Groups fear devolution: Mkhosi

CONSTITUTIONAL and Parliamentary Committee (Copac) co-chair Edward Mkhosi has claimed that pressure groups which are lobbying for the rejection of the draft constitution are scared that devolution of power will rob them of employment as their chances of getting jobs in other regions will be reduced.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

Mkhosi said fear of losing jobs was one of the top factors driving resistance to the draft constitution.

“It was not any easy task crafting the draft constitution. Some of my colleagues were against devolution and they are still against it. They ended up calling me ‘Mr Devolution’.

“Groups such as National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) fear that if the constitution is voted ‘Yes’ they will lose jobs they currently have,” said Mkhosi on Sunday at an MDC rally in Gwanda.

MDC has vowed that it will not drop its demands for devolution of power in the new constitution, saying the majority of Zimbabweans are struggling to access government services which are centralised in Harare.

Zanu PF initially resisted the inclusion of devolution of power in the new supreme law, arguing it will divide the country.

Efforts to get a comment from NCA chairman Lovemore Madhuku proved fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

NCA filed an urgent High Court chamber application seeking to stop the referendum scheduled for March 16. The application by Madhuku followed an announcement by the three political leaders in the coalition government that they had agreed on the final version of the draft constitution.

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  1. Gukurahundis are afraid of devolution but they can’t stop the rain now


  3. Phunyukabemphethe

    Every province should ensure they employ locals first and foremost before looking elsewhere – that is devolution and unity in our diversity – giving every Zimbabwean an equal opportunity to make a decent living.

    Skilled jobs will definitely mean recruiting from all over the country, but waiters, cleaners etc must come from the regions.

    In Victoria Falls, the Elephants Hill hotel is now known as “” for very good reasons. Zimbabwe must start afresh in building a united, respectful one nation!!

  4. 75% of Zimra workers in Harare are Nd.ebs.
    70% of Avenues Flats are ocupied by Nd.ebs.
    Now if you say locals, then you are starting tribalism.
    Jobs to .competent Zimbabweans thats all. anyone who want to get a job by their tribe or skin colour is a problem.
    Those from other provinces than Harare, dont cry for things which will work against you. Harare runs 90% of the Economy and 5% is now mutare.
    50% of Harare residents Mbare, Highfield, Glen Nora, Mfakose, Mabvuku and Tafara are Aliens. So Harare Jobs to those from Harare province.
    Devolutions should simply be government services, which will in turn creat employment in those areas.
    Car registration, passports, government ministries.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Competency in cleaning toilets and waiting in hotels and restraunts – nonsense!

  5. We don’t care who looses the job! Sifuna amandla ezabelweni


    1. Devolution is the best development is being done Kwazvimba at expense of nation

  7. @Hombarume, FUCK YOU Lil’ Gukurahundi, u’re so dull, such a moron

  8. @Zhakata Mugove – yes im dull at the moment and im doing something about it. i want to be the next Masiiwa or Motsepe by the time i turn 35.
    At the moment im only dull as i just having a small portfolio of investments and operating in just 6 countries. I truelu feel dull not being in the top 10 of Zimbabwe’s richest.
    I feel dull as im only offering employment to only 326 people.
    Im dull as im not doing anything to revive Bulawayo Industry.
    I feel dull as im only paying school fees for only 12 students.
    thanks for remin ding me that, i will improve from my dullness.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Unamanga -uyinswelaboya nje, akukho onakho. Nesingisi siyakuhlula futhi!!

  9. @zhakata u dnt hve 2 swear! devolution is the way to go. byo, matland, midlands, masvingo, manicaland wl develop faster if they plan their own programs. b’bridge has biggest border post, bt it so un-developd

    1. Phuyukabemphethe

      When dealing with thick headed Gukurahundi tribalists, swearing is the only language they understand.

  10. @phunyu u r such a tribalist! shame, wat a disgrace evn 2 us byo pple. man tall facts, nt emotions. we in byo nd devolution

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Go hang, I don’t give a damn about accusations of tribalism. That is typical Gukurahundi tactic of silencing people from saying what they don’t want to hear. You can say that a million times, I will never change!!

  11. @Phunyuka for sure noone can change yo tribal thinking,but yo mentality will slowly leave some of us loosing simpathy with the victims of the gukurahundi. Why?? Becoz according to yu,its now a mockery. Yo use of the word GUKURAHUNDI is abusive,yu are more like intertaining yoself with someones wound. Think again.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      We don’t need gukurahundi lectures nor your sympathy, keep them to yourself!

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