Jabulani Sibanda at it again

WAR veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda yesterday continued his intimidation crusade and warned traditional and church leaders against accommodating MDC-T supporters in their communities.

Report by Everson Mushava

Addressing a Zanu PF campaign rally at Mubaira Growth Point in Mhondoro, Sibanda described Prime Minister and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as an agent of the devil.

“As traditional leaders, you should make sure that you don’t have anyone with MDC-T cards in your areas,” he said.

“We should work hard to ensure that we restore the country from the MDC-T. They don’t believe in our own God, but in Satan. I am shocked there are pastors who are in MDC-T structures.”

Sibanda likened Zanu PF to the biblical “first fish” from where Jesus Christ’s disciples fished a coin when they ran out of cash.

“Zanu PF is your first party. (President Robert) Mugabe is your first leader. Jesus said the first fish, not second, third or fourth. President Mugabe is your salvation. He represents the people’s interests, while Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube (MDC leader), Dumiso Dabengwa (Zapu) and all the other parties are puppets of the West.

“They represent American interests and Americans are Satanists. Look at the back of a $1 bill, the 13 leaves that are there represent the 13 Americans who worshipped Satan. We like the whites when they are in their countries, not in Zimbabwe.

“When they come here, they should respect our laws.”

But MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora scoffed at Sibanda’s remarks saying: “MDC respects and fears God and will not be drawn into a satanic debate which is designed to celebrate evil. Jabulani Sibanda and his Zanu PF masters are using the Lord’s name in vain. Since when has Sibanda feared God after all the suffering that he inflicted on the people of Zimbabwe? He must go to church and seek God’s forgiveness.”

Chiefs Chivero, Ngezi, Mashayamombe and Ziruvi were some of the traditional leaders who were at the meeting which was also attended by Mashonaland West Zanu PF provincial chairman John Mafa.

Sibanda’s speech contradicted the stance taken by other Zanu PF leaders, Mugabe included, who of late have at various forums advised their supporters to shun violence and the use of hate speech. The Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission have also warned against perpetuating hate language.

Sibanda has been on a whirlwind tour of the country’s 10 provinces meeting church, traditional and business leaders to drum up support for Zanu PF.


  1. “They represent American interests and Americans are Satanists. Look at the back of a $1 bill, the 13 leaves that are there represent the 13 Americans who worshipped Satan”. Our flag has the Zimbabwe Bird, i.e. a man with a bird’s head and claws whose significance no one really knows for sure! The same “bird” was on all our money! One could also argue that that was a form of idolatry!

    1. kwa kwaaaa US$ riri nani rakanzi IN GOD WE TRUST!

  2. Sibanda unotopengawo zvako iwe unorwei iro bato rako rakuenda kumawere tosangana ku ballot box

  3. no amount of intimidation , arson and murder will ever change the people’s resolve to rid themselves of a savage and murderous party . it is obvious this sibanda idiot and monkey has full blessings of the fossil called the politburo . mind you bob indicates left but turns right . vote out this horrible party . why hold elections in the first place ?

    1. Khalid Sheikh Mohamed

      Well said. Sibanda is an ignoramus quassi ex combatant who will be disowned by the Gukurahundi party when they have no use for him. Look at what happened to Kunonga. And we have some moron called Chaane from SA who believes Matibili is a humble leader who was anointed at an early age.

  4. Can Sibanda tell us who is satanistic, one who preaches violence and one who preaches peace, harmony and coexistence in communities? Sibanda and his zany party are the real satanists becoz they have spilt a lot of innocent blood as ritual sacrifices for their long stay in power. There is nothing that the other parties have done wrong that warrants them to be labelled satanic. If there is any party which suits that lable, then it is the zany party.

  5. John weku Mabvuku

    Sibanda, dont inflame political tempers by presenting quasi-religious epithets in support of your chosen iedology, Police have records of crimes being committed by BOTH parties, some people are in jail or before the courts,that is a known fact. Thanks to people like you our nation can expect violent political contests during the run-up to the elections.

    1. ur comments are always objective and sensible. respect…

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Maybe Sibanda should use the old 1980s Gukurahundi tactics of TAWURA SHONA!

      In this case it will be KHULUMA ISINDEBELE, KHULUMA GOGO!!

  6. Empty vessels make the loudest noise.Jabu kaSibanda is one such vessel.A moron of the highest order.Muchamhanya vakomana tokutsvakai kuti mu explaine mabasa enyu aya.Hapana chisingapere Sibanda.Chinobhururuka chinomhara.

    1. Taura hako iwe
      sibanda he z a barbarian he nidz deliverance.dono y thiz pips vachida violence kunyanya

      1. Jabu ane hidden agenda uyu. tichamudzura mapapiro manje-manje. he sounds very controvential kana ari ku north provinces. watch him he’s likely to cross over soon after his mission is over. his barbaric attitudes are questionable.

  7. we are not worried about this rascal which is behaving like a headless chicken.He is still blindly living in the past i wish someone could show him light or give him massive handling because he is playing with quicksand.People remember no democracy will come in a silver plate…there are some old mindsets barbarians needs to be sacrificed.A simple advice to this zoo man read between the lines stop digging your own grave.

  8. Mupfana jabu unofunga kuti anokutya ndiyani.uri murwere wepfungwa zvakowo.what development did you and your zanu pf bring to the poor since 1980,hatisi mabharanzi.imi ndimi vana vasatni mhondi dzevanhu.muchamama zvenyu

    1. usatuka mvuvu usati wabira rwizi mzaya. zvinogona kuenda nepamwe. hutungamiriri nohutongi hunobva kuna Mwari. saka mirira nguva wozotuka hako wayambuka.

  9. wonder what mbonisi has to say about jabulani sibanda

  10. These are all partners in the GNU. When Zanupf just criticises MDC-T it does not amount to intimidation. Nobody will believe these spoiled childish babish cries MDC-T. Just go for it. Criticise also within your world of GNU.

