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Constable fined for assaulting boss


A POLICE constable in Gokwe was on Thursday fined $400 or one year in prison for assaulting his boss with an empty beer bottle after accusing him of having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

Report by Richard Muponde

Kenneth Tinashe Kayiliza (25), of Nembudziya Police Station, was convicted on his own plea of guilty to assault by Gokwe provincial magistrate Shepherd Mjanja.

However, six months of his sentence were wholly suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The court heard that on January 28 this year, Assistant Inspector Victor Ngoni, who is officer-in-charge, heard some noise coming from Kayiliza’s house and asked his subordinate, only identified as Constable Marimanzira, to accompany him to the place.

Marimanzira knocked at the door and Kayiliza opened. The pair discovered that Kayiliza’s wife was seated on the floor crying with broken beer bottles strewn all over the house.

On seeing his boss, Kayiliza became more violent and armed himself with two empty beer bottles.

He charged towards Ngoni who took to his heels with Kayiliza in hot pursuit, throwing bottles at him, but missed.

Two days later, Kayiliza, in the company of his wife, went to the charge office to seek audience with Ngoni on why he had responded to a distress from his wife.

Ngoni advised him that it was his mandate to do so, a response which did not go down well with Kayiliza who became violent and started assaulting his wife.

She sought refuge in the charge office where Kayiliza told her to go and live with Ngoni.

He later armed himself with an empty beer bottle which he used to strike his boss several times in the head accusing him of having an
extra-marital affair with his wife.

Ngoni made a police report, which led to Kayiliza’s arrest.

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