Tsvangirai fumes over ‘dishonest’ Chinamasa

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday accused Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa of being dishonest following the minister’s claims that the PM had failed to honour his pledge to push for the release of $21 million for voter education.

Report by Everson Mushava Chief Reporter

Chinamasa told State media last week that Tsvangirai had made the pledge during a meeting with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) officials last month.

The Zanu PF minister blamed delays in the launch of a voter education and registration blitz that was scheduled to start last week on the MDC-T leader.

But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson William Bango yesterday told NewsDay that money could not be released to either Zec or the Registrar-General (RG)’s Office because no budget had been approved.

He accused Chinamasa of reducing the PM to an “accounting officer”.

“The PM is just an executive facilitator,” Bango said.

“He is not an accounting officer and by accusing him that he failed to give Zec money, Minister Chinamasa is belittling the PM to an accounting officer, which is nonsensical.”

Bango said Tsvangirai never promised to release money, but both Zec and the RG’s Office had made budget proposals.

Zec and the RG’s Office, Bango said, were asked to give a budget breakdown for approval which was submitted on January 2.

“The budget proposals were received by the PM after his December break. In fact, the proposals are dated January 2 while on December 12, Zec demanded a budget for its commissioners to be working full-time for eight months,” he said.

“Why is Chinamasa trying to imply that the PM is not responsible?

“How does that happen that the PM can just dish money from his pocket?

“Government is not run like that.

“Treasury can only release money after the budgets are approved in the next meeting scheduled for Thursday (tomorrow).

“The Thursday meeting will bring together the PM, Finance minister Tendai Biti, the Home Affairs co- ministers (Kembo Mohadi and Theresa Makone) and Chinamasa, who is in charge of Zec.”

Chinamasa claimed Tsvangiria had undertaken to see to it that money was released to Zec to conduct publicity programmes and carry out countrywide mobile voter registration and education.

“The PM assured us that he would engage Finance minister Tendai Biti to make the funds available to Zec, but up to now there is no single cent availed to the electoral body, even for publicity purposes,” he claimed.

“Everyone was banking on the authority of the Prime Minister, as one of the Principals, to make the Ministry of Finance release the funds, but there is nothing up to date.”

But Bango said: “The PM is not comfortable with Chinamasa’s utterances.

“PM Tsvangirai is simply a political facilitator when things are at the early stages.”

Zec has already indicated that it needs need $107 million for elections and US$85 million for the referendum on the new constitution.

The RG’s Office would also need money for voter registration and facilitating the processing of national identity cards for people to register as voters.

Zec and Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede will be part of tomorrow’s meeting with Tsvangirai to try to push the electoral process forward.

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  1. Flip flopper in chief- Morgan Richard. At the meeting you promised to dilever Zanu Pf knew you could not, now you send others to try and clean up your mess. No you are not Presidential material, that is not an endorsement of Robert Gabriel another disaster. Go and look after your goats in Buhera .

    1. Cynthia Mushona

      edgar did you read the whole story or you have a colonised mind bro or your little education is now becoming your enemy. do you honestly think Tsvangirayi would force money to be released without proper accoubting procedures. It is true that successive ZANU(PF) governments have been doing that in the past but its wrong. P.S I am not a Zanu or mdc supporter i am only trying to straighten you head punk.

      1. Yes I did read the story. It says Morgan’ failed to honour a pledge, to PUSH for the release of funds’. So please don’t give me the story about accounting procedures. Morgan has set himself to fail again. YO.

        1. Edger i can see u have been brain washed ie u need to go to a political school so that u knw what is the role of politics in a situation like ths mukoma. Vuka madoda ne

      2. Taura hako Cynthia, ana Edgar vaverenga headline then went on to comment. Kana chinonzi budget chacho havachizive. Vanofunga kuti pakangoiswa request mari yotobuda. Zvasiyana nemumba Edgar mekuti madam vakati mari yemavheji wotopinza ruoko muhomwe wopa madam (that is if you have a wife)

        1. this Edgar person is just as clueless as his bosses. Morgan is not like Mpofu and team who take money from the national resources and when there is a shortfall they claim to have donated from their personal pockets. keep it up Morgan dont allow yoself to be rotten like the Chinamasas and team.