  11. Is Jabulani Sibanda an orphan? Surely his relatives should be very concerned about the whirlwind he is reaping for them. He has wrapped himself with the wrath of communities he has violated physically and with his foul, acid tongue. Surely any African knows the dos and donts in our society. Asazi.

  12. Why the hell is Zanu-PF allowing this idiot called Sibanda to continue harassing the populace and abusing the chiefs against Mugabe’s preaching? This monster must be stopped and arrested. Tsvangirai must not allow this nonsense to continue but ask Mugabe whether he is not saying one thing while on the other hand he allows his cronies to do the opposite.

  13. J Sibanda place tells what is your party going to offer not attacking MDC. we want your manifesto not MDC attacks. you are campaigning for MDC my friend.

  14. sibanda is a satanist himself.he is always thinking of human blood wherever he is.MDC-T has never threatened people.its preaching peace,harmony and reconciliation.

    this time we wont be intimidated nomatter how deep the intimidation goes.

    we are going to vote MDC-T in the harmonised elections

  15. Jabu, Jabu, Jabulani mfowethu. Kutheni Dawu. Beka pansi ulaka. Abantu baleli lizwe balamehlo avulekileyo. Kabasoze bavuma ukuthi okumnyama kumhlophe, loba kungaba ngubani okhulumayo. Izinsuku ziguqukile manje, ukwethuselana kwenkomeni akusasebenzi kwelanamhla.

    So wake up and smell the coffee, we cant chase our sons and daughters from our homes because you say so. We will not chase anyone from our communities Jabu. Look, we have not chased you away, being the disgrace that you are to us Sibandas. Ususiyangise kwenela. Its now time you changed your ways. Why do you want to spread such a terrible spirit in our country, and in-fact, who are you to tell your elders who to keep in their communities. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are agreeing on peaceful campaigning, but you go around issuing threats everywhere.

    Please go back to school and learn new ways. Its a new day brother.

    I am disappointed with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. From what Jabulani Sibanda is doing it appears the people of Zimbabwe are not safe at all.Why are the leaders quiet. It seems they have abdicated their authority to this rogue.Elections nust be put on hold until people are assured of their safety. Otherwise the govt should allow everyone to own a gun so that we can defend our families.We have freedom of choice and must be allowed to excercise it without hindrance.

    1. No credible elections without reforms, kumwa tea na bob vanaTsvangirai moti zvakukufambirai vanhu ava vanosanduka serwaivhi?.

  17. who is jabulani sibanda who has the power to call people of zimbabwe who belong to mdc satanists.having different political affiliation is not a crime and its not satanism.this jabulani sibanda must learn to live peacefully with others and must know that the more he talk bad about mdc the more people love to vote for it to show that they are not satanist but people with normal thinking and political understanding.

  18. Phunyukabemphethe

    Yaah!! I think all those Shonas who always find themselves on the side of the Gukurahundis whenever the word GUKURAHUNDI is mentioned have learnt a bitter lesson.

    We have said again and again that stop supporting and defending Gukurahundis and their Gukurahundi party but you have refused to listen, preferring instead to side with them against Matebeleland – look now what the Mthwakazi Gukurahundi Jabulani Sibanda is doing?

    He has been harassing your Gogos and Mkhulus, reminscent of the Shona Gukurahundis who roamed Mthwakazi villages in the 1980s harassing innocent unarmed villagers – what do you have you say?

    Where is Gukurahundi Mugabe with his useless speeches about peace and unity? Where are the Gukurahundi police? Where is the Gukurahundi army? Are you telling me Mthwakazi Gukurahundi Jabulani is doing all this without their approval – have they lost control of the situation?

    Now is the time you have to listen, stop supporting Gukurahundis in their fight against anything Ndebele – because tomorrow it will be you who will be on the recieving end.

    Many of you started going against the devolution idea just because the Gukurahundis were against it and deliberately tried to confuse you by conflating it with secession – who did you believe in all this – the Gukurahundis of course.

    You are bent on opposing everything as long as its led or advocated by the people of Matebeleland because you trust the Gukurahundis more than your fellow citizens who just happen to be from a different region, no matter how well meaning they maybe.

    Now you pay the price – because if you support evil just because it is not directed at you, a time will come when the same evil is thrust upon you and you will not have our sympathy!!

    1. Mzilikazi Chitakochangonya

      Mbonisi , u are at it again. Madzviti !!!! Suka man.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        Stop closing ranks with the Gukurahundis against Mthwakazi, they are evil. Join Mthwakazi in fighting and isolating the Gukurahundis.

        Join Mthwakazi in fighting for devolution. Join Mthwakazi in fighting for equal development. Join Mthwakazi in fighting their Bambazonke mentality.

        Gukurahundis know of no Ndebele/Mthwakazi or Shona – to them they is no difference as long as you oppose them!!

    2. Your sympathy as who, tinomama tese ndevere or svina. If you feel like revenging just go on, the monkey with a cock head is still alive. He’s the one who messed u up during the jukulahundi whatever. Otherwise shut the faq up, u brot it upon yoself

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        Yebo ke, stop siding with Gukurahundis when they are disadvantaging Mthwakazi, because tomorrow its your turn, make no mistake up that!!

      2. Phunyukabemphethe

        So we can also say you brought Gukurahundi Jabulani Sibanda upon yourselves – enjoy!

    3. josefa chinotimba

      My friend bear in mind that Shonas are your masters and everybody loves to be very close to them.One good example is the notorius Jabulani Sibanda.He is having a good time with shonas although he joined a party of monsters.

      Remember,if shonas were to leave Bulawayo,the whole town will be closed and all ndebeles will be loafers.Look,how many ndebele owned companies have re-located to Harare?How many ndebele speaking ladies are having a good time with shonas,think about this.

