Cabinet orders ZRP probe

CABINET has instructed Home Affairs co-ministers Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi to investigate the alleged harassment of civic society groups by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.


Police have in the past few weeks raided offices of ZimRights, Zimbabwe Peace Project in Harare and the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) in Bulawayo searching for alleged subversive material. Makone yesterday told journalists in Harare that Cabinet discussed the issue of alleged police intimidation, particularly in Lupane in Matabeleland North where potential voters who wanted to register were arrested a fortnight ago.

“We discussed the issue in Cabinet on incidents taking place, particularly in Lupane where people who wanted to register as voters were arrested,” she said. “It is important for the issue of some overzealousness of some police officers in discharging their duties to be addressed. Cabinet wants us to take action on overzealous police officers.”

About 40 people were arrested in Lupane after NYDT conducted a voter education exercise in the provincial capital. A few days later the organisation’s Bulawayo headquarters were raided by police. Makone said she was tasked together with Mohadi to investigate if police had not overstepped their mandate in the raids.

“A report will be made to Cabinet in a few weeks on the matter where a decision will be made,” she said. “Appropriate action will be taken in any case whether suspension, dismissal or what. Investigations will not exceed a week.”

Makone said President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai were against police abusing their powers.

The minister also condemned the police for using teargas to disperse members of the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza) who were holding a peaceful demonstration in central Harare yesterday. The women intended to petition Parliament on their grievances on the draft constitution.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai yesterday condemned the harassment of civil society by police during a meeting with representatives of the groups in Harare. His spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the Premier said the police were tarnishing the image of the country.

“The PM started by condemning the vilification and harassment of civil society, which he said painted a negative image of the country not good for Zimbabwe at a time we need all the confidence,” he said.

The meeting was called to brief civil society on the new constitution.

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  1. Theresa “I cannot do anything” Makone and Kembo “Thanks Baas for letting me out of jail” Mohadi investigate anything? Please! Makone is only good for running to Mtapi when her friend’s son gets locked up and Mohadi doesn’t give a damn about people – see the story in your own paper today about him. This is just a manipulative move by Mugabe. MDC should set up a parliamentary inquiry into the ZRP at a minimum – but they won’t because their MPs are too busy trying to loot “exit packages” before they get unelected.

  2. This sounds silly. Why investigate, instead of ordering Chihuri to stop it. Everyone knows this is not hearsay, but reality, so what is there to investigate. All what is needed is to put a stop to it.

    1. @cde toropito vaudzei hatina kwekuregistera kuno kwaFoshoro store

  3. Vanhu vakatotanga kuregister here purizi ua doing behind our rights coz w used 2register@our polling stations vamwe takatiza kwataivhotera w nid 2 transfer so tht w vote wr w ar ITAI HUNHU NXAAA

  4. its a waste of time these co ministers it is this zanupolice commssioner chihuri above everybody in police ,hes in full control dont forget,

  5. Muri kutoshandisa mapurisa zvisiri.They are a national police force but now you have reduced them to stooges with half a brain.The police chief,please stop this.PLEASE!!

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