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CAPH to commission a $40 000 blender


CHEMPLEX Animal and Public Health (CAPH), a division of Chemplex Corporation, will this month commission a $40 000 new state-of-the-art three-tonne blender to increase production for one of its products, an official has said.


The new machinery has the capacity to produce three tonnes per shift of Chikwapuro, a grain protectant, as compared to the current production of 200kg per shift.

Chemplex administration officer Bright Gorejena recently said the machinery acquired from China last December was waiting commissioning.

He said Chemplex was currently failing to meet demand on the market.
“We have been lagging behind in satisfying the market in terms of the demand of our products, but we hope with the new blender we will be able to sufficiently meet demand,” Gorejena said.

Gorejena said Chemplex imports raw materials from China, Argentina and South Africa.

CAPH manufactures cattle dips such as the Deltatick and Tickbuster range which include spray-ons, pour-ons and total immersion regimen and grain protectants such as Chikwapuro.

It also produces malaria vector control such as Deltaguard range of mosquito killers, household pesticides such as Guard Rat Killer, Migaphos Fly Killer, Snipe Cockroach Killer, and Guard Termite and Ant Killer and the Germitoll range of detergents, disinfectants, hand cleaners, and dish washers.

In addition, the company supplies various products such as tick buster, deltametrin, amitraz, powder and liquid dips to players in the animal and public health industries in Zimbabwe and the region.

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