ZCTU bemoans heavy job loss recorded last year


THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has bemoaned the heavy job losses recorded last year, saying this had negatively affected its subscription coffers.


In an interview yesterday, ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo said official figures obtained from the National Retrenchment Board late last year showed that 4 600 jobs were lost through formal retrenchments compared to 4 000 in 2011.

He said the figure could be as high as 10 000 as several companies could have scaled down their staffing levels or closed shop without advising the board.

Bulawayo recorded its worst ever company closures with over 90 firms having shut last year, leaving thousands of people jobless.

“This means ZCTU’s subscription base shrinks as members lose jobs,” Moyo said.

“We are likely to have a weak ZCTU if the trend continues. Most of these job losses are due to poor policies and government must revise them in order to stop unnecessary job losses.”

“It is also disturbing that while the government is making a lot of noise over indigenisation and black empowerment, such high figures of job losses are recorded.”

“The so-called indigenisation is failing to create jobs, but is destroying them. We have seen those companies which were indigenised collapsing and workers losing jobs.

“Companies such as Zim Cast and Tube and Pipe are no longer operating after they were indigenised.”


  1. zctu must not be concerned about shrinking of its treasury due to job losses. It is not a money institution, it must go back to its roles n duties ie safeguarding our jobs, one may ask how? This is the board that can vehemently stop gvt s destructive economic policies. Im a member an active one in my union, we as zctu must convene a strong meeting consisting of all workers to talk about the indiginisation issue. Yes it is destroying our country economicaly. Lets take action now to show zanu that we are a strong org. Pliz our leader in zctu engage all stake holders to tok about the issue n stop it befor our forth comin May day. Thank u.

    • The new ZCTU should stop telling us what we already know and tell us what it is going to do to arrest the malaise. Do you want people to start saying that Matombo was better..start creating waves now! Issues at NSSA, private pension funds, school levies, Harare city council corruption inclusive of shoddy billing and and indeginisation are causing havoc with your membership..lets hear your action plans to address these issues. Banks have been brought by the Finance minister single handed while you sat on the sidelines..Frankly, what is it that you guys do all day long?

  2. Poor fellow workers/ZCTU members! Its there in black and white, unless if the reporter misquoted. Its their COFFERS that matter, forget the mandate. Its there for legal purposes only. Simple economics say a country placed under sanctions carries a heavy opportunity cost burden, austerity measures, job cuts, increase in taxation, higher welfare bills and if its a developing country…yu guessed right…acute balance of payment handicaps and ever increasing trade deficits. Its a very long way down to the bottom. So, supporting those who call for sanctions is surrendering to politico/economic black mail, suffer now until yu vote me into power on my promise. There is no alternative, Only I can deliver yu from where I have placed yu. “Hamusati matambura…” Va Tsvangirai vakadaro to very loud applause at Zim Grounds.

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