Battle of juju at Afcon

JOHANNESBURG — For those that don’t believe black magic plays a part in football; an official with the Super Eagles has informed how the Eagles of Mali players broke two eggs on the Moses Mabhida Stadium turf as they came for the warm-up section in Wednesday’s semi-final clash.

Sporting Life

The official, who begged Sporting Life that his name should not be revealed, said: “I have never seen such a thing in my life though I have heard time without number that ‘juju’ can play a role in African football.

“As we set the pitch for the Eagles to begin the light warm-up before the semi-final game, there I spotted two Malian players breaking eggs as they prepared for their warm-up.

“Another official who also witnessed the incident called me and gave me a bottle of Anointing Water (from TB Joshua) to sprinkle on the spot. That I did. I was not surprised when the Malians made the Eagles look ordinary in the opening 15 minutes of the game.

“My joy is, God showed He is above every evil when, after the Mali Eagles dominance, we countered and scored our opening goal.

“We then went on to score four goals before they got a consolation.” Ads


  1. Chinekewe look who is talking, an official from Nigeria. I was on the terraces I saw Mai Ozokor sitting on the hen that lay the eggs. I also had to wash my eyes with water blessed by Makandiwa. Tofiakwa

  2. The fact that there was TB Joshua water or Makandiwa does not also mean the two are God;s servants. God does not have anything to do with football matters. His concern is that of salvation. It may also point to the fact that TB Joshua and his associates are also being used by the devil. Soccer is just but a social game that does not need anointed water. It is possible that TB Joshua and his associated may also go to hell if they are involved in the activities that do not have anything to do with the word of God. They should be busy evangelizing and sharing the word of God to whosoever instead of involving themselves into magic.

    1. Isu tiri kungoBlesswa- Blesswa iwe uchiwawata zvisina maturo.Mudikani you better repent.

    2. Grace you have reached the orgasm of ignorance.

    3. Can u hear urself, wat do u know about God dat u r already sending somebody 2 hell. U r d people dat give christainity a bad name. God uses every avenue 2 prove His existence, as long as u call upon Him in truth & spirit. Incase u don’t know God also has interest in war, dats Y Goliath couldn’t stand David. Wat can u prove about dis man u r condemning. Were u there when devil gave him power or did u pray & God confirmed 2 u dat He (God) doesn’t know him? Stop contributin 2 ur problems.

  3. Cynthia Mushona

    God is everywhere. Be it soccer matches , tenis, churches , homes etc and is involved in everything.

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