    2. i think you are well educated to read the story well. money is released after the budget for that money is availed only. asi you want the money to be released without any bedget approved so that you can misuse it at the expense of the country. zec submitted the budget the day before they commenced the voter reg and publicity campaign. knowing gvt procedure which chinamasa is well vessed with, money is not relesead until a budget has been approved. so chinamasa played politics rather than policy. chinamasa is the one to know better coz he was once a finance minister.

      1. finance minister waani asingazive kudai.he was a finance doomister

    3. Kwauri iwe chete Edgar Tsvangirai haasi presidential material. Kana uchifunga kuti zvawanyora apa zvichaconvincer vanhu ikodzero yako iyo. Vanhu hauvakwanisi shamwari especially Zimbabweans vanofunga zvikuru, uye vanoita zvavanoda kunyange ukavambunyukidza sei. Reflect on the two electoral processes of 2008.

    4. I Edgar you are simply stupid. Government is not run like atuck shop where one dishes money like peanuts . Think do not use hatred. !!!

    5. Zimu ZANU you are not even objective in your analysis no wonder why Zimbabwe became one of the worst countries economically,its because of people like you.We dont need this in pour country


    7. Tichafa Tazvigwira

      Edgar hudofo hwako hwabva hwaonekwa nemunhu wese nhaimi. Asivo navaTsvangirai ngavasavimbisa vanhu zvinhu zvisingaitiki (kana kuri kuti ndizvo zvavakaita) nekuti ndizvo zvinozopa madofo akafanana naanaEdgar navanaChinamasa kuti vazongomwashuka kutaura zvisina maturo.

  2. What can the Priminister expect from a reject of the people and hand picked to occupy a post he cannot handle. Poor Chinamasa.

  3. But Mr Bango, how can you imply that that a permanent secretary’s office (accounting officer) is a little one? You are in need of massive education in terms of the importance of government offices, i.e these are the people on the ground administering government policy to the very people who elected the so-called prime minister into office.

    1. @Jason. so can you compare a Prime Minister and an accounting officer….why do we comment as if we have half brown substance in our heads.

  4. Zanu pf nukleheaded who can’t even distiguish btwn perm second and acc officer ,and as well acc officer is a mere little one to the prime minister

  5. edgar do not show the world your little thinking. please if you do not understand how gvt functions when it come to money please close your beak. Chinamasa was once a Finance minister at one period during Zim dollar era and he could even read his own budget properly. this man is totally empty when it comes to finance issues worse accounting part of it. vanhu vakangoiswa pazvigaro, no basiceducation. shame on you Chinamasa.

    1. Beak!!! Wakapenga wena. U a creative wt words. Kwete ana edgar unoshaya zvinonyorwa kuti zvoendepi.

  6. To save money let us just use our national identity cards, for constituency delimitation let us use census figures, in 1980 we used IDs why voter registration when the country has got no money. One man one vote, let us buy plenty of ink only.

  7. Chinamasa z playn cheap politics. Morgan z part of e’ executive, he jst dictates gvt issues,say a budget hs bn approved by cabinet,only cn he approve the funds. he’s no financial manager! he doznt release funds, evn if he said it, it ws expected tht e’ funds wld hve bn available at a later date. it doznt make him a liar, Mugabe hs bn tokn elections for the past 3 yrz, hpn 4 tht certain factors wld hve bn fulfilled, doz tht make him a liar?? NO!

  8. I know there are those who get angry on behalf of Morgan. My point is, this chap had promised to get the funds after his mentor Robert had ‘assigned’ him the point man. Wait for more confusion to come.

    1. Can repeat exact words by the PM, you are not real Edgar but cde Chinamasa pretending.

    2. Uridofo zvizive izvozvo iwe Edgar !!!

      1. Whats your point man, just read the first paragraph and its correct to be always polite.



    3. u are far away from the real worl Edgar watever u say. at the same time u cant compare Mugabe and Tsvangirai, they are just two different people. they are at the extreme of the line. i dont know wat mentorship u are talking about but Mugabe cant mentor Tsvangirai becoz one represent the people and the other represent his generals.

