Khupe gives up Makokoba

MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe is unlikely to stand in her faction-riddled Makokoba constituency in Bulawayo following indications that the party wants her to take one of the seats reserved for women under the proposed new constitution.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

The speculation has been fuelled by reports that MDC-T provincial chairman Gorden Moyo submitted nomination papers to represent the party in Makokoba.

According to the Copac draft constitution, 60 women — six from each province — will be elected through proportional representation.

According to sources, the MDC-T wants to use Khupe —who is also Deputy Prime Minister — to campaign for the party on a national level and not confine herself to a single constituency.

MDC-T Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Mandla Sibanda on Sunday confirmed that Moyo had submitted his nomination papers to stand in Makokoba.

“Moyo has submitted his application to stand for Makokoba constituency just like everyone else,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Khupe were fruitless yesterday as she was said to be in a series of meetings.

The development comes at a time when the MDC-T is plagued by infighting in Makokoba with reports that on Sunday, party
supporters walked out of a meeting on the new constitution addressed by Makokoba-Mzilikazi Senator Matson Hlalo at Mzilikazi’s MacDonald Hall.

Hlalo told NewsDay that members of the party who boycotted the meeting had disrespected him.

“I do not find a reason why they are plotting against me. These are the same people that are killing the party,” he said.

One of the party members who had boycotted the meeting told NewsDay that Moyo was the one who was supposed to address them and not the Senator.

“We were expecting Moyo to address us as he was the rightful person for that, but instead when we got to the meeting we found Hlalo,” she said.

But Sibanda insisted the meeting, which was on the Copac draft constitution, was supposed to be addressed by Hlalo.

“Senator Hlalo was the rightful person to address the meeting and he has gone around engaging residents concerning the feedback on the constitution. So it is an ongoing process,” he said.

Sibanda said the MDC-T members were disgruntled by the fact that the meeting was chaired by ward 8 councillor Mackenzie Sibanda who was suspended from the party because of the factional fights.

He said the members felt Makokoba district chairperson and ward 7 councillor James Sithole should have chaired the meeting.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    Running scared from the Green machine!!

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Ngitsho baba.

  2. The green machine will crumple like all green machines.

  3. An excellent move from a hardworking national leader she will ably serve the party broadly and better we wish you well on mobilising for a resounding Morgan Tsvangirai victory! She served well in Makokoba,

    1. I support u Mdidi, she served well in Makokoba and beyond.

  4. Nw the media did not see this one comming.wen the mdc dicided that khupe was more a national leader than anything else and she wasn’t going to represent makokoba only,the media saw an opportunity for such screaming headlines like”khupe booted out of makokoba”,”Infighting rocks mdc in makokoba”,”khupe pushed to nkayi”.the problem with some of our newspapers is they are run more like tabloids than anything else,cooking up conspiracies,sensationalising poorly researched stories and the worst part is the media consumers in zim have bought into this madness.its not unussual for one to here something like”ndozvakatoitika,hauna kuzviona mubepa ranezuro?”or “zvakatoitika ndakazviona paTV nezuro”or “ndoomutemo,zvakataurwa paradio nezuro”.but if only the media knew how much of an influence the are to society sure they would conduct themselves in a more responsible manner.But the with some media houses that would be asking for far too much,wouldn’t it?

  5. More a case of Tsvangson wanting to be all the time closer to his gals. Have you ever wondered why the majority of MDC women are single (Khupe, Masaiti, Mativenga, Matienga, Majome, Thabitha (iyi ifambi), etc Tsvangson ane nhomba huru and needs them close all the time.

  6. That shows maturity girl go maKhupe take the party to dizzy hieghts. One day our objective will be realized. UKuntshintsha kufikile. Tell the Makokoba guys to behave themselves and show respect

  7. For the first time 4 agree with Mbonisi that Khupe is scared of losing hence hiding behind a nonconstituency reserved for women. She should be like Joyce Mujuru who has represented the same seat. In Mbare the mp is also scared and is looking for a safe ‘seat’. You can run but you cannot hide as you know the end is near. In 2008 pple voted with their stomachs but they are still hungary as all civil servants will testify. More mps will abandon their seats as they look for safe ones but they wont find them. Watch this space.

  8. time is up now if you know or sow nothing during your last show you will reap nothing pachawa mikono apa gen’a

  9. She was brewing controversy in Makokoba. Clever move by the party to give a seat on silver plater. If they removed it would destabilise the party. If she stood in Makokoba on party ticket, she was going to lose. What a way out. seat reback door!!! lol!!!

  10. you cant stop the idea that has come. the idea that came to Makhuphe is of running away from the green machine

  11. Mupfana weBikini

    What green machine? You are green mambas- Real snakes in the grass.Ncube will never, never rule Zimbabwe!You can hallucinate until yuo drop dead, I said never Mbonisi uri kunzwa here? I know now wava kuzviti Phunyu…………to hide your true identity asi ndiwe munhu one iwe.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Cool down, its not the end of the world. Leave Ncube alone even if he will never rule. We know he will never rule, but we remain stubbornly behind him come rain or sunshine and we dont want unity with Gukurahundis – plain and simple!

  12. I have a funny feeling.trevor ncube might b mbonisi

    1. pari paFacebhuku dai ndanga ndati ‘like’…i hv tht feeling too

  13. Why are ppl ignoring the fact tht Makokoba is ‘faction-riddled.’ Evrythng else abt propotional representation is secondary. MDC-T Byo is factionaly divided,fact!

    1. MDC-T BYO divide we fall guys. unite madoda

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