Bulawayo City Council acts on trenches

THE Bulawayo City Council says it will soon order power and telecommunications service providers to stop digging trenches all over the city, but follow utility ducts which will be managed by the local authority.

Report By Own Correspondent

“Three ducts would be laid in a trench to cater for future extension in services like that of Zesa, telecoms and any other services,” said council in a statement.

The local authority said the ducts would be shared among service providers who would be responsible for their installation. The ducts will be handed over to the city council after finalisation of the works.

A utility duct is any structure – above, on, or below ground — that carries more than two types of public utility lines.

The introduction of utility ducts follows an outcry from the public and motorists over trenches which are often left uncovered, putting the lives of residents at risk.

Meanwhile, council also condemned Zesa for taking long to complete its trenching.

“There have been complaints from the inconvenienced public on open trenches that are left for too long and in a way affect their business,” the council report said.

“Zesa has failed to communicate with the public that there are facing equipment challenges and this has led to the delay in finishing trenching.”

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    Get your equipment first then dig trenches later ZESA. Dont start by digging trenches, then place an order for equipment which will only arrive after two years!

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