Armed robber, rapist jailed in Botswana


A ZIMBABWEAN man has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for armed robbery and rape committed at Tati Siding in Francistown, Botswana.

Report by Silas Nkala

The Voice newspaper of Botswana reported on Friday that Herbert Jazire (25) from Masvingo was convicted of one count of rape and armed robbery by a Francistown magistrate.

The court heard that the 46-year-old victim had pleaded with Jazire to use a plastic bag as a condom when he pounced at her as she tended her field.

He had threatened to chop her with an axe if she refused to have sex with her.

“I did not see where the accused came from,” the woman told the court. “I only saw him standing next to me. He demanded money from me, and I told him I had none. He then started to untie his belt, unzip his trousers and undress. That was when I screamed for help and when the children who were with me saw what was about to happen, they fled into the bush to alert their mothers who had gone to collect firewood.”

The victim went on to narrate her ordeal saying: “He then told me to lie down and started to hit my thighs with the small axe he had, forcing me to open my legs and take off my panties. When I asked him to use a condom he said he did not have and when I pleaded with him to use a plastic bag he mumbled something in a foreign language, but went on and raped me. When he was done, he snatched my two cellphones before quickly escaping into the bush.”

In the armed robbery incident, Jazire attacked two young lovers along the Tati Siding railway line.

He attacked one of the lovers with a sharp object on the shoulder before getting away with their personal possessions valued at 1 600 Pula.


  1. I for one dont side with criminals but given my experience of about four months under remand at Fransistown remand prison I can smell a rat I was in for possession of drugs but witnessed innocent Zimbos convicted for crimes where evidence seemed to have been manufactured all this coz of Matibili

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