      Almost all ndebeles would love to go and work in Harare.But people with small minds like you would dare jump or cross the crocodile infested limpopo in search of the so called greener pastures.Shame.

      It is better you keep quiet,or go back to school.Shonas are your masters,bastard.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        So why complain when you have such a Gukurahundi mentality – fucck them hard Jabulani ka Mthwakazi, fcck them!!

        1. josefa chinotimba

          To hell with you bastard.

          1. Phunyukabemphethe

            Please show me the directions to hell, I will with pleasure go there per your instructions sir!!!

  19. Jabulani Sibanda is just a disgrace in Zimbabwe.ZPF Party is indicating left while turning right….typical terrorists[gandangas or goblins] but this time around guys your strategies will never work i am telling you Jabulani and your chefs….we will show you the way mark my words.

  20. Jabullani Sibanda iz simply an idiot,trying to hide behind the name of God.As had been said by the previous writters let him b warned that every bird that flies ‘ll come to land.that means,tho today he can boost the way he is doing,sooner than latter he shall vanish without tress.His name and everything of him shall b nowhere to b known

  21. I have said it several times, a leopard does not shed its spots, this public stunt by mugabe that no violence this coming elections should not be taken seriously, just look at what is happening on the ground, the stanist party will continue to kill innocent civillians intimidating the rural folk and will stop at nothing to remain in power.

  22. SIBANDA himself is the devil. Sibanda remember julius Malema.This might happen to you one of these days, possibly this year after elections. You are a shame even to some ZANU PF cadres.

  23. The way i see it is this.This so called Sibanda uchaita kuti Pati yedu ye Z ANU PF Iruze iwe
    you said the same things kumastonyonyo uko tanda ,chikore.After that vanhu vakasara otokuseka.Usadaro shhwira.

  24. Sibanda… you killed my relative Cain Nkala… you are the devil.

  25. u take advantage of intimidating defenseless citizens.why would u force ppl to vote Zanu when it has got nothing to offer.munhu haumbotaurire chokwadi zviripachena.ende vabereki vedu isu tiri mumatowns they tell us whatever you.for your infor Sibanda ppl are not happy abt u.usatombotyisidzira vanhu uchashaya anokumirira after election.this is a free and fair elections,mira zvako uone unowacha iwe very soon

    1. we are tied of these lies being said by these people like Jabulani who go about scaring people and telling them lies on what they offer.If they failed to offer people for the past 32 years how can they manage doing it now?What new developments have befallen into their minds at old age which might influence people’s decisions?
      Jabulani took long to decide and come up with machinery like the rest of the cadres.Check with Obert Mpofu. Jabulani should be grown up and start staying at his house and nurse his family.The wife is longing for him while he is toi toing in the jungle.

  26. Nhene Ntamonkulu

    Gukurahundis drank too much human blood therefore they cannot imagine anything human. Ukuntshuma nje libalele kukhanya ukuthi umuntu ukhuluma ebantwini emva kokubhema imbanje This shows that there is something really wrong with Mthwakazi Gukurahundi Jabulani Sibanda. I bet he must have set houses ablaze burning people to death during the military gukurahundi crusades against the people who lived in Matabeleland. As Vodloza points out isikhathi seqiniso asisekhatshana. Nxa uTswangirai engabasizanga laba amadlabantu bombhuqazwe iqolwane elinguJabualni labo bonke abenza njengaye bazabonwa ngabantu. Okunye okungabantu kuzabulawa lutsheko ngiqinisile.

  27. Phunyukabemphethe

    With Gukurahundis, never think you are safe, tommorrow will be your turn. Stop closing ranks with them against uMthwakazi, I repeat!!

  28. after the elections i foresee Sibanda, kasukuwere etc facing trials, no doubt about this. the time has come zanu pf has got away with murder, the question is for how long. pple want change , no intimidation will change this. just like in 2008 , Mugabe thought he would win, he was shocked when he lost, this time his advisers are telling him same, you will win, opposition is weak. the truth is zimboz have learnt to play thier cards @ thier chests, never say much, till you drop your paper in the ballot, and you are done. pple know who to vote for , despite the share schemes, farming inputs etc,. mugabe is heading for shock. those who re-call 2008 will know that tsvangirayi didnt address many rallies, hardly even up to 10, yet he won. that situation still remains. he doesnt have to do much.

    1. josefa chinotimba

      True Saurosi.

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Nothing will happen to these guys. Zims are cowards – what with Tswangirayi’s vacillation about forgiving Gukurahundi Mugabe, as if he has ever asked for his forgiveness!

  29. These election, we wave Bye to Zanupf. Its nolonger in Jabu’s control.

  30. josefa chinotimba

    keep quiet Jabulani.You are killing innocent people in mashonaland,surely you will pay for this.we continue to monitor your activities Jabulani and after all you are only a war collaborator(mujibha),bastard.

    you are nothing jabulani,stop killing people,i am warning you.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Innocent villagers also died in Mthwakazi.

  31. This stupid Mtwkazi must go and shungurudza Mbonisi and leave our grandmothers in peace. Coward!!! Harinyare kusweronetsa chembere dzekumusha. Huya kutown tikubvise chirikumeso!!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Lathi futhi. our own Gogos went through what your Gogos are going through at the hands of the Gukurahundis. The only difference is that ours were made to forgo their language Ndebele and speak Shona at the risk of losing their lives at gun point.

      What surprises us though, is why you always take Gukurahundi Mugabe’s side when he is after the Ndebele, yet we are all in this thing together!!

