Crocodiles kill two

TWO people died last week as a result of crocodile attacks in separate incidents reported in Kariba and Banket.

Own Correspondent

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed both cases.

Police said on February 4, Leon Maracha (24) of Nyamukudza village under Chief Dendera in Hurungwe, was at Nyaodza fishing camp in Kariba with fellow fishermen.

On the fateful day, he went to the banks of Lake Kariba to take a bath when a large crocodile attacked him.

Maracha reportedly called for help and his colleagues rushed to the scene, but failed to rescue him. His body was retrieved the next day.

In the other incident, 65-year-old Dangerous Chipika of Plot 3, Northwood Farm, Banket, was killed by a crocodile last Wednesday
while casting fishing nets at Biri Dam at around 3am.

It is reported the deceased’s two sons, Godknows (28) and David (33), followed up when they realised their father had taken long to return from his fishing expedition and found the crocodile guarding his lifeless body.



  1. It is public knowledge that crocodiles live in water.Is it stubborness,ignorance,or stupidness for one to venture in crocodile teritories?

    1. was it fish poaching in kariba the site is not a permitted fishing area , i feel sorry for the poor man its all becoz cotton is not paying well for these guys .but animals are protecting themselves from these poachers

  2. Remember kuma farms hakuna people they desert to fish hunting

  3. RIP My Bros, may god take care of your families until the judgement day.

  4. Why hasn’t anyone lobbied for these poor folks to be declared national heros? You know its not that simple to die at the mercy of a crocodile’s jaws trying to catch fish to feed the nation. Can someone from the Mmatabelaland politicians’ stables please come forward in full force the way you handled Adam Ndlovu’s case. We want to see the relevance of your noise now!

    1. hahahahhahaha.. WTF…

  5. Kuraramisa mhuri vakomana

  6. Someone is killed by a crocodile then matebeland and declaration of hero status zvino pindirana papi stupid mbeva

  7. hanti munoona mabasa ezanu deno aive nepekugezera pakanaka haaifa rufu runorwadza kudai achidyiwa namakarwe,

  8. To malibongwe unofunga kuti zanu ingakuvakira bathroom mu dziva remember yakakurera ukakura

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