India free to invest in diamonds: Mpofu

MINES and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu says Indian investors are free to invest in the local diamond mining industry as part of developments that can deepen relations between the two countries.

Report By Business Reporter

Mpofu told a visiting Indian delegation on Wednesday that relations between Zimbabwe and India should go beyond the trade of diamonds.

Among the delegation was Confederation of Indian Industry deputy director Anjula Solanky and India’s Gem and Export Jewelry Promotion Council official Anup Zaveri.

Zimbabwe has in recent times become India’s major source of rough diamonds for its billion-dollar jewellery and cutting and polishing industry.

“We are looking at India going beyond just trading diamonds, but India to support us in transfer of technological know-how so that they can train our youngsters to go into gem processing, cutting and polishing,” Mpofu said.

“We are also looking at India investing in the mining of diamonds.

“We appreciate it if India became part of our economic development which you have done in other areas, we want to consolidate that in mining.”

He said there was willingness on the part of government to work with friendly countries such as China and Russia that had stood with the country during difficult times.

Media reports from India in the recent past have indicated that at least 60 000 jobs would be created in Surat, the specialised centre for cutting and polishing, for the processing of gems from Marange mines.

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  1. All business activities featuring Ministers like Obed Mpofu are today almost invariably tainted with corruption and/or some other form of impropriety. Most Ministers’ reputations are so tainted that it will be difficult to convince anyone that their motivation is anything national but selfish interests. Mpofu has very strong links with India where he studied, and has already been involved in some dubious deals there. It does not require much imagination to predict what might be happening or in store for the nation after the visitors depart.

  2. Phunyukabemphethe

    Remember Obert Mpofu was at University in India in late 70s early 80s. We knew him as the typical sellout. No wonder he was the first to sellout to the Gukurahundis after 1980 independence. Now he is selling the country to the Indians. Typical!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe nesu mabrandaya tiri vabvakure zvekukulahunde zwauri kutaura ndezwe kun’a wamvela, makamenyedwa zvikapera, let’s focus on removing jongwe 4 now. yekukulahunde tozoibata mawa Mugabe achoka pacheya. Wamvera mnyamata. Zikomo kwambili.

  3. nxaaaaa!

  4. Should steal since he may be “demoted” to vice president. A paupers post which is cursed.

  5. the fat bustard is running everywher looking fo miracle votes.

  6. Like it or not he is running things

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