  32. @ phunyukabemphembe
    You have got to understand that you are preaching to the converted whenever you accuse Shonas of joining ranks with Gukurahundis when it comes to Ndebele matters. Whilst of course I can’t speak for every Shona the majority of them don’t listen to anything ZPF has to say or offer. The only charge that you can stick against the Shona is that they were silent when the massacres were going on. For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

    However you must bear in mind the setting of the early to late ’80s. Matibili was at his apex in terms of popularity. Everyone the West included adored him. When he denied those massacres everyone believed him. Added to that the dissidents butchering Shonas who ventured to Mthwakazi territory as reported by ZPF’s Pravda stirred anti Ndebele feelings. Those days people were even willing to forgive Matibili for the thousands butchered by Comrades for not wanting to support the guerrilla movement.

    Ndebele and Shonas are singing from the same hymn book. The only problem is that we are singing completely different songs with the Ndebeles wanting unity under Welshman and Shonas advocating unity under Tsvangirai. That be as it may we are confident of giving Matibili and his cronies the boot come elections. As for that two faced dzviti-gukurahundi animal called Jabu we will deal with him accordingly when the time comes.

    1. let jabulani sibanda come to budas , kuwadzana, mufombi fio or gv for his rallies

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      What about supporting Gukurahundi Mugabe against Devolution because he said it causes disunity and secession when there has never been any evidence of this all over the world?

      What about supporting the relocation of people to Mthwakazi from other provinces yet locals have no land?

      What about supporting the growth of Harare at the rxpense of Bulawayo?

      What about supporting the Gukurahundi Mt Hampden capital city idea when Bulawayo is dying?

      What about supporting Gukurahundi Mugabe’s exclusion of Welshman from meetings against SADC resolutions despite your cries for SADC support in dislodging Mugabe and his Gukurahundi party from power?

      I can go on and on, the examples are too numerous to list here, safe to say I am not even talking about the 1980s, I am talking about now!!

    3. please jabu come and address rallies in fio , mufombi, budas gv or kuwadzana. We also want to hear your word

  33. Jabu is very correct. Is it not the same MDC-T which is advocating to allow Lesbians and Gays in my mother country Zimbabwe? Is it not the same party which is against Indigenisation and Land reforms in Zimbabwe? Learn to accept the truth. This shit party is out for good. It will be history very soon. Mark my words.

    1. You either put up or shut up simple and mind you Love Joe,you are mentally retarded to talk of lesbians and gays when the MDC formations are not even talking about it and they did not include it in the draft constitution.Instead of you talking of how to put our house in order you are talking or singing from a different hym altogether shame!Which truth has your ZPF told people since independence exept promising you to construct bridges where there is no river he-e???and also giving you a cup full of seed maize for a five or so hectare of land he-e-e???.So if you do not have anything to say buzz off.

  34. Mupfana weBikini

    Please maZimbo, dont resist when coerced to go kumusangano weZanu.Go in numbers ,eat everything on offer,smile and dance with them but when u go into the box vote MDC-T.Ndiko kunonzi kurasisa muvengi!There is no reason why a normal person would vote Zanu pf. This is our last chance gentlemen, we either swim or sink naana Jabu vacho tichanyura tese.Jabulani uneiwo iwe, tsuro zvayo inonwa mvura netsoka seniwo.

  35. Hate and violence inciting speech constitute a very crude and dangerous tool that some politicians resort to in an uneven political playing field with devastating consequences. While Jabulani, like every one else, has the right to appeal and mobilize political support from all and sundry including churches, reference to opponents as believers in Satan clearly crosses the line of ethical if not legal political conduct. Why not concentrate on what the party will do to the welfare of the congregants and how it will enable worshippers to enjoy their religious space. Please stop this type of mobilization which invariably leads to intolerance and ultimately violence

  36. That is what is termed maturation in simple English, we may find a grade seven pupil reasoning better than a lecturer. You are just showing signs of a warped mentality Jabulani. Shame on you!

  37. let jabulani sibanda come to budas , kuwadzana, mufombi fio or gv for his rallies

  38. please jabu come and address rallies in fio , mufombi, budas gv or kuwadzana. We also want to hear your word

  39. jabu vanhu vekwamubayira vakasara vechikuseka this time nguni haalume

  40. Jabu you are the devil, after that you did in 2008 u think takanganwa, mwana wemuroyi your days are numbered you will regreat the day u were born u think kunyarara kwedu kupusa haah Varungu vamunongo preacher day & night vakakupai nyika yakafa zvairi? Haunyari? Iro dongi kugara mumombe rakutozviitawo mombe nxaaaaaahhhh

  41. @the all above exposed satanist. U have been touched on the head by the ‘Anoited JB Sibanda’ let him do his job he is the son of Zanu Pf. The worshippers of satanism(mdc-t & N) period!!

  42. There is talk of Mtwakazi and gukurahundis about who should lead who to oust mugabe, is it not that at the launch of MDC, the executive elected among themselves who should hold which portfolio, on account of that I think there is a thin line here to debate the way forward, let us continue as we were and at a congress elect another leadership after the satanic party is history.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      As long as there is this “village politician talk”, the satanic party is going nowhere!

  43. Phunyukabemphethe

    In Zim we have A – the Gukurahundi party ZANU PF and its leader Mugabe – the common denominator.

    Next, we have B – the Shona people;

    Next we have C – the Mthwakazi people.

    Clearly going by the evidence on the ground – A is a common enemy to both B and C.

    But interestingly, when A goes for C, B supports A and yet when A goes for B, majority C opposes and join ranks with B against A.

    Please will someone then explain the strange support that B always lends to A against C? Why cant B likewise join ranks with C against A in the event A goes for C?

