Runner-girl Mujuru has outdone herself

When Vice- President Joice Mujuru described herself as “President Mugabe’s runner-girl” last year many believed she was buckling under pressure amid frank discussions about factionalism tearing Zanu PF apart.

Opinion by Kholwani Nyathi

But her weekend statements claiming her boss was anointed by God to rule forever will raise questions about her suitability to lead this country in future.

Last November the 58-year-old Mujuru was at pains to convince a Zanu PF Harare province meeting that she is not at the forefront of a faction jostling for control of the party in the event of Mugabe deciding to step down or dying in office when she declared herself a “runner-girl”.

For a long time, the Mt Darwin West MP and one of Zimbabwe’s longest-serving Cabinet ministers had been rumoured to be involved in a tussle for power with Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

At times the infighting had been outright dirty especially among their supporters within the Zanu PF structures.

While the two have been at pains to present themselves as having good relations, the rivalry among their supporters at various levels of the party’s structures is clear evidence of the deep-rooted factionalism.

The so-called Tsholotsho Declaration where a clique of Zanu PF leaders clandestinely plotted to block Mujuru’s ascendancy to the VP’s position in 2005 was the first time the factionalism played out in the public domain.

The Tsholotsho pact was crafted by Zanu PF provincial chairpersons who preferred Mnangagwa for the position that could have put him in pole position to succeed Mugabe.

Mujuru made the infamous “runner-girl” statement, some months after Zanu PF scrapped its district co-ordinating committees following accusations that the factions had manipulated the structures to gain an advantage in the succession race.

“I do not control any people,” she told the provincial meeting. “The people belong to Zanu PF. I am President Mugabe’s runner-girl. I go to his people.”

The statement was a clear admission that Mujuru was not her own person and lacked ambition.

It also reinforced the dominant view that she owed her meteoric rise in both government and Zanu PF to her late husband General Solomon Mujuru.

After Gen Mujuru’s demise, questions were asked if his wife would be able to stay the course. She is certainly proving her critics right by the now too frequent gaffes.

Her bizarre statements at the weekend claiming that Mugabe was anointed will raise more doubts about her credentials.
Mujuru told members of the Apostolic Faith Church in Mhondoro that the 88-year-old leader was anointed at the age of 10 and those fighting to replace him were wasting their time.

“Leaders are anointed by God, making them irreplaceable,” she told her captive audience.

“People are wasting their time by opposing President Mugabe. It was prophesied way back in 1934, when he was only 10 years old, that he was going to lead this country.

“How can a normal person challenge such a leader?”

However, right-thinking Zimbabweans know that this is nonsense.

In 2008, voters, including those belonging to Zanu PF as shown by the bhora musango (anyone but Mugabe) campaign, were ready to show Mugabe the door and he was only saved by the violent intervention by suspected members of the security forces.

Consequences of the intervention led to the front runner Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai pulling out of the runoff poll and Mugabe retaining his position by default.

Over a hundred people were also murdered in the political violence and thousands were displaced.

There is nothing godly about Mugabe’s determination to hang on to power despite clear signs he has overstayed his welcome.

Mujuru, who became one of the youngest ministers at independence, was a novice when she joined government with little formal education.

However, she was determined to improve herself academically, starting from secondary school.

She has attained degrees over the last 32 years, but the tendency to put her foot in her mouth raises questions whether the education has benefited her at all or prepared her for the high office.

Mujuru has also made serious errors of judgment in her career,   including the failed attempt to block Strive Masiyiwa from establishing Econet.

Masiyiwa won the licence after many legal fights.

Mujuru angered many when she called the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo “senile” after the veteran nationalist sided with Masiyiwa in the dispute.

It’s now clear that she does not learn from her blunders and Zimbabwe does not deserve such mediocrity.

Her utterances also explain why Zanu PF is stuck with Mugabe despite evidence that he has become a liability to the party.
No one has the guts to challenge him!

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  1. Dont b fooled! In Zanu pf you dont need to be clever or talented in anything. Infact no one really is good at anything but they are ruling. Joyce Mujuru said Nkomo is a senile old man, & was rewarded by a promotion. Now she is Mugabe’s girl, & she is going to be promoted! She has always been Mugabe’s girl, & Mnangagwa has always been Mugabe’s boy too. Remember Margaret Dongo?

  2. A least u’ve note that she obtained degrees during the 32 years, what of Morgan- who is allergic to books. To err is human.

    She can beat Morgan hands down! How many blunder did Morgan make?

    1. What of you, what have you achieved academically???
      At least Tsangison achieved something in his life, he defeated the so called “annointed one” in 2008 and he is going to give him another hiding come free and fair elections. Iwe wakangogara chete, kupusa.

  3. This is all horse meat

  4. Allow me through this space to highlight something important rather than focus on Mujuru or Tsvangirai’s achievemnets. What happens in ZANU PF is their fish to fry while the same plays in the auditorium of the MDCs, Mavambo, ZAPU and Ndonga. The real crux of the matter is as follows;

    The Terror State vs. Elections
    The circumstance in which the citizenry thrives is fraught with pungent diabolic upheavals that through time and time have become eclectic compounded by selfishness and greed. In 1994, Martha Crenshaw’s edited volume Terrorism in Africa made clear how terrorism – as generally defined as a tactic that uses violence or the threat of violence as a coercive strategy to cause fear and political intimidation on the people of a state. Zimbabwe has its own peculiar domestic collection of ideologically-inspired violent non-state groups that are responsible for periodic bouts of murderous mayhem.
    With this caveat in mind, in the year 2000, the then ruling party adopted a sustained ‘campaign of terror’ to maintain power – consequently forcing many citizens to flee oppressive rule and thus systematically destroying what was once considered one of the more prosperous African states. In response to opposition and international criticism, people were threatened to heighten a violent campaign and become the “sadistic Nazis” against any opposing forces. Illustrative of this, in 2005 government carried out “Operation Murambatsvina,” which involved raiding Harare’s townships, which coincidently was home to many who supported the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. This raid resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes, clinics, and small businesses. With this broad spectrum of violent non-state actors and state-initiated terrorism in mind, it is useful to take note of the futility of carrying out an election any time soon.
    Well, many have not forgotten so easily all that has happened recently as in 2008 when lives were lost, therefore traumatizing the electorate either to vote with induced bias or refrain from the electoral process with scorn and disdain. It is the script written as such by the perpetrator that the state remains within the doldrums of despotic ineptitude. The stray scenes of violence that have begun to manifest in the country mitigated by rogue soldiers is not something that can be easily swept under the carpet as nonevents. It calls on the players in government especially the two MDCs to change tact in engaging the common enemy. In the past such signs have happened before and went on to be ignored thus leading to catastrophic results as recalcitrant advocates of parsimony and chaos canvas in army regalia to mete out retribution on unsuspecting citizens. We can’t guarantee peace and harmony where hegemony thrives as elections come, with terror ruling the day.

  5. I think Mai Mujuru is acting “normal ” in her party but at the expense of people’s lives and the nation’s future. every day we cry about lack of economic growth which has a domino effect causing high unemployment, restlessness amongst the general populace, bleak future, intolerance, poverty, prostitution and violent crimes such as armed roberries, housebreaking, and callous murders (no one is safe from these). the younger and progressive members of our society have moved on (abroad) with their lives whilst we are stuck with such leadership that offers no hope for a better zimbabwe. I honestly do not see a bright future for us with leaders of such calibre who endorse useless resolutions by her party, such as those passed at the gweru people’s conference in December. Mai Mujuru – zimbabwe’s future is more important than any of our individual ambitions, especially those that do not bring prosperity and stability.

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