(Dynamos win the Bob89 Super Cup 6-1 on aggregate)
DYNAMOS turned on the power ruthlessly crushing Highlanders yesterday to lift the Bob89 Super Cup in the second leg of the annual tournament played at Rufaro Stadium, Harare.


They led 2-1 from the first leg played at Barbourfields Stadium two weeks ago and it seemed the second leg would serve a dish of competitive and entertaining football.

But it turned out to be a one-sided 45-minute affair after goals from double-scorer Patrick Khumbula — deservedly named man-of-the-match and taking home a trophy, an I-Pad and a Smartphone — Patson Jaure and an own goal by Simon Munawa ended the contest.

The Harare giants walked away with a $100 000 winning prize, while Highlanders got  $75 000.

“It was a good game for us in terms of our preparations for the Champions League game against Lesotho Correctional Service next week. I can afford a smile today but we should not sit on our laurels. This trophy was as a result of teamwork,” Kalisto Pasuwa said.

Highlanders coach Kevin Kaindu did not know what hit his side.

“It’s unfortunate that we lost, but I think we created a number of good chances and the few chances that our opponents got they managed to convert and that was the difference. We were expecting to win this match, but to be honest with you, I don’t know what happened,” Kaindu said.

Dynamos raced into an early lead when Khumbula fired home a low shot from close range on eight minutes after goalkeeper Ariel Sibanda had spilled a well struck shot from debutant Francisco Zekumbawira.

Barely had Highlanders recovered from the early blow when Dynamos struck again.

Murape Murape floated a free-kick into the area and Jaure rose clear on the blind side with his angled header somehow sneaking past Sibanda on his near post.

After a brief period of sustained pressure by Highlanders which saw Dynamos keeper Artwell Mukandi pulling out good saves and Graham Ncube hitting the upright, the hosts increased their lead on 39 minutes.

A swift counterattack saw defender Gift Bello galloping forward on the left flank before freeing Khumbula for a simple shot past the advancing Sibanda.

Dynamos went to the breather leading comfortably, but would increase the lead seconds after the restart.

Straight from the resumption, halftime substitute Munawa hit his own nets when an intended back pass fooled Sibanda who had already committed himself to the right when the pass was made.

The visitors’ reaction to the goal was to pull out Sibanda for Munyaradzi Diya.

Dynamos were much better in the second half and could have increased the lead.

Tawanda Muparati’s right foot volley went just over the woodwork and on the other end, Mukandi scooped off the line from another Moyo shot.

The match tempo decreased in the final stages of the match, but it was Dynamos who created the better chances.

Ex-Caps player United Washington Pakamisa, who came in as a substitute, had his shot blocked by Diya.

Dynamos: A Mukandi, P Jaure, G Bello, A Mbara, T Magorimbo (M Kadzola, 56mins), S Alimenda, D Chafa, T Muparati, M Murape, F Zekumbawira (W Pakamisa 55mins), P Khumbula (R Madamombe, 71mins)
Highlanders: A Sibanda (M Diya, 50mins), B Kangwa, I Mapuranga, L Nkomo, A Musasa (S Munawa, 46mins), B Chikaka, M Maphosa, M Mambare, P Moyo, G Ncube (O Zibande, 55mins), M Ncube

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  1. Go De mbare go show them how to play football. Congradulations for beating Bosso. To Bosso keep on trying zvichanaka chete nerimwe zuva. To the Bosso coach you must know that you can lose some draw some , win some and do not keep saying you do not know what went wrong. We have heard that a countless times now whenever you lose to De mbare

  2. If u had stopped beating people maybe God was going to smile at u ZORA BUTTER.

  3. I support Dembare but to hit four past Bosso is a bit too harsh. is this the teste of things to come? Come on Bosso musatinyadzisa kudaro saka munoda kuti Dembare ishaye competion here locally?

  4. Jacob chikonaz we dembare

    Masimba mambare w told u zvekurotomoka ku media zvakaipa chiona nhasi makurohwa senyoka yapinda mumba kunge ana quelaton fc zvonyadzisa wilard am sur u hv smtn to comment dembare wl rul kusvika mati sory ZORAI BUTTER seri neseri.

  5. D’mbare vs Boss .it z jst a session 4 the Dmbare

  6. Sir Kaindu u need to take responsibility of actions. i think by now u know that a soccer match is won by outscoring your opponent. work out on your team shortcomings

  7. Tell them Brian. Stop violence and God will be on your side. Siyanai nokurova vanhu kana maruza. Zvamakayenda kuHarare makarohwa nani? Kurai pliz


  8. Francis Machemba

    Kuzora kwega kwega madembareeeeeeeeeee

  9. Francis Machemba

    Kuzora kwega kwega madembare

  10. Shooting practice at Rufaro.


    Gore rino kunorohwa mbiti zvakaipa.All we,ve been hearing from Bosso is,’we did not lose a single player during the off-season so this season we are stronger than last season’.So what happened at Rufaro yesterday?Musatambe neDembare hama dzangu!Mr Kaindu,be very carefull,Dembare might get you fired.Thanks for a polished perfomance maDembare,you really made us proud.Zora-a-a!

  12. kuti zvityise’ ndokuti dembare. zoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. zora chete chete majaira kurotomoka muchitaura zvisinei nezvinodiwa nguvaidzodzo dembare ichakugadzirisai


    1. Chikonaz we dembare

      Wena mqhuqhumbo stop being tribalistic?soca and politics are 2 diferent thngs why cant u kp quiet f u dnt hv meaningful contributions?if u lyk to b a politician why cant u form ur political part?accept defeat wether u lik or nt tozora chete seri nekuseri dembare 4 lyf kana wasvotwa rutsa Dee Dee Deeeeeeembare.

  14. Kuzora kuzora,ndokupeiko vakomana,toita basa,but one thing tht the responsible authorities shld adress is civil discipline on hw maBosso behave specially wen n B.F.mhirizhonga kwete,vaMugabe vanoti peace begins with me and you.pakurova vanhu bosso pliz quit or we desolve B.F. venue tosangana kwekwe or gweru coz u tke yo home ground as heaven to judge maZORA…a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.

  15. seri neseri hakuna black and white.unongoona BLUE AND WHITE.kana tichitaura kuti Dembare ndobhora hanzi heed vanotaurisa,heeee pwedere pwedere,gore rino mucharamba kuuya kuRufaro.ko mati madii!Francisco show them.u r a star in the making.

  16. zora batter

  17. Don’t be fooled by beating bosso cause if you met a good finishing team ndimi mayipiwa 4,7 dziri kuuya pa champions league.as long as you provock without medical aid don’t come to b/f

    1. you think we care about bf? kikiki, yu,re lost ever since your ancestors arrived in this land until now yu have been so violent and it seems thats the only thing you can excel at! nxa, get a life its soccer even Madrid was beaten 5-1 by Barca but they accepted the defeat, you…., a bunch of losers!!!!!!!!!! we have better teams to play against in the other provinces and in Africa, keep your b/f dont think dembare will care even a bit, tirikutoda kuti if you want to play against us then we will meet in kwekwe or gweru othawyz garai ikoko!!!!!!

  18. John weku Mabvuku

    Hatidi zvokusvoyesa vamwe, it was only a game and one team won, its all gud fun.Where is the tribalism coming from, even such a beautifull sport can bring out the worst in us?! Bosso ngekhani, cry Matengwana, better luck next time. Meantime tombozora…….!

  19. Dembare is unstopable, noone can beat DeMbare. Zorai butter

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