Binga man bashes wife over sex


BINGA magistrate Stephen Ndlovu yesterday lashed out at a 69-year-old man who beat up his 58-year-old wife for refusing to sleep with him.


The magistrate told Dickson Mumpande he was too old to fight for sex.
The man from Siachilaba had pleaded guilty to domestic violence when he appeared before Ndlovu who convicted and sentenced him to 10 days in jail.

It was the State’s case that on February 12 at around 5:30am Mumpande’s wife Esnath was sleeping in their bedroom when the man arrived brandishing a log and grabbed his wife by the neck and demanded to know where she had spent the night.

He spat on her stomach and she reported the incident to the police, resulting in the arrest of her husband.

When asked in court why he assaulted his wife, the man responded: “She denied me sex over night and I was angry.”

In sentencing him the magistrate said: “You are too old to have sex and let alone fight for it. What do you want the children to learn from you?”

David Never Shiku prosecuted.


  1. It is very very unfair for the magistrate, who also is a man to comment that someone is
    too old to have sex. By whose standards? How do you determine the age at which one is allowed to have sex. Dai akanga ahura taiti. Kutsvaka kuda kupomodzwa nembuya yake zvake. Ndonofunga achiri mupfana achazvifunagwo kana akapiwa upenyu hwakati rebei somudhara uyu.

    • dzidza kuona “You are too old to have sex and let alone fight for it”. read properly, ndimivanhu vanongamhanya kuparidza pasina chamanzwa

  2. I now agree with some people who say our courts of law are not the best to deliberate on certain issues. I think there was a miscarriage of justice here. The man convicted here has his conjugal rights which he were denied for no valid reason. I dont condon the way he reacted but its understable and to sent him to jail was too much. I think a caution would have been fair. Also for the magistrate to say a 69 year old is too old for sex is utter nonsese. How many older people out there are enjoying their sex live? There are many and one of them is our own Head of State, Head of Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces

  3. But nhaiwe reporter, where is the bashing here? If you hold someone by the throat you have bashed her??? Pathetic reporting.

  4. Magistrate awa chokwadi kana pakangaroo court havakodzeri, asi vakabva kuchibhakera. He does not have a slightest idea of law. Shame on you magistrate. And the reporter, heyi! dai madzoka kuKwayedza.

  5. Your worship Mr Magistrate How Old was Abraham when he knew Sarah and had their son Isaac? Now you tell me Is this man going to get sex in jail let alone the fact that he is already starved? Mr Magistrate please believe God Almighty and fear Him.

  6. @ Binga Magistrate Stephen Ndlovu

    Put two shames and a quarter into your bag. You are a disgrace to ubuntu and the Bantu race . You should confine yourself to slaughtering goats when indoda sibili gather for an indaba. Ausazi kutonga nyaya mfana. How did they make you a magistrate at all? Ulema lemuntu. Resign and hamba elifa.

  7. @ manomano

    Who says RG is enjoying his sex life. If his wife looks like she is satisfied in that department it does not necessarily translate to that it’s RG providing that satisfaction.

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