    1. @Phunyukabemphethe
      Mbonisi, you are a fool! A damn danned fool. Are you trying to hide behind a fingure? Who do you think would not see your four-cornered skull? Did you think trying to change names would mask your stupidity? You sound just like a donkey wearing a comour-flage rain coat mask but rushing forward to wriggle on the ash heap-braying like a demon. Aye Aye Aye. Which other animal wriggles in the ash heap? which other animal brays besides the donkey? Did you think this phunyukabemphete Tomfoolery would hide your gukurahundi grief evangelism? Such a shame and a half! So you took time to consider that last advice about changing the name Mbo-nisi after highlighting to you that ‘Mbo’ is a prefix to the obscenity to do with a man’s third leg? And you settled for Phunyuka-BeMphete? You now want to associate yourself with Escaping ? Whatever! Shame and a half!
      Anyway, be whomever you prefer and hide behind whatever kinds of fingures you like. Who cares? But we will always know you once you start to gripe about Mthwakazi and gun-totting this and that into Matabili, Gukurahundi so and so, and so forth. And we will not abandon the eternal obligation incumbent upon us-to tell you to go to hell and the directions to hell are very simple since for you, all routes lead to Shake-Shake building. Go there and you have your hell waiting for you right there, with the Devil himself saving supper on the dinner table.
      Your analysis of A this, B that, C those is really silly from head to toes. This country does not comprise of just Zanu Pf , Shonas and Matabilis with opinions and social forces evolving around them. There are wholly neglected social strata you never factor into any of your dull discussions; -such as school teachers for example, farmers, sherpards, cross-border traders, long-distannce haulage trucks and their drivers, there are gold-panners- amakorokoza, gays and lesbians, prostitutes, catholic priests, sangomas, miracle money making false prophets Makandiwa and Ubert Angel and so on. Surely you can’t see this country from such a perspective? All you see is Gukurahundi Zanu Pf, MaSvina and Mthwakazi? I told you before that you do spent a lot of time masturbating with your Gukurahundi grief which shall one day see you rooming the streets a soliloquing, lonely, sad, hard-headed Matabili mad hatter. Vele isikhati sokwanele-siyabona leinto ezikhulumayo. Now is that day! Why does everyone gang up against Mtkwakazi? Well , seems to me all those bantu migration history and racial-eugenics lecturers fell on deaf ears. How many times where you told that Mzilikhazi rustled cattle from harpless farmers and has not owned up , apologised and returned even one single cow-hide to show his remorse over his sins? Just how many times did I personally tell you Mzilikhazi’s assegai-totting impis enslaved girls and women to child bearing Matabili harems for nothing? Was it not explained to you Mzilikhazi wasted every man he came across north of the Limpopo and took their wives, daughters and beeves? Did Lobengula, his son not procede to butcher many more defenceless civilians at KoBulawayo? Is Mzilikhazi not buried right at the foothills of the sacred Matonjeni hills? Did anyone import land to start this nonsense called Mthwakazi whatever? Was it not explained to you that the Matabili folks colonised local tribes (It’s so surpising how you want to refer to these Matabili folks as locals themselves who are not given land when the Svina people from north are settled in Mthwakazi) Your type of mentality is very fixed and unrelenting between the time Mzilikhazi crowned himself king of Mthwakazi and Gukurahundi. You have erected tollgates to anything suggesting Mthwakazi was a colonial empire premised on the slavery of other people’s lands, wives, cattle, and social liberites. You will not listen to anyone asking questions of why Gukurahundi therefore took place-especially the part to do with the coincidence between the signing of the Unity Accord in 1987 and the laying down of Dissident arms considering that you have maintained that the dissidents –Mdawini, Brown and company had nothing to do with certain political party structures. Isn’t it therefore comic that every day you wake up with a fresh conscience, raising fresh questions about that very subject matter discussed and clarified yesterday? You do that as if this is some fresh topic-a justified dissertation topic where research gaps exist in the current body of knowledge and you would rather provoke further research to fill in the masses of uninformed academics out there. Tell you what, the masses out there are informed. They know all of this Mzilikhazi-Lobengula Madzviti cruelity, and Gukurahundi stuff. Trying to write a Thesis about it is just nauseating. Makes a pregnant lass retch the foetus out of the womb. Right now, nobody teams up for Mthwakazi jingle bells becoz no-one wants a repeat of Madzviti barbarism anywhere in this land again. No-one, except maybe somebody possessed with the Lobengula Mzilikhazi Khumalo blood sucking vampire spirit; of which unfortunately you are the last man standing. Comic isn’t it? You just look like a silly lonely Dracula trying to rally every human to a blood-sucking feast! And no-one bids you, let alone harkens for the reason that Draculas have no kind conscience (at least has never been recorded to have such a heart) towards the human race. They have been known to feast on the humans-they have feasted on humans before and have every intention to feast some more on humans. Silly trash!

  44. I tried to look for where Jabulani Sibanda harassed people but could not see it from what he is said to have said. Can some one pin point for me what element of what he said could be deemed as harassment? Newsday kwave kungo makawo munhu uku. Saka Jabu haachato bvumidzwa kutaura here? Ko Chamisa paanoti’ “Nekoko bwa-a rovera pasi utsike nemagirazi acho.” is that not encouraging violence by the MDC-T? Even Tsvangirai says the says the same slogan.

    All Jabu is saying is that Zanu PF needs to work hard to win back those who had left to support the MDCs. If that is harassment then what isn’t?

    1. ko ungagoti kudii zvako dzvinyangoma, iwe uri we gukurahundi party , dai anga ari munhu ve MDC AKATAURA mashoko iwayo ,mapurisa aiwana basa.

  45. should Jabulani please go and worship his god Mugabe and leave Zimbabweans alone. Let him stop behaving like a moron. waliwa yipromotion yezanu-pf ngoba phela wena u dont deserve to be called a war vert since awuzange ulugxobe empini.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      uJabu uright. Yisikhathi sabo nabo lababantu.

      As long you oppose them, Gukurahundis will never spare you just because you are Shona. Being Shona is no longer a passport to glory – its gone, gone with the wind!

      1. josefa chinotimba

        You are such a shame, wena ulizanga lomuntu,umgodoyi sibili.hamba katshana le uyetshetshela.

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          Iqiniso vele libuhlungu!