    4. iwe edgar you are very shallow and you lack basic understanding of how Government operates and Chinamasa reports to the PM they bend their tails vachireporter kuna PM they want to grandstand ku media especially the biased Zanu BC and the Herald.Zvichapera izvo aive madziva achaita mazambuko.Who knew Chinamasa would lose his seat and be coopted into cabinet,their days are numbered.

  9. The Flip flopper in chief should be Chinamasa! Remember Dinyane/Tsholotsho? He is working his butt off to prove to himself & his handlers that he is the man. If he thinks Tsvangirai is not releasing the money, then go to Cabinet, or his Commander! I think the new Chinos is using Tsvangirai to hide his and ZEC’s poor planning!! They have been calling for elections when they did not even have budgets? Talk about hot air. At this rate Zim can only have elections in 2015.

  10. True, Morgan z neither a financial mgr nor an acounting oficer, U ar expecting too much from the open-mouth-shut-mind.

  11. Iwe bango,tsvangirai is less than an accounting officer,he is not being belittled.he is infact less than that,akagumira form four pa gokomere high.don’t defend blindly,he actually promised to facilitate the release,don’t behave as if u don’t know this man kuti idofo rinopa maempty promise roramba futi kuti rakapa.this dull THING is not presidential material,vana vezimbabwe munondishamisa zvimwe zvamunoda,inga zvamunonzi ndimi makadzidza wani.hamuoni kuti kunevamwe varinani kudarika benzi iri here? While we support ,let us not support blindly.

    1. Accounting officer is not executive. far far below PM. hate him does not change the truth

    2. Mupfana weBikini

      Iwe Tich wakadzidza kupi?EMPTY VESSELS like u make the most noise. In life what have u achieved besides kudya sadza nekumitisirwa mukadzi nevanotunda acid?.The PM IS VERY intelligent and clever.Isu tinomira naye usvotwe!

      1. intelligent kwaani. Dont misuse the word. Being funded and given sme condition to that money is not inteligent. We true zimbabweans wil never give back the land to the whites. Muchadura.

    3. Vana Tich, unenge Edgar futi. Headmaster vakati vana vangu vakapasa zvinoreva kuti ndivo vaidzidzisa here? PM vakati he will facilitate and you thot he would do it the Z way so that thieves will benefit. Facilitation by an Executive means approving if all necessary papers are in place FYI

    4. Ko mugabe ane 6 degrees akaitei?did u know kuti ane 2 economics degrees bt inflation skyrocketed?also l ook @ prof mutharika who died 2gether with da malawian economy!see, haisi nyaya yekudzidza

    5. Its not education that makes a person executive Tich. yes he might be a grade 7 dropout but still he is above the professors and whatever in government. he is above the accounting officers no matter what their qualifications. hate him but that doesnt not change the status quo.

    6. @Tich-I do not support ignorance but i think Tsvangison is “educated enough” to make basic and common sense decision that can avoid the situation we had between “1998-2008”. Mugabe and all his DEGREES led us to where we are today. Mind you education is just an accumulation of facts and it takes wisdom to be able to apply those facts in way that enhances the standard of living of our people. Frankly I think that Form 4 ye pa Gokomere kuma 70/80’s should be able to do the trick, besides he is surrounded by intellectuals and is open to advice.

  12. This man Mr Richard tsvangirai is a sex material not presidential,he is just an empty headed sexual object,so don’t expect much from him,he is confused SIMBA atori nani pane ose mapresidential candidates.

  13. This man Mr Richard tsvangirai is a s*e*x material not presidential,he is just an empty headed s-e*xual object,so don’t expect much from him,he is confused SIMBA atori nani pane ose mapresidential candidates.


  14. Do we now have a PM called Tswangiria in Zimbabwe? Editor can you proof read the reports/articles by your journalists as they cannot spell.

  15. I think gyz you are tackling the man rather than the real issue here. The treasury can not release money without an aproved budget,2nd point the priminister can not just breach monetary protocols as zanu pf was used to just take money like a bus conductors. Gyz this is tax payers money. Someone can be jailed for life. Morgan is zimbabwe’sonly hope kuti ane phd kana kuti haana doesn’t count. He is much smarter than the current money mongers. Mdc t you have my wise vote.

