Updated: Zimbabwe Constitutional Referendum on March 16

Zimbabweans will go to a Constitutional Referendum on March 16.

Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Eric Matinenga, announced today at a press conference in Harare.

At a press conference, Matinenga said the date was agreed by principals this week.

He said his ministry will conduct two meetings in every province to inform people about the draft and encourage them to vote for it.

He said his ministry has already started the campaign in Mashonaland Province and would cover the whole country before March 10.

He said he is lobbying for the referendum to spread over two days to give all the people a chance to vote. He also said he will lobby for the suspension of the Public Order and Security Act to allow his ministry and parliamentarians to conduct meetings with people before the election date.

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  1. Cant wait..it has taken far too long to get to where we are…Lets get this right and out of the way…

  2. matoisa kure hapana chekumirira apa i saw the draft before finalised n cnt wait to put my x.

  3. good news godbless zim

  4. ini hangu ndinovhotera save asi apa paconstitution hatisi tese yangu iNO, handingabvume kudya chingwa mbodza muchiti zviri nani chingwa kwete ndaramba

  5. Sounds good. The time to boot out mugabage and tswangidiot is near. Viva W. Ncube.

  6. Sounds good. The time to boot out mugabage and tswangidiot is near. Viva W Ncube. Youa the man.

  7. The Boma of Dzokota

    Moyoza look man zvirotozviroto zvinoperera mukurota Ncube wz dfted by Thoko evry1 knows this kumakata uku h better try councilor kuMatobo bt n mind know that Lovemore Moyo rules ikoko

  8. Boma and tswangidiot was beaten by E manyonda in buhera south. And everyone kows that. Where is o problem boy. Idiot. Vote your tswangidiot and i will vote for my prof.

  9. Mese ingovhotai makanyarara. vamwe ipapa munongoti toda nhingi asi come pakuvhota hamuwanikwe.

  10. Nyongolozi Omnyama

    God Bless Zimbabwe

  11. May God b praised. There is a high degree of maturity in Zimbabwe. Lets view the constitution as a national document not a party issue. Viva Zimbabwe! Zim wil never b a colony again.

  12. mari yaita..bt motanga matipawo yecensus

    Has voter reg gone political.
    I went to reg offices @ market sq only to be told tht they were closed for registration to ‘ordinary citizens’ by 10am but yet acceptn uniformed forces and those with letters from zpf cooperatives up to 4pm.
    Is it not my right to vote?.

    1. @ ms Ndlovu. Voter registration is an ongoing process. Its open to every zim citizen. Kubva na 8am to 4pm during the working days. Woendawo ne ma requirements anodiwa kuti urejiste. Don’t politicise everything.

  14. We advise the two MDCs to unite in elections inorder to oust ZANU pf and avoid splitting of votes.

  15. Good lord its here. Can’t wait. I think its my democratic right to share my views even though some will not like them

  16. Viva zimbabwe at last

  17. We can move on as a nation ,this is a platform for preparation of elections. At least our leaders have reflected maturity and is moving towards democratisation .We need every corner,tomy and jack to receive this piece of law for scrutiny and make informed decisions .A BIG NO VIOLENCE

  18. Registration of referendum voters! its free for all?

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