  46. Jabulani is wasting his time bcoz, according to the new constitution, chiefs have been stripped of powers to interfer in politics. Besides this time around we are very much prepared to make sure that noone will be intimidated or have his/her rights violated by a regime which has overstayed. Let us unite and stop this cruelty to us human beings: we must refuse to be forced to do things we dont want to. Comrades we want change, we are tired of this nonsense and shit!

  47. Phunyukabemphethe

    Mthwakazi Gukurahundi Jabu is doing what his band of Shona Gukurahundis have instructed him to do, so keep quiet, its your turn!

  48. The problem is that of generalizing. What evidence is there that B supports A against C’s concerns? Comments posted on newspaper sites? Individuals’ comments? That’s no big enough nor conclusive sample population to go by. You should know by now that since 1980 (with the exception of the late 1990s when Tsvangirai mobilised against the drought levy etc) everything that’s been happening in Zimbabwe has been at the behest of Matibili. What could B do? Bulawayo is not the only city dying. So is Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo. Investment is what pumps life into cities/communities. True that this Malawian’s government has failed to invest public funds into Bulawayo but the city itself (and country at large) has failed to attract private local & foreign investment. Once the engineering hub of the country in the Rhodesian days there has been much divestment over the years. What fault can you find with B on this. As for Mt Hampden serious minded people are not taking this seriously. Where will the money, water, electricity… come from. Besides Matibili & co will not be in govt for much longer. If Tsvangirai & Matibili both have personal scores to settle with Welsh it don’t mean so does every B. Majority of B want Matibili gone & apparently Tsvangirai regardless of his many shortcomings has a profile & post independence struggle record that majority can identify with thence preferring him over anybody else so far. I’m sure Mthwakazi concerns have greater propensity to be addressed by Chamatama than by Matibili.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe


      May be you didn’t see this earlier:

      1. What about supporting Gukurahundi Mugabe against Devolution because he said it causes disunity and secession when there has never been any evidence of this all over the world?

      2. What about supporting the relocation of people to Mthwakazi from other provinces yet locals have no land?

      3. What about supporting the growth of Harare at the rxpense of Bulawayo?

      4. What about supporting the Gukurahundi Mt Hampden capital city idea when Bulawayo is dying?

      5. What about supporting Gukurahundi Mugabe’s exclusion of Welshman from meetings against SADC resolutions despite your cries for SADC support in dislodging Mugabe and his Gukurahundi party from power?

      I can go on and on, the examples are too numerous to list here, safe to say I am not even talking about the 1980s, I am talking about now!!

  49. Mr Sibanda pliz take your bullshit away from my beloved Mubaira .Yo Zanu Pf has failed to finish a strip of tarrred road from Beatrice to Junction.then Mubaira – Chegutu road is the worst road in zimbabwe, so please let the people of my homeland vote in peace.and do a repeat of the 2000 election.

  50. There is this person who uses different names. Everytime he want to talk about gukurahundi, shonas, ndebeles, mthwakazi. This is disgusting and irritating becoz instead of encouraging unity amongst tribes he want Zimbabwe to be divided along tribal lines. This is similar to Zanu pf who always preaches whites hatred. Tribalism,racism,ethnicism,etc are evils in society, let us learn to accept that bygones are bygones and move on with progressive minds.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      No one wants division among Zims wena Thoko. But you can not seek unity whilst glossing over those issues that are of serious concern to others.

      Please address those issues then unity becomes natural.

      Why cant people accept that every citizen of Zimbabwe has a right to participate in Zimbabwe’politics in whatever capacity without seeking to label them or attaching false tribalistic motives to their self-expression.

      Everything done by a Mthwakazi or Ndebele is seen as tribalism why? where have you seen a country where only one section of the population is said to have a monopoly over tribalism? Is it a sin to be a minority?

      These are tribalistic Gukurahundistic tactics which some of us will never allow.

    2. josefa chinotimba

      Very true Thoko,well said,especially this guy calling himself Phunyukabemphethe(Mbonisi).He is a disgrace.Ngiyakubonga my si.

  51. Phunyukabemphethe

    Zimbabwe will never be at peace; Zimbabwe will never progress unless and until each and every Zimbabwean learns to emphathise with each and every suffering Zimbabwean regardless of tribe, race or region.

    This thing about you stole our cattle and women, therefore we will dance while Gukurahundi Mugabe Gukurahundis you, your children and your gogos and welshman will never rule because he is a Zimundevere will get us nowehere.

    Lets all do away with Chigwedere’s history books and start afresh as a united nation – after all its the 21st century, isn’t it?

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Zwana phela ndoda,i am now suspecting that you are the one Jabulani Sibanda who is just trying to play around with our minds.thanx, i am done here.

  52. Jabu musatanist don’t take him serious,his father is lucifa VaMUGABE havadi mhere mhere plse Jabulani.

  53. @ phunyukabemphete

    I think the bottom line is there has existed bad blood between the Ndebeles and Shonas for too long now. I grew up being told stories (by people who had heard these stories… from people who themselves hadn’t even witnessed or experienced these things themselves) about how evil the Dzvitis are/were. How they plundered the Shonas and they love to rule. I know I’m not the only one
    who was thus “indoctrinated”. Matibili of course latched onto this himself and as a true practitioner of the divide & conquer theorem he did everything else to further widen the gulf between Ndebele & Shona instead of fostering national healing and unity amongst the different ethnic groups.

    A lot has to be done to address the valid concerns of minorities in the country. The sad thing though is nothing will be done to bring oneness btn Shonas & Ndebeles or national healing as long as Matibili remains in power. I can’t think of any more powerful tool than to encourage dialogue/interaction through various fora eg TV talk shows in which either side gets to know understand & appreciate the other. To achieve this though Matibili has to be dislodged from power.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      You are right, but the question is how does he get dislodged from power?

      Mugabe will not be removed from power by antagonising the minorities whilst expecting them to come cap in hand to lend their support to another Shona speaking leader Tswangirayi.