  16. Chinamasa is just used to their old history of taking money without cabinet approval.that behaviour can never happen anymore in zimbabwe.the system has changed and chinamasa is refusing to come to terms with that. tsvangirai I see bright future in you for us. the changing times.

  17. Is Chinamasa going to stand as an Mp candidate cm elections.. Lets wait and cee if the loser is gonna embarras himself.. These ppl r in gvt by mere chance kubva kuna President wacho they never won the election bt vakaita zvej.en.d.e to sty in power.. This tym mavoters toitawo zvejeee nyaya yacho muchaiona.

    Change is Imminent.

  18. Some people don’t think straight because of politics!!

  19. i agree wth u nafie! u seem 2 b sober minded. honestly tsvangirai dznt make e’ executive alone. they sit as cabinet and make decision nd policy. pple let stick 2 e’ issue nd nt discuss his sex life. we zimbabweans over analyze smetimes. havn said tht Chinamasa is wrng to belittle e’ PM by makin such comments without tokn 2 him first

  20. If you pledge, one must honour that pledge not matter what. Its a promise no compromise, Tsvagirai (sic) should honour his pledge or else he shows his stupidity and selfishness. mob psychology yemapoliticians inonetsa. Aida kungonzwikwawo achitaura pamob.

  21. True, mob psychology, just to be seen on tv.

  22. evn if he pledged 2 make e’ money available, it doznt make him 100% accountable. pple shld understnd tht morgan & robert r principles leadin e’ executive. they only facilitate processes. pple r critisizin tsvangirai, bt dnt b suprised if mugabe says says hapana mari yacho! wat wil u say? pple gvt, wrks thru collective decisions agreed on

    1. Tsangirai was beaten on political experience. He made a pledge, Chinamasa didnt becoz he knew the budgets were far from being ready and a promise will come back and haunt him; thats why he can now blame PM because he saw it coming. And for the PM to say he is not an accounting officer, its fine he isnt; accounting officers dont pledge they do the job; executives make a pledge to quicken the claering process so the PM fits well with his pledge. Thats why its wise sometimes kusazisungirira when you are not sure unless you can face the music which is bad becoz the explanation from the PM shows he is not comfortable with the political music game coming from this.

  23. Let’s look at Moregirls’ record:
    2008 – our friends in the west will release £10b once we come into government
    2009 – now that I’m prime minister I’m going to make sure teachers are paid salaries higher than are being paid in the region
    2010 – I will tell Biti to increase civil servants’ salaries above the poverty line
    2011 – I never married Locardia
    2012 – I will make sure that voter registration funds are released to ZEC

    Here’s a man who likes to feel powerful and important yet he always fails to deliver. To try to blame ZEC for sending their budget late is pretty dire for the PM and his office. The pm said himself he has been made responsible for preparing for elections. This makes him liable for this shambles. He cannot want to just get credit for things that go right and no blame for those that go wrong.

  24. Stupid Chinamasa!!

  25. Dzvinyangoma you are spot on. The man can not be trusted at all. He is capable of promising anything as long as there is a crowd around him and deny it the next morning. Surprising some guys go with this fool. We all heard him making these pledges and for some to defend him now boggles the mind

  26. This shows why our country is far behind kana tiine vanhu vakaita, sana tawanda nana dzvinyangoma madofo. Think before u tak it shows your level of thinking. Pamwe ndimi madofo ekupedzisira arikudza chinamsa zvekutaura

    1. You haven’t actually made any useful contribution on the subject matter. If it pleases you to think and feel that you are smarter than us because you worship hopeless Tsvangirai then enjoy your appreciation for mediocrity. Our country is actually far behind because of people like you who support Tsvangirai regardless of his proven incompetence and medoicrity. I have listed Tsvangirai’s promises and pledges by year which he never kept. Did he not say the things I listed above Mr Tsvangirai supporter?

  27. Nyaudzosingwi Magarasadza

    We al mke noise over unnesessary headlines, behaving like jonathan moyo after al hv bn said and dne, millions wil vote for tsvangirai

    1. If he talks to Angel and Makandiwa nicely they may create millions of miracle voters for Tsvangirai. Other than that, it’s just your wishful thinking!

