Knight Frank to refurbish Bulawayo Centre

KNIGHT Frank, an international property management firm that oversees Bulawayo Centre shopping mall, plans to embark on the second phase of the mall at an estimated cost of $10 million.


The second phase, projected to be complete by December, involves the refurbishment and redevelopment of a block of flats into shops and business suits.

The project is expected to be handed over to the contractor in March while the leasing of the shops and business suites has already started.

According to information from Knight Frank, the development would “change forever the shopping patterns for Bulawayo shoppers”.
“Ten years ago we embarked on a shopping centre development that will encompass 10 stands (a whole block plus two stands) in the heart of Bulawayo city centre and appropriately named the Bulawayo Centre,” said the property firm.

“This was to provide a one-stop shopping centre for Bulawayo and change forever the shopping patterns for Bulawayo shoppers who were used to driving from one shop to the other. The development was to be in three phases and would take many years to complete.”

The first phase took three years and was completed in 1997 and comprised of 55 shops on two levels and business suits on three levels.

“We have now embarked on the second phase which will involve the refurbishment and redevelopment of Princess flats into several shops and business suites.

“We anticipate the same to be ready for occupation by December in time for Christmas.”

Princess flats are adjacent to the shopping mall.

“The final and last phase is expected to start soon after the completion of the second phase.

“This will involve the refurbishment and redevelopment of the former gym. We anticipate 26 small to medium sizes shops.

“The whole development is to be linked by a flyover across 9th avenue, to first floor Bulawayo centre, a series of escalators and panoramic lifts. This will assist in the circulation of shoppers throughout the whole centre,” said the property firm.

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  1. Thats a good move. Keep up the good spirit of developing Bulawayo. Do not abandon her. We’ll always support u.

  2. This is a welcome move by this property developer. It would be good if Bulawayo city fathers encouraged others to refurbish their buildings as the city centre has been neglected in the last 12 years or so and looks very dirty and unattractive. Bulawayo used to be one of the cleanest cities in Southern Africa.

    1. Bulawayo looks a lot cleaner than Harare if you ask me, was there last week..

  3. Phunyukabemphethe

    King Mzilikazi’s nerve centre. I love Mthwakazi!

  4. good idea, asingeke sayekela ukuthandana le city of ubukhosi! yes byo needs massive infrasture development. we hve too many old, ancient, unattractive buildings. byo z a neat laid out city, its easier 2 develop it than hre. e’ new capital city wld hve been perfect had it bn here!

    1. My understanding is that they want to renovate Princess Court cnr (th/Fort street. This is a centuries old building which used to be hotel-possibly the second of the first two to be built inthe city when horses and ox-drawn carriages were for the rich. Naturally it’s the kind of place that could be haunted biy horse riding cowboys of 1902. I think it should be brought down, dug down and start afresh.

      1. The “ancient” buildings are heritage buildings and used to attract tourists from around the world that enjoy looking at and taking pictures of these old buildings. We should look after them and preserve this heritage even though its colonial its still part of our history.

  5. Currently Bulawayo Center is a joke! Escalators only work on one side, the hydraulic lifts that go to the parking level no longer function at all, the fountain hasn’t seen water in YEARS and you have to PAY to use the public toilets. Plus all the tenants operate with the lights off, even when Zesa is available, probably so that they can afford Knight Frank’s ridiculous rent! Knight Frank don’t seem to know what they are doing with place. Its a far cry from the PRIME LOCATION that it was more than a decade ago.

  6. why r u talking abt cowboys.why r u afraid of ghosts.mayb u killed sm1 in the city centre.are u crazy?

    1. Why do you love ghosts? Do you have a USE FOR THEM? My point was it is an old building which possibly has outlived its lifespan.

      1. Munjanja they are blds left because of sentimental values, they can be maintained and outlive most of us. Just check some blds in the UK and Europe.

  7. i never said i like or love ghosts.if there are ghosts people who currently occupy tht block of flats would hv exposed it long one person who once stayed ther bfore relocating nt bkz of ghosts bt bkz i got another job elsewhere.gara wataura your point than to involve maghosts whre its nt necessary.

    1. I wonder why i dignified somebody so shallow minded with a response.

    2. you stayed there i should have guessed. Those that used to call that run down place home i would greet them with hands in my pocket.

  8. ibva apa iwe.asi unogara munaUmguza river bank?ndaitogara ipapo ndichishanda a decent job in Belmont bfo leaving Zim.kana ukamhoresa mhunu wakaisa makumbo ako muhomwe it doesnt mean u r a demi reflects ur barbaric,uncultured,parochial,thoughtless and counrified family background.wakakurira musango bhururu.


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