      Quite legitimately people ask valid questions as to what if he is just another Gukurahundi Mugabe in sheep’s clothing? Look at what he is saying about Welshman, how different is he from Mugabe?

      Like Mugabe, look he comes here speaking to all and sundry in Shona and we are not Shonas, even the Gukurahundis used their guns to force us to speak Shona etc, etc.

      These are valid questions that many of us in Mthwakazi are grappling with everyday.

  54. I dont think this confused jabulani shud be taken seriosly. He is an attention seeker. Zpf masvingo do not want to see him anywhere closer to heir province. And they are right he sows seeds of hatred: violence and all ills. He is doing zpf a disservice to potential zpf supporters. Its a pity the powers that be in zpf are not reigning him in;

  55. Mugabe is your saviour? A-ah! zvakaoma.

  56. There is no better example of herd mentality than what is displayed by the comments here. What is so intimidating about what Jabulani said? Is it more intimidating than “Hezvoko bwa-a! Rovera pasi! Tsika nemagirazi acho!”?

    I would like to see just one victim of Jabulani Sibanda with scars caused by his speechifying. Newsday has been demonising this guy since they started publishing. If he wanted he could successfully sue Newsday for libel. There is freedom of speech and press freedom but misrepresentation of facts is not a right and is also not alright. Newsday has not stated whether those Jabulani was addressing had been coerced to attend the rally. If they attended voluntarily as seems to be the case then where is the intimidation?

    There is nothing that points to a contradiction between Jabulani addressing a campaign rally and the president encouraging peace. It is actually Newsday trying to create controversy over nothing particularly the phantom reporter called Everson Mushava.

  57. Jabulani Sibanda is using primitive ways to seek political relevance.Shame on this embecile who is not even ashamed of his wholesome lunacy.

  58. O my foot! This idiot! We are inviting him to come to Kalangaland! Ndiko kwaano bona bayi bambudlo!

  59. Peculiar article, just what I was looking for.|

  60. If people could be disposed of like rubbish- Jabulani Sibanda I would incinerate! We do not need the likes of his kind in our beloved country. The man is utterly disgusting and has nothing to add to the future of this country; all he stands for is hatred and violence!
    We do not want imbeciles of his kind in Zimbabwe and our future certainly has no space for the likes of Jabulani Sibanda!

  61. Welshman anesupport yani? He just an indivdual using banner reMDC h fired elected pple akasara ega soon Coltant wll b going to MDC-T f h has support why z t that h was dfted naThokozani. The late Gibson wz dfted kuNkulumane by unknown Mahlangu a univest student by then.I think h is e one campaigning on this 4rum wth different names (ana mbonisi) nt the majority pple of matebele. The pple of ths region ar lt down by leaders who sell out to zanu, davengwa,mpofu,jonathan nana welshman ivava. A hero ndiSkanyiso kumatebeland. JB instead of tellng yo bosses kuti kuMat North some schools dzimba dzematicha dzodzurwa nendove uye ndedzeuswa bt u run away 4rm them kutya kukubvunza

  62. Jabulani dont you see that you are being used by Matibili? Why is he preaching peace and letting you preach violence? Mind, Jabu, that Matibili wont stand by you after elections. Uchasara wega nemhosva dzako. Wakapusa Mtwakazi Jabu!!!!

  63. The train has left the station Jabu, better find new ways to stay relevant..staying on this course is a clear sign posted road to self destruction. You sound like a fairly inventive fellow, I am sure you will come up with something better than this..remember Charles Darwin’s immortal words in his Origin of the Species, “It is not the the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survive, it is those that adapt to their enviroment.” I think for your sake you better move with greased speed to adapt to current realities, NOW!

  64. @Murutisi

    So are you saying the madzviti stories are just a myth because you were told by someone who was told by someone also told by someone who never witnessed the events? Don’t be silly, even Mugabe himself never hatched a plan to educate anyone about Madzviti for political expedience. He wasn’t even born when Mzilikhazi foraged these lands-you don’t think therefore if the Mzilikhazi story is a Mugabe fable, people would see it for what it is? The truth is Madzviti is a reality-usayera nyoka negavi iripika iwe.Don’t estimate the length of a snake when it is there for everyone to see. They were there and are still there-all over this place. Mbonisi for example is one such Dzviti-although I don’t think he has an assegai, stolen beeves and a captive wife. He must have been civilised by Rhodes though he is just a confused dissendent suffering from apparitions of Mzilikhazi’s plundering escapades.


    Pukunyu -pukunyu wapukunyuka from nothing my friend!

    .”This thing about you stole our cattle and women, therefore we will dance while Gukurahundi Mugabe Gukurahundis you, your children and your gogos and welshman will never rule because he is a Zimundevere will get us nowehere.Lets all do away with Chigwedere’s history books and start afresh as a united nation – after all its the 21st century, isn’t it?”.

    Actually its the pretending that there is no such thing as Madzviti plundering anyone’s wives, daughters, cattle and lives that will get no-one anywhere. You know its the very root of the Matabili-Masvina problems – and no-one can move forward with anything unless people go back to the root of the problem and pluck it off the ground so that it does not breed another off-shoot of the undesired weed. When Mzilikhazi came into Zimbabwe, he did not have land to settle anyone down and start a kingdom. Instead, he took it by force and put to death everyone who resisted.. This history is writen all over this world even by merchants such as Vasco-Da-Gama, how then do you want to blame Chigwedere for repeating the same thing?Are you ashamed of being the disscendent of a cattle-rustler that you are? Well, then rise up and clean up the mess and return those cattle if you want to live peacefully with your neighbours. History is therefore agreed Mzilikhazi was not a Missionary preaching peace and solidarity, and neither are his dissendents deities from heven not guilty of something-and therefore supposed to attorn/appease that sin to the wronged.If you think what happened in the 19th century has nothing to do with the 21st century, tough luck because I know of some Boer Trekkers who landed on Walvis Bay on 21 July 1401 and trekked north of the Limpopo and have since been dispossesed and repartriated to Holland beggining in 2000-six centuries later simply for refusing to own up to the sins of their garndfathers and pay up for anything taken by force from the lands between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers.
    That should answer your senseless parlaver about land resettlement in the westbank (Or wanna continue halucinating its Mtwakhazi?)

