2 die in train, truck crash


TWO people reportedly died on the spot yesterday after a goods train rammed into a haulage truck at a railway level-crossing in Beitbridge.

Report by Richard Muponde

Sources said the driver of the Zambia- bound haulage truck and a female passenger died instantly.

“The driver tried to beat the goods train at the rail level-crossing, but failed to do so, resulting in his truck colliding head-on with the locomotive. The truck was dragged for about 10 metres from the road, resulting in the driver and a female passenger dying on the spot,” said a source.

The empty goods train, believed to belong to the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), was heading to South Africa.

Bulawayo-Beitbridge Railways (BBR) trains also frequent the same railway line.

“There were three other passengers who sustained injuries. One of the three men sustained head injuries and is admitted in Beitbridge, but the other, who is in a critical condition, was transferred to United Bulawayo Hospitals,” the source said.

Both police and the NRZ spokesperson could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print.


  1. That road its a highway,We cannot Continue losing lives this way Bridges should be Constructed on that Highway to avoid such accidents from occuring otherwise this is just the Beginning.

  2. bridge rekudii naro apa?Zvanzi gonyeti rakadhumhana nechitima hazvina kunzi rakayeredzwa nemvura.Shandisa njere!

    • iwe ‘nanga’hausi kunzva zvaturwa naPitchoue, tinodha maflyover panosanga railway line nenzira yemotokari. Let’s not comment negatively on such sensitive issues. The duy brings in a noble idea to curb road on railway accidents. Hachi!!

  3. Know what the Highway Code says when approaching a level crossing.This is not any issue of fly over but its only someone’s misjudgement when approaching the level crossing unfortunately life has been lost.Lets obey the highway code and its contents please.

  4. saka kana pane matsotsi woti better kudhumhana nechitima. How many rail crossings would need ma fly over country wide.

  5. Yaa njanji dzese ngadziisee ma fly over takatanga kubvisa Mari yematoll gates Kare ichingoenda ku Gvt saka it’s high time yodzoka to community

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