Is there substance in a wedding?


WEDDINGS are jubilant moments joining loved ones in the presence of relatives and friends.

Report by Winstone Antonio

Since time immemorial, wedding ceremonies unite two people in marriage who take vows dedicating their commitment to live together in marriage forever.

Though a wedding can basically be a time to celebrate love, it also has legal and religious significance to the immediate families.

NewsDay Leisure conducted a number of interviews with people to understand the significance of weddings to people in Zimbabwe.

Shadreck Ayiwero of Kuwadzana Extension, Harare, explained that a wedding to him does not mean anything, besides “interacting with beer and food to his fullest”.

Emmaculate Chikanda of Chitungwiza also added her voice saying a wedding signifies a day to celebrate a special union between a bride and bridegroom.

Marian Kupfuma of Tynwald South, Harare, who is yet to tie the knot had this to say: “To me, a wedding is a platform that signifies a higher level of commitment to my loved one. It is a time to parade our love to the world.

“I prefer an intimate wedding for the sake of privacy. I would invite very few people then the rest would come for the after-party.

“I don’t like what is happening these days where some people are doing it to show their flamboyance and financial stamina by organising weddings worth thousands of dollars. This has resulted in the loss of meaning for weddings,” she added.

Innocent Kunjanja of Belvedere, Harare, who is preparing for a wedding soon, said: “A wedding is all about food, music, dancing, and other rituals such as the cutting of the cake and the first dance by the bride and bridegroom,” he said.

Blessing Mapakare of Mount Pleasant, Harare, said he views a wedding as a formal union of the bride and bridegroom in front of people, not a ceremony to show one’s capacity to spend cash.

“From what we are witnessing and reading, be it in the papers or social media, the wedding has lost its status of being a formal marriage ceremony. I would prefer a situation where those preparing for a wedding go for some form of counselling so that they understand the deep meaning of that ceremony,” he said.

Ellen Gambinga said a wedding is just like a party where the bride and groom receive pledges and gifts from friends, relatives and the community as a means of blessing their relationship.

“The most important part though is the exchange of vows in the presence of everyone,” she added.

Blessing Mandishona of Avondale, Harare, lambasted the erosion of marriage values through people’s quest for flamboyance.

“I cannot deny that a wedding should be a time for families to celebrate love, but my problem is when people utilise lifetime investments on a wedding only.

“I did not wed, but have paid all of my lobola to my in-laws and we have a happy marriage,” he said.

George Ncube shared the same sentiments with Blessing Mandishona that the wedding has lost its significance.

While the adoption of Western marriage custom of weddings has been hailed as a transparent and open process, it is the rate at which people are now prioritising trivial things like colour and flamboyance that has sparked debate in society.


  1. What is crucial is not formality kuti vanhu vanongoziva kuti kuroorana kwakanaka muchato,wat abou vakazonge voita njakenjake muwaniso,to quoute first farai,muchato harusi rudo,ipepa rinongosainiwa,kuvavaridza kubatanidza vaviri,moyo necomtment yevaviri ndorudo,wachata wozowana mskana nil virginity,murume stil hanged to the exes,there z a lot,so convction of the two in genuine union ndomuchato,

  2. Muchato is the english way yekuroora and the african way kuroora kubvisa mari kumainlaws,saka pane kusanganisa macultures,muchato kuafrica is just like a party.

  3. I’d say a wedding is and will always be most if not every girl’s dream. Of course the main purpose is to legalise the couple’s union and to be blessed.It is ideally a once in a lifetime day and if a couple can afford to go all out then so be it. There is a degree of maturity that comes with getting married and couples plan their weddings according to their abilities, what may be life savings for the Jones may well be a drop in the pond for the Smiths.
    How one chooses to celebrate their marriage does not necessarily depict the climate of their marriage saka siyai vanhu vave particular about every minute detail of this special day.
    Our wedding anniversary is next week and i will be going through our wedding album and video, had i not gone all out i wouldn’t enjoy doing so but thank God I did, I set standards for our life together and I am enjoying everyday spent with my loving husband…so yes there is substance in a wedding

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