    “2. What about supporting the relocation of people to Mthwakazi from other provinces yet locals have no land?….I can go on and on, the examples are too numerous to list here, safe to say I am not even talking about the 1980s, I am talking about now!! ”
    The truth of the matter is there is nothing local about anyone preferring to identify with Mtwakhazi just as much as there was nothing indegene with Ian Smith and his Rhodesia bullshit. In short Phunyu, you ain’t local around here. You are a foreigner salivating over a cake not belonging to you. If I were you, I would do well to study the Changani people’s migration history (Soshangane Descendents living peacifully in the Chimanimani/Chiredzi area). These people migrated from Shaka Zulu earlier than Mzilikhazi, and they also rustled shaka’s cattle. But look, when they entered Mtapa state from the east, renegades being head-hunted by Shaka’s impis, they just melted into the crowd peacefully and have co-habited and lived hapilly ever-after.No-one ever revisits that story. They stole no-one’s wives, nor daudgters, nor cattle, nor land. But were permited to settle down in the Chiredzi Shangaani refugee camp by Mutapa (sorry at the time this was tsetse country -and tsetse decimated shaka’s head-hunters and cooled the heat off the renegades) Do you see how different Mzilikhazi dissendents are from Soshangane’s dissendents? You are not humble, tyou do not melt into the bigger crowd, you do not turn your eyes away from other people’s lands, wives, daughters,cattle. You are greedy, war-mongering, proud -for-nothing, unrepentend rapist-cattle rustling murderous SOB’s. No amount of bulshitting Chigwedere will rub away that part of history. Nobody will forget it.

    The speaking of Shona in the Z-West Bank is not even a crime, but a return to sanity and the proper social order. Don’t forget, Sindebele was assegai totted from across the Limpopo and a whole prefecture of Z-West Bank was palverised into foreign lingua submission. Why are you now complaining when that which was defiled is now being restored? The fact that you fear Tsvangirai will just be a copy of Gukurahundi is because you have a guilty conscience somewhere. What manner of man runs away from a shadow except if he has done something wrong? I will tell you the truth about Tsvangirayi, or Mutambara or Daniel Shumba, or any other politician from the north, east or south bank provinces. yes they will be gukurahundistic about mzilikhazi’s children. They refuse to repent and appease the sins of their father. How then do you expect this country to move forward otherwise? You create a problem, you solve it. Simple.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      You have been told several times to go back to the graves of those imaginary tribal war perpetrators of yours, dig them up and deal with them once and for all to satisfy your insatiable Gukurahundistic tribal hatred.

      You can also play the same role on behalf of the other tribalists like you right across the African continent, maybe they can pay your lazy bum a dime or two for your efforts.

      Alternatively take the dead bodies, or more precisely the bones to the highest courts in the land, with witnesses if you can find them, and get the war mongers arraigned and executed. So far what have you – NOTHING!!!.

      Instead you come onto these fora to make the same noises time and again – ungabosidina la. All I can tell you is that we in Mthwakazi are not tribal Gukurahundistic idiots like you who will in future seek redress for Gukurahundi by harassing Bona, Robert jnr and Chatunga, when we all know they know nothing about Gukurahundi!!

    2. Proudly Mthwakazi

      And while we are at it, seeing that a you love marrying from Mthwakazi and a good number of you people are either crossbreeds with Ndebele mothers you love to call prostitutes or have Ndebeles as wives – why not continue from where you left off during Gukurahundi and drive those big pangas right into your pregnant Ndebele speaking mothers and wives while they sleep at night, just to ensure the little dissidents are nipped in the bud.



  65. Phunyukabemphethe

    We are in agreement that Jabulani Sibanda is on the right path.

  66. @ Shame

    The madzviti stories regardless of how accurate or otherwise have not, are not and will not help Zimbabwe and its people overcome the numerous problems we have. Neither is repeating the tragic ethnic cleansing of the ’80s going to help us solve a single one of our problems. You mention boers going back to Holland at least they had a place to go to. Ndebeles, Shonas, Kalangas, Ndau etc have no place to go. Zimbabwe is what they call home.

  67. Dear Editor,

    I think some of the participants are using this platform to hurl tribal insults at each other..I think this is abuse that people can very well do without. Perhaps your online moderator could assist with toning down these tribal epithets getting into print. I am not suggesting censorship but some contributors have thrown all decency to the dogs to score tribal points which the generalty of your readership do not need. You see you are the only platform left together with the Herald whose platform is alive with debate, but lets not forget common decency and do away with medieval tribal discord. One can make their point without inflaming the pages. Yours is almost a lone platform given that the Financial Gazette and the Daily News have shut off their interactive platforms. Please help us dispute on civilised and humane terms. Sometimes passions get incensed, this is where the moderator comes in, NO? As contributors we may sometimes feel passionate about an issue but lets not forget that our children also read contributions on this platform.

  68. Phunyukabemphethe

    Gukurahundi shame says Mthwakazi should carry the can for the fathom 1800s tribal wars that he imagines in his head.

    Surely would it make sense for Mthwakazi to likewise to demand Bona, Robert jr and Chatunga to answer for Gukurahundi some fifty years from now?

  69. Yes the people who vote for MDC are devilish only if Mugabe is the god. Jabulani Sibanda thinks Mugabe is god and that all Zimbabweans should worship him. Mafungirewo ake nemajority of Zanu pf supporters who think Mugabe is god. So you Zanu pf people worship an individual as god i rest my case.

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