Robber attacks old people’s home


AN knife-wielding robber pounced on the elderly at Dandaro Old People’s Home in Borrowdale, Harare, at the weekend and got away with more than $1 900 and £80 in cash.

Staff Reporter

Harare provincial spokesperson Tadius Chibanda yesterday confirmed the incident and identified the victims as John Kirwal (71) and Benedict Book Binder (75).

“At 2300 hours, Kirwal and Binder were in the house in their rooms and the robber opened an unlocked door and went to the bedroom of Kirwal who was sleeping at the time. The robber is said to have woken Kirwal up, pointed a knife at him and demanded cash,” Chibanda said.

Chibanda said Kirwal gave the robber $1 100 and £30.

“The robber then took Kirwal to Binder’s room where he was sleeping and woke him up and again demanded cash,” he said.
Binder is said to have

surrendered $800 and £50 before the robber disappeared into the night.

“We urge people to lock their doors all the time to avoid such incidents in their homes,” Chibanda said.


  1. Kwaaniko iwe twana Kirwal naBinder ndoomatsotsi sibili. These guys were for 90 years+ getting free labour from Ukhulu wakho nevangu futhi. Utsotsi was just implementing the 51% ownership irikuchemerwa nanablazo

  2. i believe its an inside criminal,try set a trap than to raise alarm soon you will catch him.

  3. The robbers pounced on two men only who had cash on them, whose doors were unlocked,b4 disappearing into the night.Because they knew ol the others had no cash. What a coincidence.Inside job,i smell a rat here

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  5. and where was the security guards and their doors happened to be unlocked?? ha ha ha this a big Joke Police BATAI MUNHU!!!

  6. Knife wielding? That style is typical MLF! Tangai nokusecha cde Mbonisi, I bet the weapon, an OKAPI six gear, is in his right pocket. Batai Munhu.

  7. Ah! where had they got the money from at 70? are’nt these the colonial thieves enjoying dividends and retirement benefits of colonialism? Viva!

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