  28. Dzvinyangoma i don’t worship human kind my brother, l dont make noice like you do. Im proud to be inspired by him . He is a great man my friend. Your problem is attacking his personage than life transformation accomplishments he did , l personaly appaud him for being a true son of the soil who stood up to say know to you bandits. Long live morgan ,long live

    1. Noise? What have you said exactly? I have attacked Tsvangirai’s incompetence in office. I have given examples which you have not refuted. Can you give examples of Tsvangirai’s transformation accomplishments that you stated above? We want substance not just claims of achievements where there are none. I gave my examples of unfulfilled promises and pledges and I am waiting for yours then we will see who is just making noise. Empty praises with no specifics to praise are the reason why our country is going down the dumps since the MDC-T came into being.

      I am not really bothered whether you applaud Tsvangirai or despise him, that is your choice. I personally do not rate him. He is a waffler not a doer. Mugabe provided education for all, built more schools, hospitals, clinics, blair toilets and roads. We have the highest literacy rate in Africa because of his policies. Land reform and now the youth fund and empowerment programmes. This is actual transformation with results. I await your examples of Tsvangirai’s transformation achievements? However, he did transform Locardia’s life and Elizabeth Macheka’s life.

  29. wateva pple say, morgan z mo popular thn robert! he might nt b as sharp, al he did ws pledge to provide e’ funds. if mugabe pledged e’ funds, nd thy wrnt released, zbc wld blame biti!

    1. Washaya zvekutaura. Mugabe was not involved in this so we cannot speculate on what ZBC would have said. Zve popularity izvi, maybe in your house. We will find out when the election results come out not your wishful thinking.

  30. dzvinyangwe ndiwe DOFO chairo.mugabe mo popular than morgan?unofunga nema kidney?

    1. Iwewe ndiwe dofo. I never speculated on the popularity of either candidate. All I said was we will see the results of the election. Kuyererei nyoka negavi iyo nyoka yacho iripo? Handizi Angel kana Makandiwa anokwanisa kuona zvichaitika, neither are you.

      You are a typical tsvangirai supporter always jumping to conclusion with nothing to back it up with.

  31. vana edgar munhu ari popular haarovi kukuvadza nekuurya vanhu.

    vanhu vakawanda vakatiza misha vamwe vakaurawa.

    zvinhu izvi zvakaitwa nezanu.

    viva morgan fo he z more.wava shaisa hope vanhu vezanu.

    munhu kuti azoroora anenge atombodanana nevakati wandei.

  32. Aaaaahya you poor zimbabweans its all a game.

  33. Dzvinyangoma anofunga nekumukosho saka just pardon him and tell him to go for an examiknation and surgery so that he can be able to comprehed the reality. Just accept that from all these comments Moragan is a cut above the rest. thatb is above Robert, Welshman and Simba uchida usingadi but haurambidzwe zvako kutaura nekuti zvinitipa chance yekuona anekuziva zvauri and in a democratic environment we respect that and we do not use force you are free to have your own opinion

  34. @ LEe wats yo point on the matter under discussion pamwe am failing to get u. Pipol are commenting on the subject matter but yako chaiyo ndeipi. Muchadyisa Tsvangirayi imi. Mumameeting menge muchingopururudza nepanodawo objective analysis hamupaone. It appears the PM made a pledge knowing fully well that Biti was going to take time since Biti wacho want to flex his muscles pese pese wetha mari iripo or hapana. Nw as a Principal it means ndiye ane nyanga panhau iyi daka aifanira kudeliver. Talk of latr submission of budget PM vaideyi vatorova vanhu coz these guys were ther in the meeting. Inga ana Mpofu nana Coltart mek pledges and get the job done. Help the man musafurirwa naBiti kumuwisira pasi Tsvangirayi wenyu. Makapusa.

  35. Infact the headline shud hev read Bango fumes. PM vakanyarara zvavo varo busy kudzidzisa Eriza kuverenga chirungu kuzimba ravo ravakapihwa neZanu PF isu tichidongorera vachikwira manera…..

  36. tsvangirai chitonga zvako zanu yakonewa!

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