere is out to cause confusion nemazita echurch aya.Ko iwe wakasvika papi kuskool.Asi uri wekuZOU kahi?

        1. Yaah, ndeweZOU zvako iwe…..Zimbabwe O -level University!!!! KiKiKikikikiki!!!!!

  11. The 20 priests and kunonga should just swallow their pride and go back to the main church these divisions do not help but this is all because of greedness and hunger for power. I bet you very soon you will be like Mapostori who have several small gatherings that compete for the same thing instead of making one big united gathering

    1. Ini ndiri Mupostori, ko chii chakaipa kuita machurch echipostori akawanda. Inga kune Roma, Kune Anglican, Methodist, Salvation Army, SDA, UMC, UFI, Heartfelt International Ministries, this ministries and that ministries that compete for the same thing instead of making one big gathering. Then follwoing through your example there should be just one church in the world. Right??????

  12. hahaha those kunonga guys who split are saying that they are planning to join ZCC zimbabwe council of churches,this organisation is headed by bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda,the Anglican bishop of central zim cpca,so how wl they ask him when they are rebels of cpca.kunonga and his followers even those who split from him are not recognised by zcc unless they rejoin cpcahehehe ngavarote havo,iye kunonga wacho kupusa,dai akateerera mabishop eAnglican dai iribishop anoremekedzwa.he is now left with very very few people shame on him.

  13. Lets read John 8 : 44 ” You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the begining and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him, whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of all lies”. Kunonga and his zanu party.

  14. It’s now his turn kumbnamatirawo pasi pomuti

  15. There must be a difference between political parties and churches. Look for God and not humans. Namatai Mwari

    1. Very true, the church must be separated from the state and a church that decides to ignore politics should not be persecuted.
      Kunonga is no longer anyone’s Bishop, he should be very ashamed but as we are Christians we forgive…. he should just come out and ask for forgiveness. That’s all we ask from him

  16. Is kunonga not a man of god? please assist me on that.

    1. Mupfana weBikini

      Let me answer u Nemato, Satan is also a man of God.God created everything even the dreaded snakes like Kunonga.

  17. how can he be a man of God when he is a dictactor and with no followers except his relatives,Jesus had followers.

  18. mwari uyu? musatambe naye.

  19. the 20 priests should just go back to the original diocese and stop this nonsense

  20. This is very curious. After a marriage of over 5 years with Kunonga, these idiots have suddenly discovered some dictatorial tendencies in the guy!!!!! Even a kindergarten kid will not believe this bulldust.Its a matter of thieves falling out with each other, full stop!!!

  21. It payback time for son of Lucifer. This must be a lesson that evil things will one day come an end. Just like his Godfather Rob Mugabe whose days are numbered.

  22. I see no logical reason why the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe want to maintain a relationship with the Church in England. God is God and He does not belong to any nation; we can all of us freely approach Him through Jesus his son.

    1. Hey God’s works should be administered in an orderly manner. Just like a roman catholic ministry wc has relations wc Rome & the pope so is anglican (cpca) we dont mind those political croonies who are not Christian oriented but rather leadership & money oriented.

  23. mwana yemuporofita

    ko promblem chii? ngaauye ku ufic.

  24. I am hundred % ZANU P.F. but i dont like kunonga i am anglican cpca so to link ZANU PF with Kunonga its not good.

  25. Makuvaza nevamwe vako dai matotanga kudzidzira kutaura nendimi nekuporofita, bvunzayi vanEubert kunowanikwa mishonga yacho. Mnaje manje munenge mapfuma zvekuti. Kunonga arikuita dictatorship! iye nhasi manje, yesterday you were celebrating together while beating up worshipers of the CPCA, it goes to show what kind of devils you are. You can even be worse than your ex-hero, misoro isina kugadzikana.

    1. that is so true. How can one all of sudden not realize that he was the centre of kunonga’s mess now he is creating another mess as the leader. He appointed himself and this is were all the confusion begins

  26. great publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector don’t understand this. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

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