Energy Mutodi arrested

BUSINESSMAN-cum-musician Energy Mutodi was yesterday arrested in the capital for an undisclosed offence.


NewsDay witnessed the arrest of Mutodi outside the civil courts. Mutodi, who was clad in a navy-blue designer suit, tried to resist arrest before he was handcuffed.

Although details leading to his arrest were sketchy at the time of going to print last night, the mucisian was detained at Harare Central Police Station.

His lawyer Jonathan Samukange last night said police were yet to prefer charges against him.

“I am yet to get full details from the police who are investigating the matter,.” Samukange said. “I can confirm that they picked him up at the civil courts and he was literally manhandled by the officers.”

Sources said Mutodi could have been arrested for a botched housing deal.

Disgruntled home seekers recently besieged Mutodi’s Zimtrust Housing Company in Harare demanding refunds for stands they were allegedly promised since 2007.

Some 30 irate clients recently converged at the company premises in central Harare, demanding audience with him or his managers, but he reportedly failed to do so.

The clients, some of whom were reportedly owed as much as $4 000 each, turned office equipment upside-down throwing everything all over the floor and emptied flower pots on desks and carpets.

Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson Tadius Chibanda declined to comment saying he was not in his office.

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