Push to declare Gukurahundi a genocide

A coalition of Matabeleland activists, uMthwakazi Review, has come up with a petition to push for the recognition of Gukurahundi as genocide by countries such as the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa.

Staff Reporter

The petition, posted four days ago on the online petition platform, change.org, had only attracted 12 signatures by yesterday afternoon out of a targeted 10 000 names. It is addressed to the UK, US and the South African Foreign Affairs and International Relations departments, among others, and seeks to compel the cited governments to officially recognise Gukurahundi as genocide.

“Over 20 000 people were killed during this genocide and millions were displaced to neighbouring African countries. Thousands fled to Western countries,” the petition reads in part.

“Genocide Watch, an international organisation that exists to predict, prevent, stop and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder, in 2010 declared the mass murder of the Matebele in the 1980s by the Zimbabwean government a genocide and therefore a crime against humanity.

“This petition is a call on the South African government and its African allies, the UK and US governments and their allies to officially recognise the Gukurahundi genocide and support the Matebele campaign for truth and justice.

“This petition also calls upon the South African government and its African allies, the UK and US governments and their allies to arrest the perpetrators of this genocide found in their borders and hand them over to the International Criminal Court at The Hague for prosecution.

“Last, but not least, this petition is a call upon the South African government and its African allies, the UK and US governments and their allies to declare the denial of the Gukurahundi genocide a prosecutable crime in their borders.”

President Robert Mugabe once referred to the killing of over 20 000 civilians in Midlands and Matabeleland soon after independence by soldiers from the 5th Brigade as a “moment of madness”.

But the government has resisted pressure to apologise to the victims or pay compensation.

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  1. the culprits must be saddamed or gadafed including the soldiers who were used

  2. Zhvanga Zhviri Zhvako

    Mthwakazi Review – a group of bitter little tribalistic opportunists with nothing better to do. The Ndebele community must first admit that Lobengula and Co commited centuries of genocide against Shona communities and must pay the appropriate compensation, before asking for recognition of Gukurahundi

  3. nonono. we try them under our laws and mate out the punishment prescribed. an eye for an eye is not the wayforward.

  4. Whether 20 000 or 5 people were killed, facts on the ground show that dissidents were a reality and the source of this security threat to Zim was apartheid SA. It really boggles the mind to find Zimbo petitioning SA to arrest alleged perpetrators when the apartheid SA was in fact the actual perpetrator of this madness. It seem African only know genocide when it is alleged to have been committed by fellow Africans How many people were killed by the Rhodies in an effort to stop majority rule? How many people were killed by apartheid SA in an effort to perpetuate apartheid? How many people were killed by the Renamo supported by Rhodies and apartheid SA? All this to Africans boils to nothing except the so called Gukurahundi. No wonder why we hack each other with matchet. With this kind of threats and hatred we should not expect those in power to relinquish it easily in a smooth transition because we do not seem to want it that way. We seem to calling for the Rwanda 1994 way. We should try to give peace a chance.

  5. since its both the army and the dissidents, ‘some of whom are leading mthwakazi now’ that killed people between 1981-87 then it should be done in a no-holds bared manner, all, including dumiso dabengwa have a hand in it, but to say 20000 people died is very incorrect because the CCJP first estimated that its 3000 people so where and how they latter changed to a much bigger number of 20000 is not clear. even the people who were killed by smith should be recognized as genocide victims as well.

  6. SA – What happens when Limpopo and Gauteng decide not to be ruled by ANC-Led by Zuma. They take arms as disidents. Would ANC government not take armed action against these disidents? And would years later ANC labelled to have done genocide?

    The question is did disidents existed? Was there an uprising in Entumbane? Were they armed? If they were armed how would the elected government have reacted to armed people’s upriksing? Those who were killed, were they disidents or not? What about the people killed by the disidents? How do you know who killed who, the disidents or soldiers? Are the disidents to be punished also?

  7. The president of Zimbabwe was Canaan Sodindo Banana and not Mugabe.
    The Leader of the Rebels/ Dissidents was Joshua Qlabuko Nyongolo Nkomo.

    Fifth Brigade was led by Mnangagwa
    Armed disidents were led by Dabengwa.

    The solution is Dabengwa and Mnangagwa are still alive. They can be put together for Reconciliation, but what of the Unity Accord?

  8. I am worried about the silence on my comment. No one want to comment on the atrocities committed by the apartheid SA and the Rhodies because these were committed by whites on blacks. And indeed no one can dare call that genocide. Shame on you people of my tribe.

  9. The Entumbane disturbances resulted in the murder of innocent people mostly of the shona tribe.I was in Entumbane on the day war broke out ,visiting friends. I ran back home to Pumula only to be told by my

    neighbour that because I was a shona and jongwe, I would die that day .Zapu members and Zipra elements amongst the mass of people moving from Entumbane, Mpopoma,Njube etc started killing all the shonas they could identify. When the thousands of people reached my home my neighbour identified my house and in no time they forced their way in.Ishould have died ,but they could not find me after

    tricking them. I could hear people crying for mercy ,being butchered in the streets outside.The following morning bodies could be found all over Bulawayo western areas ,later to kept at NRZ in fridges.You see how this thing started , ndebeles killing shonas/jongwes and that way the fire spread to Gukurahundi.This is what I saw ,it was bad that I now want the current peace to prevail.Those who know the truth have not spoken a word.To those who now want to resolve issues ,please start from the beginning.

    1. @Geja – I do agree with you. These blood thirst fools, now want the world to feel sorry for them by distorting the whole issue.
      Lets not foget their 19th Century killings, and that they stole Chaka’s cows.

      1. fucken Ndebele people are fucken pussies…all the culminated bcoz their fucken father fucken lobengula signed a fucken treaty…watch out for fucken ncube too

        1. watch your tongue Jason!

  10. @ fucken jason you are an imbecile, tribalistic fool, u should be ashamed of your self.

  11. Yes the ndebeles where killed during those yrs and I am very sorry for that. However why do this group look upon the Britons and Americans who enslaved us and colonized us. Whites are never our friends at all. They may come like as if they are assisting u , but later u will discover that u have been colonized and cheated Now if they go to those guys I would think and say that they are just a bunch of pple looking for money like what most NGOs do.

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      Peace my brethren heals all, let there be no bitterness, no anger, no retrospective evil, zvakaitika zvakashata zvakawanda, we all know the Mtwakazi agenda, Pray let peace prevail over bitterness and tribal hatred.Amen.

  12. Good people let us learn to forgive each other. Christ died for all our sins but he forgave us. We can not reverse history. Let us learn from our mistakes and endevour to do good. remmember we will all leave this earth one day and we will all face judgement. There is GOD in heaven.

  13. Guys zve ma fight akaitwa nana baba vedu ane basa rei, we should not perpertuate antagonism simply because our parents could not get along together, we are a new generation and we dont want to inherit bitterness, lets work together for the development of our country, we should let bygones be bygones and stop opening old wounds, its an unfortunate patch in our history as a country and we wish it had never happened.Thank you, I love you all Zimbabweans, Shona and Ndebele!

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